Lince Dorado opens up about WWE sending him home for five months, Mike Quackenbush not getting PC coaching job

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Dorado tells all. 

Lince Dorado was the focus of an extensive interview that was conducted by THE LAW on Sunday Night’s Main Event

From 2016-2021, Lince Dorado was a part of WWE. He was a member of Lucha House Party alongside Samuray Del Sol and Máscara Dorada. As the conversation went on, Dorado told the story of when he was on 205 Live and would consistently pitch ideas that he was told were good but those ideas went to other talents. 

There was a specific occasion when he pitched an idea to a writer who told him the idea was great for someone else. Dorado respected the writer for being honest, but he let it fester in his head. One day, he decided he was going to finish up his time in WWE by grabbing the writer and punching him. He was stopped by Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, Cedric Alexander and others in the vicinity. Dorado said the writer would have ‘got it’, but is glad it did not reach that level.

As a result of his actions, Dorado was sent home for five months. When he returned, he apologized to said writer and explained himself.

So what happened was 205 (Live) came around and without going into mega details but I’ll say the gist. When 205 came around, again, I always felt that I was different than all the other luchadors and no offense to them but being able to speak English and do all the styles, not just lucha libre, I thought made me very unique and special. So I would be one of those guys who would be proactive and pitch ideas like, ‘Hey, this, this idea and this, this’ and a couple of other guys too like T.J.P. and some other friends and I would always get the nod that, ‘Oh yeah, this is a good idea’ but then give it to somebody else. I was like, ‘Oh, okay, cool.’ I’m flattered that my ideas were being used for somebody else, but it’s also pissing me off that one, I wasn’t getting used. Two, I was doing the job of somebody else, you know, writing for them because they weren’t creative enough to come up with these basic ideas that I did and now they’re taking credit and giving it to this person and that person. So finally, one day, I gave an idea and then — he got a lot of respect for me. But I gained a lot of respect for him because he said, ‘Hey man, this is a good idea, but for somebody else’ and I was like, ‘Alright.’ But for some reason dude, that festered in my head for a long time. I was like, no thank you, no payback, no nothing, no hey, let’s put him on the show or something. So one day, just grabbed the writer. I said, ‘Yo, pick a spot, pick a spot. I don’t care where you pick’ and because at that point, I had this flash moment, I never wanted to be WWE Champion, I didn’t really care. I just wanted to say that I was in WWE and I was a WWE superstar which nobody could take that away from me. So at that moment, I was like, you know what? This is how I’m gonna go out, legend style. I’m gonna knock this motherf*cker out and Cedric (Alexander), Triple H, a couple of other people grabbed me, ‘You can’t do that man’ and sent me home for basically for… sh*t man, five months. It was a long time. But I was getting paid. I was getting paid, I was bettering my body, I changed my mindset so then I came back, I was shredded and built and ended up getting put on TV. I ended up having a conversation with that same writer and apologizing like, ‘Hey man, sorry. I just needed to grow up’ and we had a conversation. We were able to have a conversation. I told him why I was upset, he agreed and ever since then, that’s when I learned the word compromise, you know? I would get something and be like, ‘Ah, I don’t like this’ and he’s like, ‘Ah, well, this is what they want.’ I was like, ‘Is there any compromising?’ And as soon as you said that to anybody, I felt like, okay, they either have to compromise or they’re gonna be seen as basically a P.O.S. because they’re not willing to compromise and ever since I did that, that word has so installed in my head of compromising. When I don’t agree with somebody, I take a second, I breathe, I actually take the situation for what it is and if it’s something we can compromise, let’s talk and compromise. So that way we understand. I don’t ever wanna have this, oh, well I guess we can’t do nothing kind of thing. That’s how children handle stuff. We’re men, we’re grown-ups, compromise. Let’s compromise. He would have got it though, he would have got it. He would have got it. I saw it in slow motion what I was doing. I saw it in slow motion. It would have been bad but, I’m glad it never got to that point dude.

Earlier in the chat, Dorado spoke candidly about his past issues and incidents with CHIKARA founder Mike Quackenbush. Their issues date back to the early 2000s. Dorado would go on to share that WWE wanted to hire Quackenbush to coach at the Performance Center in Florida. On several occasions, Quackenbush guest coached at the PC.

Dorado told the company about their history and expressed that if they’re going to be around one another, they need to hash things out or Dorado would end up putting hands on him. He claims that Quackenbush agreed to have the conversation but on the day of, he canceled. Dorado said after that, WWE axed Quackenbush’s opportunity and told him to never come back.

He stated that he’s glad Quackenbush is canceled, referencing the allegations made against him during the Speaking Out movement. Dorado said whenever he’s in Philadelphia, he makes it known that he’s in the city in case Quackenbush wants to escalate their conflict. 

The true heat with Quack is I think there’s a couple things. One — and it’s not only with Quack but it’s a lot of people. I’m a man, talk to me like a man. Don’t treat me like I’m a kid, don’t talk to me like I’m a kid. As a trainer, your job is to take my money to teach me how to safely give and do wrestling moves and put a match together. Other than that, I’m not gonna feed into the bullsh*t cult of, ‘You need to be here’ or, ‘You need to do this and that’ and all this other B.S. and I saw his true colors when I actually got hurt at the last show of 2007 at ECW Arena, November 27th and I honestly felt when I came to, because I had knocked myself out, that he didn’t have my best interests in mind and he tried to offer to sell my masks as a way to pay toward my tuition rather than ask if I was okay. That was the first incident. Then the second incident happened in 2009 going into 2010 I think where I just had a baby, my first kid ever and there was a lot of things going on. I moved to Florida, I was going to Japan for another company. Again, I wasn’t buying into the bullsh*t cult of what CHIKARA was back in the day and I told him, I said, ‘Look dude, hey, I’m flying myself in, I’m not really getting paid a lot because I get it, I’m one of your guys but at the end of the day, I need help or I’m only gonna do the bigger shows’ and motherf*cker was like, ‘Well, if you’re not gonna make this show, don’t worry about coming to King of Trios’ that year. I was like, ‘Okay, no problem.’ So, I said, ‘No problem.’ I said, ‘I totally get that’ and then he basically was like, good luck making money. I was like, ‘Oh! Okay motherf*cker. I got you.’ So, when I got to WWE, I’ll just say it straight up, my first check was for about $8,900 and I sent it to him. I was like, ‘Good luck making money. Good luck making this much money ever motherf*cker. I made this in one week doing nothing.’ I just showed up. I didn’t do nothing. I literally didn’t do nothing. I just showed up, and he didn’t say anything of course. He ‘fabed me and stuff like that, even though I sent him emails to try and talk to him like a man because I grew up too, you know? I wanted to move past and everything and I just felt like he wasn’t. So, to the point where he got offered a coaching job at WWE and I told WWE and I told the people in charge, I said, ‘Listen, this guy and me, we need words. I need to have a conversation with him if we’re gonna be in the same building because it’s either I’m gonna slap him or we’re gonna have a conversation and it’s gonna be over with.’ So finally, he agreed to the conversation but the day that the conversation was gonna happen, he canceled and long story short, WWE kind of gave him the kibosh and told him never to come back so, for me, that was kind of like, you know what? That’s what you get. Suck my dick, I don’t care. Piece of sh*t.

And the way that we’re talking, I would talk to Vince (McMahon). So I’m like, if I can have that conversation with that kind of person, I should be able to have a conversation with any man, any woman and we should be able to talk. But you’re showing me that you’re not able to talk. Why am I gonna give you my energy? My time? And yeah, I’m glad his ass got canceled. I’ll tell him every time I’m in Philadelphia, ‘If any ducks want it, I’m here. I’m f*cking ready to quack you up. Whatever y’all want, I’m here.’ 

That’s it. I just wanted to have a conversation like men. Not teacher and student. Like men and let’s get it over with because at the end of the day, if we are still not able to resolve it, at least we know that we can be civil and get through things, you know? But I thought — and not only with him but a lot of people, that they’re not able to have that conversation and it just reminds me, if you’re not able to have that conversation then maybe this hand will give you that conversation, you know? Like I said earlier, I don’t want problems, but I don’t mind them, but I don’t want them either. 

Further speaking about run-ins he’s had with those in the wrestling space, he dove into his situation with the father of now-wrestler Izzy Moreno a.k.a. Izzy the Superfan. 

In 2023, Dorado guest coached at the WWE Performance Center and said he’s back in the realm of doing consulting for the company. He stated that if he already has a preexisting issue with Moreno’s father, what would make him think that Dorado is going to allow Izzy to pursue her dream of being at WWE. 

Again, for me, I wanted to move forward and I always believe that karma is a b*tch, you know? Because now that I’m back into the WWE realm of helping and consulting for them, you gotta go through me now to get to — you know? And if we already have some beef, what makes you think I’m gonna allow your daughter to pursue her dream?… Because then that means I have to bring you around all these other people and you’re already toxic so, no, you and your daughter aren’t gonna be welcomed there and I hope they realize that and start to get their sh*t together soon because I could already tell… bad reputation is the career killer. You don’t wanna have that at such an early age and it’s a shame that it is what it is. It’s not my life anymore, I don’t really care but, you know…

Dorado consistently wrestles on the independents. He’s also worked dates for IMPACT Wrestling, CMLL, AEW and Major League Wrestling. He went on to capture the MLW World Middleweight Championship in 2022.

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