Paul Burchill blew out his ACL & MCL during WWE run, never got knee fixed

To this day, Burchill has not gotten the knee fixed. 

For five years of his pro wrestling career, Paul Burchill was a part of WWE. He is often associated with the pirate character he played on television. 

He spoke about the character and the presentation of it during his chat with Phil Strum on Under the Ring. Burchill shared that while he was going over his entrance, he blew out his ACL and MCL. To this day, he has not gotten the knee fixed and explained why he did not get surgery when the injury happened. 

I could have evolved it more and we could have evolved it more (pirate character in WWE)… It didn’t (help) that I pretty badly injured my knee on the day that we were debuting the character in the ring when I’m showing — I was running through my entrance and I blew my ACL and MCL out just doing a run through on my entrance. So, that night was really interesting with a destroyed knee and then kind of went along from there. You had a conversation that evening with somebody higher up in the company of, ‘Well, you could go get your knee fixed but I can’t guarantee the spot’s gonna be here when you get back’ and that kind of told me enough that I should probably just bare with it while I can so to this day, never got the knee fixed and I was super thankful for that advice at the time.

In 2023, Burchill came out of retirement after having not wrestled since 2018. He wrestled for the NWA at a Powerrr taping. 

At the organization’s Paranoia live event on January 13th, he’ll be challenging ‘Thrillbilly’ Silas Mason for the National Heavyweight Championship. 

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