GCW No Compadre 2024 Results: Mustafa Ali debuts, Lio Rush vs. Nick Wayne

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GCW: No Compadre 2024
Friday, January 12, 2024
Thalia Hall
Chicago, Illinois

GCW World Tag Team Championship Match: Violence is Forever (Champions) vs. Bang and Matthews

Ku and Bang kicked off the match with a brief chain wrestling sequence. They traded standing switches, and Bang connected with a dropkick that sent Ku to the outside. Band and Matthews executed some tag team offense, sending Dom to the floor as well. They both hit the ropes, and dove to the outside, but the champions caught them and smashed them into each other.

The champions delivered running boots to the challengers. Ku went for a cover on Matthews, but Matthews kicked out. Ku followed up with a chop, tagging in Dom, who hit Matthews with a series of uppercuts and kicks to his back. Ku added a Dragon Screw Leg whip, stomping on Matthews’ back for another near fall.

Matthews fought back with shots at Dom, but Dom muscled him up and draped him across the ropes. Ku capitalized, coming off the top rope with a boot to Matthews’ back for another near fall. Ku started to toy with Matthews, who responded with a big clothesline, allowing him to make the hot tag to Davey Bang.

Bang ran wild on Dom, wiping out Ku on the apron. Matthews hit a dive on Dom as Bang executed a moonsault onto Ku on the other side. Matthews rolled Dom back inside the ring, and Bang hit him with a crossbody, but Dom kicked out at 2. Bang misfired, hitting Matthews with a superkick. Dom retaliated with a back fist, and Ku delivered a running knee to Bang.

Bang and Matthews fired up on Ku, hitting him with an assisted leg drop for a very close near fall. They regrouped and went to hit Dom with something, but they took too long. Dom turned Matthews inside out and followed it up with a Gut Buster for another close near fall.

Bang and Matthews fired up again, hitting Dom with a series of kicks followed by the quad stomp from the top rope. Ku broke up the pin attempt at the last second. The crowd firmly supported Bang and Matthews as they sent Ku to the floor and went for Spears Tower. However, Dom scouted it and hit Matthews with a knee.

Ku returned to the ring and turned Matthews inside out. VIF hit Matthews with a top rope Air Raid Crash Double Stomp, but somehow Matthews kicked out at the last second. VIF attempted the Chasing the Dragon, but Matthews countered with a Rana. Bang turned Ku inside out with a lariat, followed by the Spears Tower. Bang went to the top rope and hit Ku with a 450.

They seemed about to win the titles when Dom pulled Referee Scarlotte Donovan out of the ring. Bang dropkicked Dom into the crowd as he and Matthews went back up to the top for the Quad Stomp. VIF cut them off, and Ku hit Bang with a Brainbuster on the turnbuckle, followed by the Chasing The Dragon to retain the GCW World Tag Team Championships.

Violence is Forever Retained the GCW World Tag Team Championships

Six-Man Tag Team Match: The Original Indy God Classic Colt Cabana and Deathmatch Royalty (Boom Boom Jimmy Lloyd and Steph De Goldman) vs. SGBUSSY and 1 Called Manders

SDL and Broski Jimmy came out dressed as Boom Boom Jimmy Lloyd and Steph De Goldman. Colt told the crowd to go away and mentioned that Brett didn’t fly Matt Cardona on Delta, which is why he isn’t here tonight. Cabana and Manders started the match with a stiff lockup. Manders took Colt off his feet with a shove and tagged in Boom Boom Jimmy. Manders did the same to Jimmy, who then tagged in Steph De Goldman.

They locked up, and Steph showed off her guns, challenging Manders to hit the ropes. They traded shoulder blocks as Jimmy tagged himself in, hitting Manders with an atomic drop followed by a boot from Steph for a near fall. Manders retaliated with an Atomic Drop, BUSSY hit him with a double Atomic Drop, followed by a three-way hip thrust from SGBUSSY. They all hit Cabana with various splashes, but Cabana kicked out. Allie hit Colt with a running hip attack, attempting another one, but SDL pulled her leg, giving Colt the opening to hit Katch with a straight right hand.

SDL tagged in and unleashed a flurry of right hands on Katch, followed by a snap suplex for a two-count. Jimmy tagged in, taking Katch down with a front headlock. Colt tagged himself in, and Katch fought back with a couple of right hands. She tried to tag in EFFY, but Cabana held on and knocked her down with an elbow to her head, followed by a thrust of his own. They kept Katch isolated on the opposite side of the ring and hit her with a triple Broski Boot, but Katch kicked out at 2.

Katch knocked Colt off the top rope and hit SDL and Jimmy with a tornado DDT, making the hot tag to EFFY. EFFY came off the top with a double blockbuster on SDL and Jimmy, followed by a series of boots in the corner and an “Under the Rainbow” onto Jimmy. SGBUSSY stacked Jimmy up in the corner, but Colt made the save with a cutter. SDL sent EFFY off the top rope, and they all threw jabs at EFFY, followed by a triple bionic elbow. However, Katch made the save for her team.

Katch and SDL brawled on the floor, and Manders was also sent to the outside. EFFY was left alone with Jimmy and Colt. He ducked Colt, who spilled to the floor and hit Jimmy with the Rough Ryder for the victory.

SGBUSSY Defeated Deathmatch Royalty and Colt Cabana 

Post Match: EFFY called out Mance Warner, and called him a bitch for only jumping him from behind. Mance didn’t respond to EFFY but the saga continued on later.

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Myron Reed

The two locked up for the first time since 2017 as the crowd chanted for both men. They took each other down with headlock takeovers and eventually wrestled to a stalemate. Joey lit Reed up with a series of chops and uppercuts. Reed avoided a clothesline, kicked Joey in the back of the head, and hit him with a leg drop across the back of Joey’s neck on the apron.

Reed, no relation, delivered a boot to Joey’s face, sending him to the floor. He hit a tope, but Joey caught Reed on his shoulders and hit him with a Death Valley Driver on the hardwood floor. Joey sent Reed back into the ring, repeatedly hit him across the back with forearm strikes, and chopped him in the corner.

Reed ducked Janela and hit him with a superkick, sending Joey crumbling to the mat. Janela tried for a suplex but was caught again with a superkick, followed by a slingshot blue thunder driver from Reed. Reed came off the top rope, but Joey caught him with a sitout powerbomb, still unable to score the pinfall. Joey sent Reed to the floor and brought him up onto the stage.

They traded forearms on the stage, and Joey spiked Reed with a DDT on the stage. Reed fired back up and hit Joey with a giant leaping dive from the stage. They both went for clotheslines after a vicious kick exchange, and Joey was caught with a chin breaker. This left him staggered in the corner, wide open for a codebreaker followed by an attempted 450, but Joey moved out of the way and hit Reed with a desperation Death Valley Driver.

They battled on the apron, Joey dropped Reed with a right hand and went for another Death Valley Driver. Reed managed to get out of it, clearing the top rope with a cutter followed by a 450 back inside the ring, but Janela kicked out at the last second. The crowd firmly supported Myron Reed, who hit Joey with a series of forearms. Joey egged him on and responded with a couple of forearms of his own. They went back and forth with strikes, and Joey was hit with another cutter followed by a rope-assisted flat liner, but Joey again kicked out at the last second.

Reed avoided a knee strike, only to be hit with a backhead kick into a brainbuster, but Reed kicked out again. Joey went to the top rope and attempted the double stomp. Reed moved out of the way and turned Joey inside out with a big boot. However, Joey countered the Air Raid Crash with a package piledriver for the victory.

Joey Janela Defeated Myron Reed

Tag Team Match: Los Macizos vs. The War Dogs

War Dogs attacked Los Macizos before Emil Jay finished the ring introductions. Gabe Kid piledrove Ciclope on the stage as they brought him back into the ring. They isolated Ciclope with a series of kicks and used Ciclope’s ring jacket disrespectfully. War Dogs continued to isolate Ciclope with kicks and chops, but Ciclope created some separation with a spinebuster to Alex, leading to a hot tag to Miedo.

Miedo traded chops and lariats with Gabe Kid. Alex brought a chair into the ring, attempting to use it like Sabu, but missed. Los Macizos, however, succeeded in their attempts when War Dogs tried to go for a dive to the outside. They brawled on the floor and hit War Dogs with more chair shots. Bringing Gabe back into the ring, they executed a flapjack followed by a chair-assisted splash for a near fall, broken up by Alex.

Miedo reversed the whip and set Kid up on his shoulders for the Doomsday. Gabe escaped with a suplex, and Alex countered with a gut-wrench suplex. Ciclope came off the top with a Frog Splash to break up the pin attempt. Miedo retrieved a door from under the ring, setting up a door bridge in the corner. Los Macizos put Gabe through the door with a Doomsday Device, but Alex broke up the pin attempt at the last second.

Alex hit both Macizos with a delayed back suplex followed by a double team chokeslam onto Miedo. Ciclope chopped Coughlin and Kid, but they stopped his offense with a running back suplex. Ciclope kicked out at the last second but was hit with a spike piledriver on a pile of chairs, leading to their loss in the match.

The War Dogs Defeated Los Macizos

Singles Match: Lio Rush vs. Nick Wayne

Due to weather-related flight issues, Jonathan Gresham couldn’t make the show, but in his place was the returning Nick Wayne. The crowd went crazy as the AEW superstar made his way to the ring and eventually locked up with Lio Rush, backing him up in the corner for a clean break.

Lio backed up Wayne in the corner but slapped him across the chest on the break. They traded standing switches, but on the break, Wayne tripped Lio. He extended his hand, and Lio accepted it, slapping Wayne across the face. Wayne reciprocated. Lio threw a kick, but Wayne caught it and took Lio down with a headscissors into a back uppercut, sending Lio into the corner.

Wayne connected with a series of chops in the corner. Lio put on the brakes as Wayne sent him across the ring and kicked Wayne in the back of the head a couple of times. Wayne tried to fight out of the corner, but Lio connected with several punches and boots. Lio forced Wayne to the apron, where he was caught with a back-handspring head kick, sending him crashing to the floor. A lady got into Lio’s face and yelled, “That’s Nick Fucking Wayne, you asshole.”

Lio connected with a big lariat inside the ring, but Wayne got his shoulder up, only to be met with a forearm across the bridge of his nose as Lio transitioned into a crossface. Wayne made it to the ropes, breaking the hold. Lio went right back and attempted a suplex, but Wayne went low and blocked the attempt. Wayne went for an inside cradle; Lio kicked out but fell to a leaping forearm from Wayne.

Wayne connected with a head kick in the corner, followed by a handspring stunner into a DDT, but it wasn’t enough to put away Lio Rush. They fought out of a suplex position, Lio sent Wayne to the floor, hitting him with a lope that sent Wayne into the second row. He sent Wayne back into the ring and hit him with a Falcon Arrow, but Wayne got his shoulder up at the last second.

Wayne grabbed hold of Lio’s ankle, preventing Lio from going to the top rope. Lio connected with a headbutt, allowing him to go to the top rope. He went for a Frog Splash, but Wayne moved out of the way, only to fall back into a crossface from Lio. They did the fish-out-of-water spot; Wayne connected with a kick to the side of Lio’s head. They each kicked each other in the head and hit each other with boots, followed by forearm strikes in the center of the ring.

Both men were moving at an unreal pace as they went back to trading suplexes. Wayne hit Lio with a Dragon Suplex, only to pop back up and hit Wayne with a big kick. Lio climbed to the top rope and went for the Frog Splash, but Wayne got his knees up and connected with a couple more kicks, followed by Wayne’s World for the victory.

Nick Wayne Defeated Lio Rush 

Matt Cardona Via Satellite: He cut a promo on the new WWE releases, AJ Francis, Ali, and Nick Nameth. He reminded Nick that he was the man to beat him for the WWE US Championship, he then challenged Nick Nameth to a match anyplace anytime. 

Lucha Libre Tag Team Match: Los Desperados (Arez, Latigo, and Demonic Flamita) vs. The Other Lucha Team (Aramis, Cole Radrick, and Oni El Bendito)

Aramis and Flamita started with a waist lock exchange, each getting the other in a wrist lock but luchador their way out of the hold before wrestling to a stalemate. Flamita grabbed a side headlock and took Aramis off his feet with a headbutt. Aramis kept getting up and sent Flamita to the floor with a head scissors. Latigo sent Aramis to the floor, giving Cole the opening to try some offense on Latigo. He took Latigo down with head scissors, but Latigo flipped out of it, only to be sent to the floor with another head scissors. Arez dropped Cole with a kick as Bendito came in, running some lucha spots with Arez coming out on top. Bendito and Aramis leaped off the top rope, hitting Los Desperados with head scissors, sending them to the floor, followed by a triple dive that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Los Desperados ran wild on Bendito and drove him down with a standing Spanish fly, but he got his shoulder up at the last second. They put the boots to Aramis, picked him up, and kicked him in the back. They lit Cole up with a series of chops, followed by a running clothesline in the corner. Cole got his shoulder up, climbed to the top rope, rope-walked, and took everyone out with a springboard head scissors. Aramis returned to the ring and took Flamita out with a tope. Cole followed that up with a big springboard moonsault, and Bendito hit a step-up inside-out twisting press to the floor. He went to the top, but Flamita moved out of the way and hit him with a 619, followed by a head kick into a Tiger Driver, Cole broke up the pin with a kick, followed by a stunner combination.

Latigo returned to the ring, and Cole connected several times with punches but was dropped with a backbreaker. Aramis hit Latigo with a twisting ankle lock, and Arez broke it up with a whip to Aramis’s back, hitting him with a big sitout powerbomb. Bendito made the save and hit Arez with a wheelbarrow suplex, but Flamita returned at the last second to break up the pin. Bendito and Flamita chopped each other, Flamita caught a kick attempt, and they all dropped Bendito with a tandem head kick. All 6 competitors recovered on the mat, and they all hit dives to the floor as the crowd chanted “holy shit.”

Arez rolled Aramis back inside the ring and was hit with a top rope double stomp followed by a driver, but somehow Aramis kicked out. Los Desperados hit him with a triple-team move for the victory.

Los Desperados Defeated The Other Lucha Team 

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (World Champion) with Shane Mercer vs. Calvin Tankman 

Tankman powered Blake up and tossed him across the ring. Blake took a powder on the floor and returned to the ring, kicking Tankman a couple of times in the legs, but it didn’t do much to the big man. Blake chopped Tankman, who fired up for one of his own, but Blake ducked it and tried to take Tankman off his feet with a shoulder block. However, Tankman ran right through him, hitting a cartwheel into a crossbody onto Blake Christian for a quick near fall.

Mercer got up on the apron, which distracted Tankman and allowed Blake to hit a missile dropkick. Tankman went to the floor, where Christian attempted a Fosbury Flop, but Tankman caught him and maneuvered himself into a DDT onto the floor. Blake springboarded back into the ring but was caught with a chokeslam followed by a lariat from Tankman.

Mercer grabbed Tankman’s legs, giving Blake the opening to attack Tankman with an attempted submission hold. Tankman got back up to his feet, and Blake went for a sunset flip but couldn’t take Tankman down, instead locking in a leg lock to further punish the already injured leg of Calvin Tankman. Blake connected with a superkick, but Tankman didn’t go down. He climbed to the top rope and went for a crossbody, but Tankman muscled him up and hit him with a series of suplexes followed by a Jackhammer, yet Blake was still able to kick out.

Tankman was rocked with a big forearm strike as Christian went back to work on Tankman’s leg, stomping on his back and kicking him in the side of his head. Tankman popped back up to his feet and hit Blake with a backbreaker, but Blake responded with a forearm shot to Tankman’s head, only to get caught coming off the top rope with a crossbody.

Blake escaped out of the Tankman Driver and hit him with a springboard handspring stunner for a close near fall. He connected with a couple of superkicks, attempting a final one, but Tankman caught his leg and leveled him with a stiff forearm shot. Blake responded with a superkick and went for a Moonsault Press, but Tankman caught him and planted him with a Driver that folded him in half. Despite this, Blake was able to get his shoulder up at the last second as the crowd chanted ‘new champ’ at Tankman.

Blake was slumped over after a kick but escaped out of a Tankman Driver, only to eat a back fist off the top rope from Tankman. Tankman tried to pull Blake up to the top rope, but Mercer knocked Calvin off the top and brought him back into the ring with a Moonsault and Battery. Blake crawled over and made the cover to retain the GCW World Championship.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Blake Christian joined Commentary for the Scramble Match

Seven Way Scramble: Shane Mercer vs. Parrow vs. Microman vs. Golden Dragon vs. Joshua Bishop vs. Alec Price vs. Brayden Toon 

Everyone ganged up on Parrow to start the match, sending him to the floor. They then shifted their attention to Shane Mercer, but their attempt to remove him from the ring was unsuccessful. Mercer tossed Price into Toon, who hit a destroyer. Mercer and Bishop took each other over the top with a double lariat. Parrow double-chokeslammed Toon and Price and hit Dragon with a sit-out powerbomb for a close near fall.

Microman’s music started playing, and the crowd erupted as Mircoman stood face-to-kneecap with Parrow. Parrow picked up Microman, who bit Parrow. Mercer pushed Microman over and hit Parrow with a delayed vertical suplex. Bishop returned to the ring and tossed Mercer across the ring with a fallaway slam. Price connected with a dropkick, sending Bishop to the floor. Microman and Price faced off, Price kicked Microman in the stomach, and Microman took Price down with head scissors into a 619. Toon was suplexed by Microman, and Dragon tried to run in on Microman but was tripped. Microman hit a splash on Toon but was tossed across the ring by Shane Mercer, who was quickly planted with a Black Hole Slam.

Parrow and Bishop faced off, Microman faced off with them, and they tossed him back and forth to each other. Bishop was taken off his feet with a ‘rana from Microman. Parrow climbed to the top rope and wiped everyone out with a dive to the floor. Microman climbed to the balcony, and Price and Microman battled on the edge of the Opera Box. Microman hit Price with a low blow and sent him off the balcony. Micoman made the dive himself and isolated Price inside the ring.

Mercer stomped Microman in the face, Bishop hit Mercer with a headbutt and hoisted him up for a Razor’s Edge. Golden Dragon returned to the match and teamed up with Brayden Toon to take Bishop out. Price hit a DDT off the shoulders of Toon onto Dragon. Parrow caught Price with a buckle bomb and tossed Toon across the ring with a fall-away slam. Price caught Parrow with a superkick followed by a running knee combination.

Parrow muscled up Price and caught him with a driver. Bishop wiped out Parrow, and they started brawling on the floor. Toon climbed the turnbuckle, Mercer caught him with a kick to his head and hit Toon with the Moonsault and Battery for the victory.

Shane Mercer wins the Scramble Match

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: Rina Yamashita (Champion) vs. John Wayne Murdoch 

Rina jumped off the second balcony onto Murdoch to start the match. They managed to make their way back to the ring, where Murdoch hit her across the back with a piece of a broken door before grabbing a whole one and sliding it back into the ring. Rina joined the doors inside the ring as Murdoch grabbed a bag and retrieved a gusset plate. Rina wrestled it away from him and hammered them into his shoulders. Rina brought a bunch of chairs into the ring and hammered a handful of skewers into Murdoch’s head, followed by a DDT for a quick near fall.

Murdoch retrieved some of his own and hammered them into Rina’s head, hitting her with a brainbuster on a door in the corner, but Rina was able to get her shoulder up. Murdoch grabbed a staple gun from the bag and utilized it on Rina’s back, leg, and forehead. He stapled the palm of her hand, further turning the crowd against John Wayne Murdoch. They traded forearms back and forth in the center of the ring. Murdoch hit her in the head with a steel chair, missed with a second shot, and was then locked in the testicular claw.

Rina hit him with a German suplex, piled a bunch of chairs in the center of the ring, and hit Murdoch with an Air Raid Crash, but Murdoch again kicked out. Rina set up a door bridge in the center of the ring, smeared her blood on the door, and placed it across the two doors. Rina placed a bunch of gusset plates on the door, but Murdoch gained the advantage with the staple gun and punches in the corner. Rina fired up and hit Murdoch with the Splash Mountain on the gusset door to retain the GCW Ultraviolent Championship.

Rina Yamashita Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Singles Match: Dan the Dad vs. Mance Warner 

Mance demanded the ring announcer announce him as the future GCW World Champion. He was in the middle of cutting a promo on the crowd when Dan the Dad interrupted. Mance stomped away at Dan in the corner after a beer peace offering for all of Mance’s dirty deeds. Dan connected with several jabs on Mance followed by an uppercut and boot in the corner. Dan climbed to the top rope and connected with a crossbody on Mance, but it wasn’t enough to put away Mance Warner. Mance clotheslined Dan and choke-slammed him before hitting him with two running knee strikes and a steel chair to his face, choking him out with a steel chain across his throat.

EFFY came to the ring with a steel chair of his own; he Sabu’d it at Mance as they started brawling in the ring. Mance connected with a running knee to EFFY’s head. EFFY hit a dive to the floor as they continued to brawl across Thalia Hall. They brawled on the balcony, and Mance tried to throw EFFY off the balcony, but Allie Katch and Manders broke them up.

No Contest

Singles Match: Mustafa Ali vs. Gringo Loco

This match was a beautiful story between two friends out there doing what they love in front of their hometown fans. They bridged out of each other’s pin attempts and reset with a knuckle lock. Gringo was able to overpower Ali, but Ali kept getting his shoulder up. Ali popped up and hit Loco with a snap rana, allowing Gringo to get back up to his feet before they locked up once again. Loco cartwheeled out of a rana attempt, and they took each other down with arm drags. Ali escaped Loco’s offense with a Lucha arm drag, sending Loco across the ring.

Ali patted Loco on the top of the head, and Loco responded with a shove, getting in his face and talking some trash. Ali and Loco traded open-hand strikes in the center of the ring. As the pace and intensity of the match picked up, Ali connected with a kick to Loco’s shoulder but was caught with a side slam from Loco for a quick near fall. Loco looked to keep Ali grounded as he worked him over with a side headlock and clubbing blows across his back. Ali was hit with a sit-out powerbomb, but it still wasn’t enough to put him away. Ali favored his back as Dan Perch checked on his condition. Ali responded with a jackknife pin attempt, telling Gringo to bring it on as he took him down with a big clothesline, followed by a kick to Loco’s head.

Ali hit Loco with a dive to the floor, sending them both crashing into the third row of fans. Ali climbed to the top rope and hit Loco with a front flip double foot stomp, but Loco turned things around on Ali with a base bomb onto the ring apron. Loco hit Ali in the head with a steel chair, giving him time to set up a door bridge on the floor.

Ali connected with a series of kicks to Loco’s head back inside the ring and planted him with a deadlift German suplex, but Gringo was able to get his shoulder up at the last second. Ali went for a 450, but Loco sent him crashing headfirst into the turnbuckle. Gringo climbed to the second rope and hit a double jump cutter into a sitout piledriver, but Ali kicked out. Loco went for a moonsault, but Ali moved out of harm’s way at the last second. Ali came off the second with a DDT, and Gringo went to the floor, where Ali hit him with another DDT through the door bridge on the floor.

Emil Jay simply says, “Yeah, Ali belongs.” Ali brought Gringo back inside and climbed up to the top rope, hitting his 450 splash. However, Gringo kicked out, shocking Ali. Ali responded with a 450 across the arm of Gringo Loco, attempting to neutralize it, rendering the Base Bomb useless. Ali continued to target Gringo’s arm with a series of kicks, unloading on him with kicks and strikes to Loco’s head. Loco spat at Ali, who responded with a superkick. Loco got back up to his feet and turned Ali inside out with a lariat, followed by a second rope destroyer, but Ali again got his shoulder up. They fought on the top rope, and Loco hit an inverted Spanish Fly, but Ali kicked out and converted it into the Koji Clutch. Gringo tried to reach the ropes but passed out before he could.

Mustafa Ali Defeated Gringo Loco

“Because of Gringo Loco, I tore it up in the Cruiserweight Classic. Because of Gringo Loco, I became the heart of 205 Live. Because of Gringo Loco, I pinned the WWE Champion. Because of Gringo Loco, Mustafa Ali exists.”- Mustafa Ali

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