AEW Rampage Results: Darby Defeats Hardy, Mox vs. Taylor Added to Collision

Photo Courtesy: AEW

January 19, 2024
North Charleston Coliseum – North Charleston, SC

By: John Kleinchester


Jericho vs. Sydal

Rampage kicked off with Chris Jericho taking on Matt Sydal. Of note: There we no audible boos and the crowd sang along with Jericho’s theme as per usual although this was taped this past Wednesday and could have possibly been edited in post.

Don Callis was on commentary for this match and said that he loved Sydal and he just needed some direction, maybe a manager. Sydal gave Jericho a run for his money but ultimately succumbed to the Judas Effect. Don Callis ran away through the crowd the second Jericho moved an inch in his direction but returned quickly as Konosuke Takeshita jumped Jericho and the two brawled with Takeshita knocking out Christopher Daniels as officials tried to separate them.

Penta vs. Anthony Henry

Next up was Penta El Zero Miedo taking on The Workhorseman’s Anthony Henry. This match also had a guest commentator – this time Daddy Magic Matt Menard who would stay on commentary for the rest of the evening. Henry controlled some of the early match but was eventually pinned after Penta hit the Fear Factor.

The Outcasts 

Ruby Soho grabbed Harley Cameron after seeing the video of her kissing Angelo Parker last week. Cameron said it was Anna Jay’s idea and they went off to find Jay. Renee shook her head disapprovingly at Saraya, knowing what she was up to.

Stat & Stoke

The next match was Kris Statlander (with Stokely Hathaway following her to the ring) taking on Queen Aminata.

Early in the match, Stokely was applauding Statlander but both Stat and Aminata yelled at Stokely to cut it out. Statlander won in just under nine minutes with Stokely trying to raise Stat’s hand and she recoiled but seemed to consider it more than she had previously. Later, Renee Paquette interviewed Kris & Stokely and Willow came running in saying that someone canceled her plane ticket. Statlander said “We’re going to figure this out” and then left. 

Lethal & Co.

Jay Lethal told Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh that he was fed up with their group and wanted to get back to in-ring action. Singh suggested kicking Jeff out and keeping Karen Jarrett. Lethal said he was about done and wanted to go for singles gold.

Darby Allin vs. Jeff Hardy

The main event of Rampage was Darby Allin taking on Jeff Hardy, a rematch from the Owen Hart tournament a few years ago where Hardy came out victorious. Jeff Hardy started off the match by offering to shake Darby’s hand but then slapped him in the face instead. This match was just as wild as expected. 




Darby Allin picked up the win with a jackknife pin after reversing a Twist of Fate attempt. Afterward, Allin offered a fistbump to his downed opponent who was about to oblige but instead bailed out of the ring and left. 



AEW Rampage Results:

  • Chris Jericho over Matt Sydal in 10:37
  • Penta El Zero Mideo over Anthony Henry in 3:51
  • Kris Statlander over Queen Aminata in 8:47
  • Darby Allin over Jeff Hardy in 13:43
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