SmackDown Results: Kabuki Warriors Win Titles, Elektra Lopez & Trick Williams Appear

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January 26, 2024
Kaseya Center – Miami, FL

By: John Kleinchester


Kevin Patrick Out, Michael Cole Back In

SmackDown kicked off with Michael Cole welcoming us to the show as Kevin Patrick was no longer with the company as of this past week. After a brief recap of last week’s events, Eladio Carrión (who performed his track “RKO” on The Tonight Show” this past week) was introduced and then personally announced Randy Orton, who came down to the ring. Orton thanked Eladio for putting him in his music video.

Orton then talked about how unbeatable The Bloodline has been but he’s going to take out Roman Reigns tomorrow night. This brought out AJ Styles who said Orton had a receipt coming for the RKO he gave him last week.

LA Knight was out next and said that Styles had done nothing but complain that Knight was the only one who had a match tonight and obviously, Paul Heyman lobbied for it because he was the biggest threat. Knight went to leave as Styles jumped Orton and left him lying. 

Elektra Lopez Returns

The first match of the evening was Carlito (accompanied by Zelina Vega, Cruz Del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde) taking on Santos Escobar (accompanied by Humberto and Angel). Escobar spent a good portion of the match focusing on Carlito’s previously injured shoulder including ripping off his Kinesio tape. Humberto and Angel got involved leading to a brawl on the outside with Del Toro and Wilde. Out of nowhere, Elektra Lopez appeared taking out Zelina Vega, allowing Escobar to roll up Carlito for the win. 

Raw to Netflix, The Rock & TKO

Michael Cole recapped the news that Raw would be moving to Netflix next year and also the fact that The Rock was now on the board of TKO. 


The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Jimmy Uso approached AJ Styles in the back and asked for his help in eliminating LA Knight tonight so neither of them had to worry about him at the Rumble. The OC approached Styles and asked what that was all about. Styles simply replied, “Don’t worry about it” and walked off. 

NXT in the Rumble

Nick Aldis welcomed Ava and congratulated her on being the youngest GM in WWE history. Suddenly, Bobby Lashley and The Street Profits entered and drew their numbers for the Royal Rumble. Legado del Fantasma entered and Lashley said he hadn’t forgotten about them and left as Santos went to select his number. Michael Cole confirmed that NXT was a part of both Rumble matches.

Later, R-Truth selected his number for the Rumble and reacted negatively and asked if that meant he needed to quarantine. Aldis explained that it was his Rumble entry number. R-Truth thanked “Adam” and said his hair grew fast.

The Kabuki Warriors Collect Gold

Next up was Katana Chance & Kayden Carter defending their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships against Damage CTRL’s Kabuki Warriors. The heels seemed to have the match won when Kayden Carter countered the Insane Elbow by getting her feet up. Chance & Carter hit their finisher “The Keg Stand” but Sane was able to break up the pin at the last minute. Kairi then slammed Chance into the announce table as Asuka and Kairi were able to double-team Carter and let Sane hit the Insane Elbow for the pinfall victory.

After the match, the rest of Damage CTRL came out to celebrate with now 3/5 members with gold.

The Bloodline Sets Sights on Rollins

Backstage, Paul Heyman was begging Solo Sikoa to “fix the problem” and not to be merciful, to which Sikoa agreed. Heyman then turned his attention to Jimmy Uso and said that he needed to enter the Royal Rumble and go after the injured Seth Rollins and beat him so he could bring the World Heavyweight Championship to The Bloodline and become the true heir.


Bayley & Bianca

Bayley went back to Nick Aldis and Ava to get her Rumble entry number and ran into a very excited Bianca Bel Air who had just picked hers. Bayley picked and didn’t look pleased with her selection. 


Bobby Lashley & The Street Profits and The Final Testament

Lashley said that they were there to fight and called out The Final Testament. Scarlett entered the ring but the rest of her team stayed on the stage. Karrion Kross said they weren’t getting their fight tonight and Lashley said yes they are. The Street Profits hopped out of the ring and Scarlett jumped onto Lashley’s back and raked his eyes. This led to The Final Testament beating down on Lashley & The Profits as Lashley was hit with the “Kross Hammer”.

Jimmy Uso: “No Yeet”

Jimmy Uso pulled his number without even attempting to spin the tumbler and said “No Yeet” when he saw his number.


A Wild Trick Williams Appears

Next up was Austin Theory taking on Carmelo Hayes in a rematch after their match was stopped due to injury a few weeks ago. Unsurprisingly, Grayson Waller who was out at ringside in support of Theory and got involved, hitting a cheap shot on Hayes behind the referee’s back early in the match. Theory hit Ataxia but Hayes kicked out.

Waller jumped up on the apron and Theory got the pin by rolling Hayes up with a handful of tights. Waller & Theory started beating down Hayes when Trick Williams made a surprise appearance and ran the heels off. Hayes went to fist bump Williams but Trick pushed his fist away.

Eladio Carrión & The Bloodline

Kayla Braxton interviewed Eladio Carrión backstage and he said he was backing Randy Orton to win at Royal Rumble tomorrow night. The Bloodline interrupted and seemed to intimidate Eladio as he backed down due to their presence. 


LA Knight vs. Solo Sikoa

The main event of the evening saw LA Knight taking on Solo Sikoa with Jimmy Uso. Uso of course attempted to intervene but Knight fought him off. Knight bounced Sikoa’s head off the announce table multiple times as, suddenly, AJ Styles appeared and hit Knight with the Phenomenal Forearm off the barricades.

Jimmy Uso grabbed a chair but then put it down in front of Styles, telling him to hit Knight. Styles instead hit Uso and Sikoa as Randy Orton ran out and cleared the ring and dropped Sikoa onto the announce table. Orton then hit Uso and Styles with his vintage draping DDTs, ending with an RKO to AJ Styles. The show was going off the air with Orton celebrating when suddenly, LA Knight hit the BFT on Orton just as the show went to black.


Friday Night SmackDown Results:

  • Santos Escobar over Carlito in 9:48
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Kabuki Warriors over Katana Chance & Kayden Carter in 9:03
  • Austin Theory over Carmelo Hayes in 6:57
  • LA Knight over Solo Sikoa via DQ in 8:38
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