AEW Collision Results: FTR & Daniel Garcia Win Cage Match with Briscoe’s Help

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January 27, 2024
Brookshire Grocery Arena – Bossier City, LA

By: John Kleinchester



AEW Collision kicked off with Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli coming down to the ring to square off against Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty. The action here started hot as all four men brawled on the outside. At one point in the match, Moxley’s hand was smashed into the steel steps and ringside which left Castagnoli to fight off both of their opponents on his own. Moxley soon recovered but the heels focused on Mox’s injured left hand. Moxley & Castagnoli recovered and Moxley put Taylor in the rear naked choke. Taylor countered by hitting Mox with a backdrop but Mox held on and Taylor passed out. 

Kingdom & Komander

Lexi Nair had Undisputed Kingdom and Komander backstage and Roderick Strong offered their help in beating Orange Cassidy tonight and without letting him answer, forcibly shook his hand. 

International Championship

Up next was Komander (having won the Freshly-Squeezed 4-Way last night on Rampage) challenging Orange Cassidy for the International Championship. A few minutes into the match, Roderick Strong, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett came out to ringside with chairs and set up shop to get a close-up look at the action and root for Komander. At one point, Roderick distracted the referee and Komander hit a spectacular running-rope twisting moonsault onto Taven and Bennett. Komander jumped back into the ring and was hit with the Orange Punch for the victory. After the match, Strong went to hand Cassidy his title but just dropped it at his feet instead.

Bloody Daniel

Suddenly we cut to the back and Daniel Garcia is on the ground bloodied with Daddy Magic screaming for help. The commentators questioned whether he could compete in the main event. 

Toni Storm Isn’t Allowed in Bossier City

A video from last week after Dynamite aired with Toni Storm saying that Deonna Purrazzo was in for it now. Mariah May told Toni she had a match this Saturday on Collision but Toni said she wasn’t welcome in Bossier City because she had a couple of racehorses put down there. 

Back in the arena, Mariah May came out for her aforementioned match with Lady Frost. The two had a competitive match with Frost getting a “Lady Frost” chant from the Bossier City crowd at one point after a brutal-looking German suplex. Mariah May persevered, hitting her “Mayday” finisher for the victory in seven minutes. 

Dealer’s Choices

A backstage video featuring Swerve aired talking about this week’s “Dealer’s Choice” matches between him and Hangman Page. Swerve revealed his selection for Hangman’s opponent was The Mogul Embassy’s Toa Liona. Next, Hangman said that Swerve would have to wait “the whole F’N show” to find out. 

Kingston vs. Mack

Next was a “Proving Ground” Match between Willie Mack and Continental Champion Eddie Kingston. Mack got a very close near fall after a sheer drop brainbuster in the first 30 seconds. Mack at one point tried to hit Kingston with a second Moonsault and landed right on his head after his knee gave out. Mack appeared to be okay though as the match continued. Mack attempted to hit the “six-star” frog splash but Kingston got his knees up. Kingston hit Mack with the spinning back fist for the win. As Kingston was heading to the back, Danielson’s music hit and he walked out not even looking in Kingston’s direction. 

Danielson vs. Nagata

Eddie Kingston decided to join the commentary team for this match and made clear his admiration for Yuji Nagata as he was out to face Danielson. Dueling chants erupted for the 55-year-old Nagata and the 42-year-old Danielson as the pair had a grueling, grounded back-and-forth match.

Kingston on commentary said that Danielson’s mind games didn’t bother him and he wasn’t going to fall for them. Nagata had Danielson locked into the Fujiwara armbar but Danielson was able to make it to the ropes. Danielson hit the Busaiku Knee for the victory. After the match, Danielson shook Nagata’s hand as Kingston called him fake. Danielson gave Kingston the finger while leaving.

Dem Top Guys?

Backstage, Mark Briscoe offered his serves to FTR if Daniel Garcia wasn’t able to compete. FTR appreciated it but said that it was up to Garcia. 

Brian Cage / Hook

Brian Cage asked why everyone was talking about the FTW Champion Hook when it was he who led Team Taz and he was the first FTW Champion in AEW. Hook interrupted and said he would give a shot at the title anytime. 

Serena Deeb Returns

Next up was Serena Deeb’s return to the ring, taking on Robyn Renegade. The crowd gave Deeb a “Welcome back” chant as she decimated Renegade with the “Deebtox” followed by The Serenity Lock and an immediate tapout. After the match, Deeb got on the mic and talked about being out for the last fifteen months and how good it felt to be back. She said she was back to elevate the women’s division, to put the “wrestling” back in All Elite Wrestling, and to become champion. 

CMLL Next Week on Rampage (and Maybe Dynamite?)

A video highlighting the CMLL stars coming to AEW was shown with Excalibur explaining they would be appearing on Rampage. Tony Schiavone said “and maybe Dynamite” as well but for now it seems confirmed they will be wrestling on Rampage.

Escape the Cage Elimination Match

The main event of Collision was the Escape the Cage Elimination Match, starting with almost 25 minutes left in the show. FTR was out first and the question about whether or not Garcia could participate still lingered. Mark Briscoe’s music hit and it seemed as though Briscoe would be taking Garcia’s place. Suddenly, the lights went out and House of Black was attacking Mark Briscoe when they came back on. House of Black threw Mark Briscoe off the stage through a table.

FTR ran up the stage and started brawling with HOB as the bell rang with this match being a 2-on-3 match at least for the time being. Both teams fought wildly around the outside of the cage to start. Moments later, Daniel Garcia emerged with his head wrapped up and assaulted House of Black with a chair.

The action finally spilled into the ring as suddenly Cash Wheeler was on top of the cage and executed a huge splash onto House of Black catching Daniel Garcia in the process. 

House of Black was in control after the first commercial break and was the first team to attempt to exit the cage but FTR and Daniel Garcia stopped them. Then the tables turned and the faces were about to exit through the door but Garcia said they weren’t done yet as they went back to try to punish House of Black further. 

Finally, it was revealed that once a team member left the cage, they could not re-enter. Dax Harwood went to exit through the door and Brody King speared the open cage door into him, knocking them both outside and eliminating them both. Effectively this was almost like a backward elimination match.

After the final commercial break, Cash Wheeler and Buddy Matthews were hanging outside of the cage with a table below them. Matthews smashed Wheeler’s head into the cage and he spectacularly went through the table.

Matthews teased coming back into the ring to give HOB a 2-on-1 advantage but Garcia threw Malakai Black into him causing his elimination. This left just Malakai Black and Daniel Garcia alone. Julia Hart then appeared spraying black mist into Garcia’s face.

Malakai Black was about to exit through the door but Garcia begged him to come back and finish him. Malakai obliged but missed the spin kick allowing Garcia to hit Black with a piledriver onto a chair.

Garcia started climbing the cage while Black went for the door. Mark Briscoe reappeared and slammed the door on Malakai as Daniel Garcia made it to the floor, winning the match in just under twenty-three minutes.


AEW Collision Results:

  • Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli over Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty in 9:56
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy over Komander in 12:11
  • Mariah May over Lady Frost in 6:59
  • Eddie Kingston over Willie Mack in 6:04
  • Bryan Danielson over Yuji Nagata in 15:21
  • Serena Deeb over Robyn Renegade in 2:57
  • Escape the Cage Elimination Match: FTR & Daniel Garcia House of Black in 22:52
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