Ronda Rousey: Bruce Prichard is basically Vince McMahon’s avatar; if he’s still around, Vince still has a hand in the business

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Ronda Rousey chimes in. 

On 1/26, Vince McMahon resigned from all roles with TKO Group Holdings and WWE. He was the Executive Chairman and his resignation stemmed from a lawsuit from former WWE employee Janel Grant, who accused McMahon of sex trafficking, emotional and sexual abuse. 

Slim Jim, a main sponsor for WWE, put their partnership on pause but after McMahon’s resignation, they were back onboard

UFC Hall of Famer and former multi-time WWE Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey took to X and noted that as long as Bruce Prichard is around, McMahon will still have a hand in the business. She added that Vince was running things through Bruce when he was ‘gone’ after prior allegations surfaced. Here’s Ronda’s tweet: 

Bruce Prichard is basically Vince’s avatar, if he’s still around Vince still has a hand in the business. Vince was still running things through Bruce when he was “gone” before
Rousey finished up with WWE after SummerSlam 2023. She went on to work several independent dates and competed on an episode of ROH on HonorClub alongside Marina Shafir.
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