Chelsea Green expressed to WWE that she wanted Samantha Irvin’s special intro to continue, thinks social media played role in it coming back

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Green also named a TNA talent she’d like to see in WWE. 

Chelsea Green is a member of the Monday Night Raw roster and when making her way to the ring, ring announcer Samantha Irvin puts her own spin on how she says Green’s name. 

There was a period when Irvin was no longer doing the signature introduction and she publicly shared that it was not her decision to stop doing it. She began doing the introduction again after several weeks. 

During an interview with WrestlingNewsCo, Green stated that she thinks someone higher up did not want to make a big deal out of ring intros. She feels social media played a big role in her signature intro coming back. Green was sad when it stopped. She shared that she verbalized to WWE that she loved the introduction and did not want it to stop. 

I don’t know fully where that came from (Samantha Irvin no longer doing her special introduction). But I do know Samantha was told not to say it. Now that only lasted, I mean, maybe three weeks? A month? My gut tells me that someone high up thought, let’s not make a big scene over all of the entrances. We’re just trying to announce them, we’re trying to have the announcers play their role and things like that, and then, I think, my gut tells me that social media maybe got in someone’s ear and people realized how much they love to hear — the fans love to hear my announcement and honestly, I was so sad to see it go and I felt like a little part of me on my entrance was lost so for me, I did go and I did ask and verbalized, ‘Hey, I love my announcement. I really don’t want it to go anywhere.’ But of course, at the end of the day, I just have to let it be because I’m still going out there to the ring, I’m still doing my job, I’m still wrestling, you know?… I said what I had to say and I left it and then three weeks later, after the internet kind of went up in flames over it, it came back and all I have to say is thank you Twitter. For once in my career, thank you Twitter.

Green competed in her second women’s Royal Rumble in January. She entered at #14 and was eliminated by Becky Lynch. Entering the Rumble at the #5 spot was fellow former IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Champion and current TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace. 

Chelsea corroborated a story from Grace that no one was aware she was slated for the match. When considering potential surprises, Green said Grace’s name was not in the realm of possibilities. 

No, I didn’t (know Jordynne Grace was going to be in women’s Royal Rumble) and I was so mad at her. I told her, I’m like, ‘I can’t believe I was texting you and you didn’t tell me.’ When I say I had no clue, I truly — you know, we all sit around in the locker room and we think, okay, maybe it could be this person, maybe it could be this. Who’s a really cool surprise that it could be this year? Who’s kind of in the realm of possibility? She was not even in the realm of possibility and that’s what makes it so cool. The fact that us as a locker room and a roster was surprised. I can only imagine how surprised the fans were. What an amazing surprise for the fans to get.

Following up on that, Green would like to either face or tag with Grace in WWE. She added that she could see current TNA talent KiLynn King making her way over to WWE as well. 

Jordynne (Grace is someone I’d like to face or tag with in WWE). Easy. I love Jordynne. I love her. I think that in the ring, we really mesh well together. We really hit hard and run fast and that’s the kind of opponent I want and that’s what I want WWE fans to be able to see out of me as well. I wanna be able to give them the five-star matches that they deserve and Jordynne is an amazing opponent to be able to do that with. I also think KiLynn King is… oh my gosh. She is gonna be the next big thing in TNA so I definitely could see KiLynn making her way over to WWE. Who knows?

The duo of Green and Piper Niven were in action on the post-Royal Rumble edition of Raw. They fell in defeat to Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark. Green and Niven have not won a match on television since November

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