MCU L8R: Echo Season Finale Review

MCU L8R: Echo Season Finale Review

This week on MCU L8R, Rich Fann and WH Park are joined by Nate Milton of the Nubian Wrestling Advocates and The Rocky Maivia Picture Show to talk about the outstanding finale to Marvel’s Echo.

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The MCNews is hot with rumors of Deadpool 3 “saving the MCU”, changes to The Thunderbolts casting, Kristen Ritter’s teases, and an unfortunate DC video game finale for Kevin Conroy (RIP).

When chatting Echo, the subjects of loss, heritage and hope permeate its finale and the trio walk through where the series lands by episode’s end. Where does this take Kingpin at the conclusion of this season, and what did the POST Wrestling Forum think?

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In addition, the trio announced the new merchandise line via Chopped Tees:

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