GCW The Coldest Winter 2: Matt Cardona vs. Nic Nemeth

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW: The Coldest Winter 2
Ukrainian Cultural Center
Los Angeles, California
February 3, 2024

Singles Match: Nic Nemeth vs. Matt Cardona with Steph De Lander

Before the match, Cardona cut a promo on both Nemeth and the crowd. He mentioned how this bout had been over a decade in the making and asserted that it should be taking place at Wrestlemania, not in GCW. Nemeth came out to a raucous ovation from the GCW universe. As soon as the bell rang, Cardona grabbed the mic and told Nic that they didn’t have to wrestle tonight. He ran down Nemeth, stating he wouldn’t let some part-timer take his spot. “You think you’re the Rock, bro?” He then asked Nemeth to lay down for him so he could finish his story. The crowd chanted “F*** him up” as Nemeth contemplated Cardona’s request. He went down on one knee, and laid down. Cardona turned his back, and Nemeth surprised him with a superkick. He went for the pin, but SDL pulled the ref out of the ring before he could count three. Cardona retaliated with a low blow followed by Radio Silence, but Nemeth kicked out.

Nemeth went into the corner and attempted the Broski Boot. However, Nemeth popped back up, sent Cardona to the floor, bounced his head off the ring post, and held Cardona in place for Don Nemeth to throw a beer in Cardona’s face. Nemeth introduced chairs and a door into the ring, Cardona was hit across the back with a steel chair. Begging Nemeth to stop, Cardona was in distress. Nemeth wound up for another chair shot, but SDL grabbed it away, giving Cardona the chance to launch a chair into Nemeth’s face. Cardona choked Nemeth with his t-shirt and beat him up in front of his dad. Cardona distracted the ref, allowing SDL to choke Nemeth on the bottom rope. Cardona grabbed another chair, hitting Nemeth in the stomach and back. Cardona begged Nemeth to get up; he struggled to his feet, ducked out of the way, and the chair rebounded off the top rope, hitting Cardona in the face. Nemeth followed up with a Fameasser for another near fall.

The two traded punches in the center of the ring, with the crowd heavily behind Nemeth as he unloaded on Cardona with right hands. Cardona fired up, hitting Nemeth with a Rock Bottom followed by The People’s Elbow, but it wasn’t enough to put Nemeth away. SDL slid a door into the ring; Cardona set it up in the corner, but Nemeth hit Cardona with a Cross Rhodes. Cardona kicked out. Cardona threw pre-workout into Nemeth’s eyes; SDL speared Nemeth through the door. Cardona hit a spear, but Nemeth managed to get his shoulder up at the last second. Cardona went to the corner and grabbed the Internet Championship; SDL propped Nemeth up. Ryan Nemeth slid into the ring and hit Cardona with a cutter, but SDL cut him off with a big boot. Nic Nemeth connected with a superkick on SDL and jumped from behind by Cardona, who hit another Rough Ryder, but Nemeth again kicked out. The crowd went crazy as Cardona searched for what was next. SDL got into Don Nemeth’s face, grabbed his beer bottle, and swung it at Nemeth, but hit Cardona instead. Nemeth planted Cardona with the Danger Zone to pick up the victory.

Nic Nemeth Defeated Matt Cardona

Singles Match: Chris Bey vs. Man Like DeReiss

DeReiss executed a neckbreaker, but Bey quickly rebounded, attempting a cutter. However, DeReiss evaded it, and the two men reset in the center of the ring. Bey went up and over, but DeReiss leveled him with a substantial knee to the chest, followed by a body slam for a near fall. Man Like DeReiss continued to stomp away at Bey in the corner, attempting a powerbomb. Still, Bey countered, sending DeReiss to the floor with a well-executed ‘rana. Bey then wiped out DeReiss with a tope as he celebrated with the crowd.

Dropping a leg across DeReiss’s throat on the apron, Bey’s offensive onslaught wasn’t enough to secure the victory. Bey unleashed a flurry of kicks and chops in the corner. DeReiss avoided being sent into the turnbuckle, escaped to the apron, and delivered a top-rope dropkick that sent Bey flying across the ring. DeReiss followed up with a series of elbows and forearm shots to Bey’s spine. Bey attempted a top-rope lariat, but DeReiss ducked, allowing Bey to connect with a cutter for a close near fall.

DeReiss retaliated with a head kick, going to the top rope for a 450, but Bey wisely moved out of the way. They exchanged forearm strikes, with DeReiss planting Bey with a powerbomb, yet Bey resiliently kicked out. They continued trading forearm strikes, with DeReiss leveling Bey. However, Bey fired up, ducking a shot from DeReiss and connecting with a sunset bomb for a two-count. Trading near falls, Bey knocked DeReiss off his feet with a lariat, skillfully avoiding a cutter from DeReiss.

DeReiss ducked a running knee and ascended to the top rope, where Bey countered with a suplex. Bey quickly regained his feet and signaled for his finishing move, but DeReiss momentarily blocked it. However, Bey swiftly struck DeReiss in the head with a spin-kick. DeReiss rallied once more, attempting another 450, but Bey moved out of the way and sealed the victory with a Springboard Cutter.

Chris Bey  Defeated Man Like DeReiss

Singles Match: Mike Jackson vs. Kerry Morton

Jackson delivered a chop to Morton, who retaliated by backing Jackson into the corner and responding with a chop of his own. Morton focused on Jackson’s arm, applying a series of arm wringers. Jackson managed to escape and executed an arm drag that sent the crowd into a frenzy. Morton was brought down with shoulder tackles and additional arm drags. Seeking a timeout, Morton retreated to the floor, where the crowd taunted him. Jackson pursued and unleashed a barrage of punches, but Morton regained control and threatened to toss Jackson into the front row. However, Jackson evaded and sent Morton into the post.

Walking the ropes, Jackson struck Morton with a lariat. Morton countered with a couple of elbows, and Jackson responded with a Destroyer followed by a neckbreaker. Despite Jackson’s efforts, Morton managed to get his foot on the ropes at the last second. In a surprising turn, Morton rolled Jackson up for a sneak victory. However, the match was criticized for its extended duration.

Kerry Morton Defeated Mike Jackson

Singles Match: Charles Mason vs. Hammerstone

Hammerstone backed Mason into the corner. As the referee distracted Hammerstone, Mason exited the ring and ambushed him from behind. Mason attempted to send Hammerstone across the ring, but Hammerstone halted abruptly, causing Mason to be sent flying out of the ring. On the floor, Hammerstone relentlessly beat Mason down with powerful strikes to his back and face. Hammerstone lifted Mason and tossed him into the second row of chairs, breaking some chairs in the process. Bringing Mason back into the ring, Hammerstone continued to dominate him in the corner.

Mason managed to escape off Hammerstone’s shoulders, sending him shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Hammerstone spilled to the floor, where Mason bounced his head off the ring post before returning him to the ring to unleash a flurry of strikes. With the side of Hammerstone’s head busted open, Charles Mason targeted the cut, smearing the blood across his face and delivering impactful strikes in the corner. They exchanged chops, and Mason hit Hammerstone with a substantial dropkick for a close near fall.

Mason once again focused on Hammerstone’s cut, but Hammerstone rallied, hitting Mason with a series of punches and back elbows. He tossed Mason across the ring, executing a powerslam, but Mason resiliently got his shoulder up. Mason spat water in Hammerstone’s face and followed it with a lariat, but Hammerstone managed to kick out. Hammerstone attempted to toss Mason into the corner but was caught with a boot, followed by a DDT on the apron. Both men spilled to the floor, with Mason getting back on his feet first, sending the big man into the ring. However, Hammerstone managed to get his shoulder up at the last second.

Mason delivered a series of boots, but Hammerstone powered up, hitting Mason with his finisher. Astonishingly, Mason kicked out. Hammerstone went for another move, but Mason momentarily escaped, only to fall victim to Hammerstone a moment later.

Hammerstone Defeated Charles Mason 

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Bodhi Young Prodigy, Starboy Charlie, and Titus Alexander vs. Los Desperados 

Bodhi and Gringo kicked off the match for their respective teams. Gringo skillfully avoided Bodhi’s offense and executed a lucha arm drag, prompting Bodhi to respond with one of his own. He followed up with a shoulder to the gut into a rana, sending Gringo across the ring. Gringo countered with a handspring cutter, but Bodhi managed to escape and hit a rana, only for Gringo to cartwheel out of it. Titus tagged himself in, making his return to GCW after a successful run in Japan. Titus and Arez engaged in a series of Lucha spots, trading near falls with neither gaining a clear advantage. Arez utilized his quickness to evade Titus’s high-powered offense, leading to a stalemate.

Latigo and Starboy entered the fray, jumping Titus and Arez from behind. Latigo, using his power, muscled up Charlie and hit him with a ‘rana. Charlie retaliated with an atomic drop into a dropkick, securing a close near fall. Latigo got back on his feet, avoided a leapfrog, and connected with a superkick on Charlie as he descended. Charlie was sent into the corner, where Los Desperados took shots at him. Despite Charlie’s attempts to fight back, Latigo lifted him into a vertical suplex for another close near fall. Latigo then applied a surfboard on Charlie, and Gringo, on all fours, allowed Arez to hit a step-up dropkick onto Titus in the corner off of Charlie’s stomach.

Bodhi fired up, executed some rope walking with Gringo, and Titus energized the crowd with a well-timed dropkick, hitting everyone in the ring. Los Desperados turned their attention to Bodhi, delivering a triple-team move. Bodhi was kicked in the groin by Latigo, and Arez and Lagito joined in with chops. Bodhi fought back, hitting everyone with a cutter. Charlie returned and executed a Poisonrana on Latigo. The crowd erupted as all three men launched themselves to the outside onto Los Desperados. Bodhi added a beautiful spiral tap onto the pile, and Titus turned Arez inside out with a destroyer. However, Latigo broke up the pin at the last second. The match continued with both teams exchanging impactful moves and resiliently kicking out. The contest concluded with a top rope moonsault from Gringo Loco onto Titus.

Los Desperados Defeated Starboy Charlie, Titus Alexander, and Bodhi Young Prodigy

Tag Team Match: Masha Slamovich and GCW Ultraviolent Champion Rina Yamashita vs. BUSSY

Masha and EFFY initiated the match, engaging in a series of forearm shots. As EFFY clutched his back, he threw a big boot that Masha skillfully ducked. Attempting a kick of her own, Masha got caught by EFFY. Katch and Rina then tagged in. Initially hesitant, Katch eventually locked up with Rina. Despite Rina’s attempt to take her down with a shoulder tackle, Katch used her strength advantage to stay on her feet. Rina retaliated with an overhand chop, but Katch managed to bring her down with a shoulder tackle. Rina tried a DDT, but Katch’s strength once again proved formidable. Katch executed a hip attack, tagging in EFFY. BUSSY showcased their tandem thrusting maneuvers, followed by a flying cross body from both members. BUSSY made quick tags, isolating the Ultraviolent Champion in their corner. Rina escaped, making a blind tag to Masha. Masha targeted Allie with repeated snap mares and a big kick to Katch’s back and chest for a two-count. DDTs followed by Masha on both Katch and EFFY. Rina tagged in, hitting Katch with a knee to the face and a scoop slam. Masha, tagged back in, executed a senton for another near fall. EFFY, after getting the hot tag, delivered a blockbuster and running boots on both Rina and Masha. Under the rainbow on Rina and an FU on Masha followed. Although EFFY got a stack pin, both opponents were kicked out. BUSSY attempted the Too Gay Power Trip, but Rina and Masha fought out of it, only to be hit with tandem Sack Ryders from EFFY. BUSSY set up Rina for a doomsday device, but Masha saved her partner, and they hit EFFY with an air raid crash combination. Rina aimed for a Splash Mountain on Katch, but Katch countered and sent Rina into Masha, who was perched on the top rope. Masha and Katch fought on the top rope, with Katch hitting Masha with a superplex. However, Rina came off the top rope with a splash before Katch could make the pin. EFFY took Rina out with a spear, prompting GCW chants from the crowd. All four competitors traded forearms, and Masha was taken out by a knee strike from Allie. EFFY’s attempt to take out Rina was thwarted when she locked in the testicular claw, broken only when Katch kissed Rina in the corner. BUSSY executed an avalanche Sack Ryder, but Rina managed to get her shoulder up at the last second. Rina and Masha hit EFFY with a powerbomb combination, but Katch made the save just in time. Katch fought off both opponents with forearm strikes, sending Masha to the floor and focusing on Rina. They exchanged chops, and after Rina’s step-up kick, Katch responded with a boot followed by a piledriver. However, the match took an unexpected turn when Mance Warner rushed into the ring and broke up the pin. Mance pulled a screwdriver from his boot and brutally stabbed Katch in the head, leaving her visibly busted open.

No Contest

Masha distracted Mance as EFFY jumped him from behind and lit him up with punches, Rina and Masha joined in on the fight and grounded Mance which gave EFFY the opening to stab Mance in the head with the screwdriver but Mance escaped at the last second. 

Trio’s Match: Cole’s Team (Cole Radrick, Bobby Flaco, and Mr. Danger) vs. Sandra Moone and Los Macizos

Mr. Danger and Bobby wiped out everyone on the floor with big dives, while Moone endured a series of cutters from Cole and Flacco. However, Los Macizos intervened, breaking up the pin attempt. Flacco and Danger executed tandem dives to the floor, with Cole continuing to assault Moone in the center of the ring. Flacco tagged himself in and persisted in beating Moone down in the corner. Mr. Danger showcased impressive offense on Moone until she managed to fire up and make the tag to Miedo Xtremo. Miedo unleashed backbreakers and a moonsault onto Flacco and Danger, creating chaos. Ciclope climbed to the top rope, delivering a flying headbutt to Mr. Danger, followed by an assisted slam onto Flacco for a close near fall.

Moone tagged herself back in, and she and Ciclope executed a suplex on Flacco. However, Moone’s attempt at walking the ropes and diving to the floor appeared sloppy. Meanwhile, Miedo executed a fantastic dive, along with Ciclope. While acknowledging Moone’s talent over the years, it seemed she remained at a consistent level, no offense intended. Cole introduced doors into the ring, and Mr. Danger set up a door bridge. Moone fired up, hitting them with lariats but quickly fell victim to a superkick and a 450 through the door from Mr. Danger. Los Macizos reentered the ring to make the save, and Ciclope fell victim to a cutter from Cole. Setting up another door bridge, Cole was eventually put through the door. Miedo then dealt Flacco a brutal top-rope powerbomb, securing the victory.

Sandra Moone and Los Macizos Defeated Cole’s Team 

GCW World Championship Match: GCW World Champion Blake Christian vs. Dark Sheik

Sheik immediately Sabu’d a chair into Blake, following up with a dive onto the floor. Unleashing a series of punches, Sheik continued the assault by coming off the top rope with a dropkick, succeeded by a powerbomb for a near fall. Although Blake managed to kick out, Sheik stomped away on him in the corner. Blake countered with a forearm, hanging Sheik up on the top rope. As Sheik recovered on the floor, Blake executed a big tope that sent her into the second row. The intense battle continued around ringside, with Blake driving Sheik into the ring post and engaging with members of the crowd. He then dumped Sheik face-first onto the apron before slamming her on the stage.

Returning to the ring, Christian maintained control with a series of punches and forearms. Sheik attempted to create separation, but Blake tied her up in a submission hold while entangled in the ropes. Despite receiving a kick to the back of his head and enduring a brutal kick to his face, Blake somehow kicked out at the last second. The back-and-forth struggle continued until Blake caught Sheik with a tope through a door, causing Sheik to be busted open above her eye. With blood running down her face, Blake set up another door in the corner and speared Sheik through it. Blake then locked her in a submission hold, but she managed to reach the ropes.

Sheik backed up into the corner, where Blake continued to target her bloody head. Sheik created some separation and hit Blake with a top rope leg drop for another close near fall. Setting up a bunch of chairs in the ring, Sheik placed Blake on top of them. However, Blake met her on the top rope and threw her out of the ring through a door on the floor. Sheik fought off Blake once again, placing him on the chairs and setting up a ladder in the center of the ring. Coming off the ladder with a leg drop onto Christian and the chairs, Sheik left Blake barely able to get his foot on the bottom rope at the last second. In a desperate move, Blake hit Sheik with a Piledriver, followed by a chair-assisted top-rope stomp to retain the title.

Blake Christian Retains the GCW World Championship

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