Rossy Ogawa confirms plans to launch new organization

Photo Courtesy: @we_are_stardom

Ogawa intends to start a new organization. 

As of February 4th, STARDOM co-founder Rossy Ogawa’s contract with the promotion was terminated. STARDOM and Bushiroad cited Ogawa’s poaching of talent and staff as the reason why he was being let go. 

Ogawa gave his side of the situation in an interview with Tokyo Sports. To close STARDOM’s 2/4 show, there was a group photo taken and Ogawa was included. He was informed soon after that his contract was being terminated and was put in a cab and sent on his way. 

Suddenly, after the match, I was told, ‘Your contract is terminated today.’ They put me in a cab and sent me on my way.

It was in November 2023 that Ogawa informed STARDOM of his intentions to leave in the spring of 2024. He would go on to confirm plans to launch a new organization. 

A new organization? That’s right. I want to do the things that we can’t do here (at STARDOM/Bushiroad). There are quite a few things that can’t be done here. Because we are a big corporation, we can’t do everything.

When it comes to the alleged poaching of talents and staff from STARDOM, Ogawa said that did not come from his side. He said after rumors began to spread, there were a lot of wrestlers who wanted to join the new organization. He claims STARDOM President Taro Okada was okay with the new organization. 

We didn’t do it (poaching of STARDOM’s talent & staff). There were a lot of wrestlers who heard rumors and wanted to come here (to the new organization)… However, President Taro Okada was ‘OK’ (with the new organization)…

Okada told the outlet in an exclusive interview that several STARDOM talents have come to him and expressed that they want to leave the promotion or are considering it.

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