JCW Jersey J-Cup Night 2 Results: Masha Slamovich wins

Photo Courtesy: JCW

JCW: Jersey J-Cup 2024 Night 2
Saturday, February 10, 2024
White Eagle Hall
Jersey City, New Jersey

Quarter-Final Match: Joey Janela vs. Alec Price

Joey took Price down with a stiff headlock. Price managed to work his way out of it, but he was quickly taken down by a running double boot from Janela. Joey was then taken out with a quick crossbody, which sent him to the floor. Price attempted a dive, but Joey moved out of the way, causing Price to face-plant on the apron. In the corner, Joey unloaded on Price with repeated chops. Price fired back with some chops of his own as the two men went toe to toe. The exchange culminated in a Janela back elbow, but Price fired back up and nearly secured a pinfall after executing a top rope leg drop. He followed it up with a running knee and a head kick. Price attempted a DDT, but Janela countered with a German suplex, followed by a big tope that knocked Price into the front row.

Price found himself caught on Janela’s shoulders and planted with a Death Valley Driver, but he kicked out at two. They started exchanging right hands in the center of the ring. Price rocked Joey with a stiff shot, to which Joey responded in kind. However, Joey was caught with a half-and-half suplex. He quickly recovered and executed one of his own, but Price managed to create some separation with a big dropkick. Joey was once again leveled with a big forearm shot but managed to get back up as they began trading punches. Joey caught Price with a powerbomb and attempted a package piledriver, but Price flipped out of it and hit Joey with a big springboard DDT. Joey kicked out again.

Price continued his assault with repeated running knees and boots in the corner. Joey dodged the last attempt and hit Price with a Razor’s Edge. Price quickly recovered and struck Joey with a surprise kick. Joey fell to the floor, where he was wiped out by Price. Joey managed to get back into the ring and hit Price with a package piledriver, but Price kicked out at two. Joey then lifted Price into a torture rack, but Price flipped out of it once more and delivered a rebound lariat that nearly decapitated Joey.

Joey retaliated with a brainbuster, but it still wasn’t enough to put Price away. Joey attempted a move from the top rope but was countered and hit with a surprise kick, leading to a pinfall victory for Price.

Alec Price Advanced to the Semi-Finals 

Quarter-Final Match: Matt Makowski vs. Masha Slamovich 

Masha went for a spinning wheel kick, but Makowski blocked it and locked her in a sleeper. He attempted to transition to a cross-arm breaker, but Masha used her strength to bridge her way out of it. They scrambled for a position on the mat, with Makowski getting a near fall. Neither of them could gain the advantage over the other as they continued exchanging strikes. Makowski connected with a flurry of kicks, downing the former GCW World Champion. Masha rolled through after her kick was caught and attempted to lock Makowski in a cross-arm breaker of her own, but Makowski made it to the ropes.

Makowski took Masha down with a slam and unloaded on her back with forearms and stomps. With Masha on the mat, Makowski focused on her arm, repeatedly stretching and stomping on it to weaken it for the flying cross-arm breaker. Masha rolled through and struck Makowski with a double stomp followed by a choke. Makowski powered out of it and retaliated with forearm strikes. Masha landed a kick to the side of Makowski’s face and followed up with a kick to his chest and a rolling capo kick for a close near fall.

Makowski utilized his power to execute a big powerbomb on Masha, followed by a last ride into a Boston Crab. He broke the hold to knee Masha in the face. Masha, clutching her forehead, managed to work her way to Makowski’s back and locked in a sleeper hold. Makowski broke out of it but fell victim to a flurry of back fists. He landed a series of kicks and took Masha over with a butterfly suplex. Makowski speared Masha, but she locked in a choke on impact. He powered out of it and delivered a vicious powerbomb, but Masha fired up and hit a shining wizard for a two count. She then hit another Capo Kick and locked him in a choke for the victory.

Masha Slamovich Advanced to the Semi-Finals 

Quarter-Final Match: The Great Sasuke vs. Nick Wayne

The two men locked up, and Wayne backed Sasuke into the corner. They had a clean break. They repeated this spot for a couple of minutes, trading some headlocks before locking up again. Wayne took Sasuke off his feet with a shoulder tackle, and Sasuke performed his nip up cross-legged move a couple of times. The crowd was polite. Wayne followed up with repeated arm drags, followed by an uppercut that sent Sasuke tumbling to the floor. Wayne then hit an axe handle off the apron onto Sasuke. Sasuke bounced Wayne’s head off the ring apron a couple of times, but Wayne sidestepped Sasuke, causing him to collide with the ring post.

Nick Wayne executed a Sasuke Special onto Sasuke for a close near fall. The two men traded forearms in the center of the ring. Wayne attempted Wayne’s World, but Sasuke had it scouted and locked him in a choke. Wayne managed to make it to the ropes, breaking the hold. Sasuke then went for a DDT, but Nick Wayne countered with a flapjack. Sasuke met Wayne on the top rope and hit him with a DDT for a close near fall.

Wayne brought a chair into the ring and set it up in the corner. Sasuke attempted a piledriver, but Wayne managed to block it with a couple of shots to his head. Sasuke grabbed the chair and lightly tossed it at Wayne’s head before hitting him with a piledriver onto the chair for good measure. However, Wayne was able to kick out. Sasuke then went to the top rope but missed with a Swanton Bomb. Wayne stomped across Sasuke’s arm and forced him down, pinning him with a cradle.

Nick Wayne Advanced to the Semi-Finals 

JCW World Championship Quarter-Final Match: Jordan Oliver (Champion) vs. Myron Reed

Myron picked Oliver’s leg and briefly took him down. Oliver retaliated by locking him in a wrist lock, but Myron quickly managed to escape with some flips and maneuvers. Myron then backed Oliver into the corner and swung at him mockingly, which angered Jordan. Oliver missed with a clothesline and was grounded by a head kick. Reed attempted a monkey flip, but Oliver caught him and dropped him back-first onto the ring apron. Oliver then went for a spear through the ropes, but Myron countered with a leg drop through the ropes. Oliver took Myron down with an arm drag, followed by a Randy Orton-like dropkick.

The two men exchanged a series of chops, with Oliver landing a couple of punches to Reed’s gut before locking him in a Boston Crab. Reed countered with a small package, followed by a chin breaker into a cutter over the top rope onto the first row of chairs. Reed then executed a springboard 450 splash, but Oliver managed to kick out. Oliver fought out of an Air Raid Crash but was quickly dropped with a forearm to the jaw. Reed blocked a Batista Bomb and hit Oliver with a cutter, only to be caught with a cutter from Oliver. Reed attempted a springboard cutter, but Oliver intercepted him mid-air with a big dropkick.

After recovering on the mat, Oliver got back to his feet first and delivered some chops, followed by a leaping side slam for another close near fall. Oliver tried for an Acid Bomb, but Reed countered into a head scissors, then hit him with a superkick into a slingshot Blue Thunder Bomb for another close near fall. Oliver aimed for a Cloutcutter on the apron, but Reed blocked it, and the two began trading fists on the apron. Reed went for another tope cutter, but Oliver caught him and planted him with a spike piledriver on the hardwood floor.

Oliver sent Reed back inside the ring and hit him with a Cloutcutter, but Reed kicked out at the last second. Oliver then connected with a big Acid Kick, followed by the Acid Bomb for the victory.

Jordan Oliver Retained the JCW World Championship and advanced to the Semi-FInals

Tag Team Match: Jonathan Gresham and Mike Bailey vs. The Astronauts 

Abe and Gresham started for their teams, engaging in some chain wrestling with neither man able to gain the advantage. Gresham utilized knee walking to escape a hold, leading to a close near fall onto Abe. Bailey and Nomura initiated some sequences, with Nomura taking Bailey off his feet with a big dropkick. Bailey responded with a kick across Nomura’s chest. The two men then traded kicks to each other’s chests. Bailey was dropped with a stiff kick to the upper chest but quickly recovered for the Speedball Kicks. Nomura rolled to the floor, and Speedball hit his triangle moonsault. Gresham tagged himself in and took Nomura down with a big top rope crossbody for a two-count. Bailey executed his usual offensive sequences, including kicks, punches, running boots, and top rope moves. Nomura picked Bailey’s leg and slammed his knee into the ring, then tagged in Abe, who continued to target Bailey’s legs with repeated dropkicks. Nomura tagged himself in and continued to work on Bailey’s legs.

Gresham tried to break the various holds Bailey was locked in, but without success. Bailey eventually made it to the ropes, but The Astronauts kept making frequent tags, preventing Bailey from tagging in Jonathan Gresham. Gresham finally got the hot tag and ran wild on Abe with power and submission moves. He locked Abe in a Boston Crab, but Nomura broke the hold with repeated kicks to Gresham’s chest. Gresham fired up with a moonsault followed by a tope to the floor. Bailey hit a top rope dropkick and sent Gresham into Abe with an assisted Ace Crusher. Abe fought to break out of Gresham’s grasp, and Bailey came in and hit his moonsault double knee for good measure while Abe remained locked in a submission. The hold was eventually broken. Nomura ate a kick from Bailey followed by an axe kick. He attempted a standing shooting star press, but Nomura moved out of the way and hit him with a lariat. Abe made a blind tag and locked Bailey in a submission hold, but Bailey escaped, hitting his moonsault double knee on both Nomura and Abe without going for the pin. He went to the top rope for his next move, and Bailey and Gresham hit stereo shooting star presses, which the crowd loved. Abe was leveled with a forearm, and Bailey again hit the moonsault double knee, but Nomura broke up the pin. Gresham and Nomura faced off, trading chops and kicks to their chests. Abe hit a spin kick to Bailey’s midsection. Bailey missed the Torando kicks and was caught in an ankle lock by Abe. The Astronauts locked in stereo submission moves, causing Gresham and Bailey to tap out. Bailey is a great worker, a great person yadda yadda but there are only some many times you can watch the same sequences and methodology to a match. 

The Astronauts Defeated Mike Bailey and Jonathan Gresham 

Semi-Final Match: Masha Slamovich vs. Alec Price

Masha slapped Price across the face and began to lay into him with a series of chops, followed by her signature snap mare kick combination for a one-count. Price got back up to his knees and managed to duck a kick, resulting in a close near fall of his own. Masha then sent Price to the floor with a rana and followed it up with a move that didn’t fully connect, but Price came back into the ring and slammed her down in a rope-assisted STO for another near fall. Price stomped her back a couple of times for more two counts. He attempted a brainbuster, but Masha blocked it and countered with a spin kick to the gut. However, she was quickly taken down with a big dropkick to her back, which brutally snapped Masha’s neck. She then endured an elevated backbreaker, resulting in another near fall.

Masha found herself locked in another submission hold in the center of the ring. Despite the pain, she battled through and sent Price face-first into the turnbuckle. Masha connected with more knee strikes in the corner and leveled him with a big running boot for yet another near fall. Price landed a rebound lariat on Masha, but it still wasn’t enough to put her away. He attempted repeated face washes, but Masha managed to sidestep a top rope move and hit Price with a sitout powerbomb for another close near fall. Price executed his big dive followed by a springboard leg drop, but Masha continued to fight back and locked Price in a submission hold for the victory.

Masha Slamovich advances to the Finals 

JCW World Championship Semi-Final Match: Jordan Oliver (Champion) vs. Nick Wayne

This is a very special match-up between best friends and tag team partners. Oliver backed Wayne up into the corner and allowed for a clean break. They engaged in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock exchange, which was won by Wayne, who took Oliver over with a head scissors. The two men got back up to their feet, and Oliver grounded Wayne with a kick, attempting a Boston Crab, but Wayne fought out of it, and Oliver allowed him to get back up.

They locked up again, with Wayne gaining control of Oliver’s arm with a wrist lock. Oliver was forced to the mat, where he managed to get back up and create some separation with a monkey flip, but Wayne held tight onto Oliver’s wrist. Wayne was then taken down with a front waist lock, scrambling to the ropes, but Oliver kept ahold of the waist lock. Eventually, Wayne made it to the ropes, and they both threw dropkicks at the same time as they once again faced off in the center of the ring.

Both men know each other so well that it makes it impossible for either to gain a true advantage. Wayne returned to the wrist lock and started targeting Oliver’s shoulders with repeated shots, taking him down with a head scissors. The pace of the match picked up as both men shifted gears and turned up the intensity. Oliver took Wayne off his feet with a big lariat, and they began exchanging chops. Wayne was caught and dropped spine-first onto Oliver’s knee. Oliver then locked in a Boston Crab, but Wayne was able to make it to the ropes.

Oliver repeatedly targeted Nick Wayne’s back with forearm strikes, but Wayne fired up and hit Oliver with a series of Northern Lights Suplexes followed by a cross-arm breaker. Oliver made it to the ropes, fought out of a full nelson, and hit Wayne with the Kleopatra. They battled on the apron, where Wayne hit Oliver with a suplex. He attempted a Cloutcutter, but Oliver caught him and planted him with a brainbuster on the hardwood floor.

The two men continued trading chops in the center of the ring. Wayne was hit with a running boot but caught Oliver with a Cloutcutter into a Kill Switch for a close near-fall. Wayne tried to lock in a crossface, but Oliver fought out of it and hit him with a backbreaker. Wayne kept getting close near falls, but Oliver ultimately locked him in a Boston Crab for the victory.

Jordan Oliver retained the JCW World Championship and advanced to the Finals 

GCW World Championship Match: Blake Christian (Champion) vs. Homicide 

Homicide unleashed a series of right hands on Blake, followed by a big scoop slam and repeated suplexes. He then locked Blake in a chokehold, sending him to the floor, but Blake returned to the ring and caught Homicide with a head kick, sending the legend back to the floor. Blake followed up with a big tope on the floor. They battled around ringside with Blake firmly in control. He brought Homicide to the stage, attempting a piledriver, but Homicide powered up and dumped Blake onto the floor.

Back inside the ring, Homicide sent Blake head over heels with an exploder suplex followed by a crossface. Blake managed to make it to the ropes, breaking the hold. Homicide rallied with the crowd and delivered repeated shots to Blake’s gut. Blake created some separation with a chin breaker and retrieved the fork from Homicide’s boot. Homicide countered with a neckbreaker and attempted to stab Blake with the fork, but Blake evaded and countered with a superplex for a two-count.

Blake connected with ten punches in the corner but then ate a cutter from Homicide for another near fall. Blake attempted a powerbomb, but Homicide kicked out and went for the Vertibreaker. However, Blake flipped out of it and executed a curb stomp to retain the championship.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

JCW World Championship Jersey J-Cup 2024 Finals: Jordan Oliver (Champion) vs. Masha Slamovich 

Oliver used his height advantage to back Masha up against the ropes and take her down into a head scissors. He began to wrench back on her arms and leveraged her into a pin attempt, but Masha managed to get her shoulders up at the last second. She then transitioned to the top rope, where she started to work on Oliver’s shoulders, stretching them before he reached the ropes. Oliver repeatedly took Masha down with a waistlock as the crowd remained evenly split in their support for both GCW/JCW mainstays.

Masha broke the hold with a chop across Oliver’s throat and booted him in the face, following up with a lariat for good measure. She continued to target the champion’s shoulder with stomps and punches to the gut. Masha leveled Oliver with a big dropkick, sending him crashing to the floor, and then hit him with a big tope, sending them both crashing into the first row of chairs. They continued to fight on the floor, with Masha getting onto Oliver’s back, but he sent her flying into the second row to break the hold. He then delivered repeated running boots on the floor and rag-dolled her into the stands.

Back inside the ring, Oliver continued to beat her down with repeated knees to the back of her head, dominating the match by this point. Masha fired up with running knees of her own, followed by a spinning capo kick for another two count. Oliver locked Masha in the Boston Crab, but she managed to escape and leveled him with a kick to the head. However, Oliver responded with an Acid Kick and placed her on the top rope for the Acid Bomb, which connected, but Masha kicked out at the last second.

Oliver attempted the Cloutcutter, but Masha cut him off, only to be hit with a top rope Blue Thunder Bomb. She was again locked in the Boston Crab but managed to reach the ropes. Oliver delivered another Acid Kick, which should have put Masha away, but she countered a powerbomb attempt with a Rana and locked Oliver in a sleeper hold. Oliver leveraged out of it, and they traded forearms and kicks in the center of the ring.

Masha hit a desperation lariat that wiped out both of them, leading to a trade of chops and headbutts. Oliver fired up, but Masha leveled him with a shining wizard followed by a brainbuster, yet Oliver still kicked out. Masha then locked him in a sleeper hold, followed by a sitout piledriver, but Oliver kicked out again. Finally, Masha locked in the sleeper hold one last time, and though Oliver attempted one more powerup, Masha dumped him on his head with a suplex and choked him out.

Masha Slamovich won the JCW World Championship and the 2024 Jersey J-Cup

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