AEW Rampage Results: Queen Aminata is All Elite, Danielson vs. Akiyama Announced for 2/24

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

February 16, 2024
H-E-B Center – Cedar Park, TX

By: John Kleinchester


Jeff Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

Rampage kicked off with Jeff Hardy taking on Sammy Guevara in a No Disqualification match. Jeff Hardy continued with his more heelish behavior, starting off the match by slapping Sammy in the face. The commentary team noted that Sammy’s wife and new baby daughter Luna were in attendance at the arena and it might be a tough match for Sammy because of it. Hardy and Guevara had a hard-hitting match with several brutal-looking spots including wailing a chair directly into the face of Guevara in the corner and a Twist of Fate from off the top of a ladder. 



After a picture-in-picture commercial break, Guevara jumped off one of the ultra-high ladders onto a prone Hardy who was set up on a table. Sammy then went for a shooting star press and seemed to accidentally land his knee directly into Hardy’s face and head. After a replay, we come back to live action to see a lot of blood in the ring but Hardy seemed mostly cleaned up, most likely indicating some editing going on. Hardy was able to finish the match but they went right to the finish of Sammy hitting a GTS and getting the pin.


After the match, Powerhouse Hobbs jumped Guevara and hit the World’s Most Dangerous Slam, leaving Sammy laying as Hobbs and Don Callis stood tall over him. 

Brian Cage 

Renee Paquette interviewed Brian Cage & Prince Nana in the back and Cage talked about how Hook didn’t belong in AEW. 

Private Party

Private Party cut a backstage promo talking about how they are shooting straight to the top of the rankings.

Mox & Claudio

After the break, a third backstage promo in a row was aired with Mox & Claudio talking about FTR and how they talk about being “top guys” and they don’t have to do that because they get the results. 

Ruby Soho

A backstage interview with Ruby Soho was interrupted by Saraya and Harley Cameron. Ruby revealed that the note she was looking at on Dynamite was from Parker and said “Don’t Trust Saraya!”. Soho said she wasn’t sorry and every bad thing that’s happened to her lately was because of her and she wanted space from her. Cameron then brandished a large plastic spoon and said she would get Soho with her knife which led to Cameron making an old Simpsons reference: “I see you’ve played ‘Knifey-Spoony’ before.”

Dustin Rhodes & The Von Erichs

Next up was Dustin Rhodes and the Von Erichs teaming up against a trio of local talents. Commentary noted that this was the first time that Rhodes and Von Erichs had teamed up in over forty years. The faces picked up the win in under two minutes with The Von Erichs applying dual Iron Claws and Rhodes hitting The Final Reckoning.

Timeless Toni

Renee Paquette asked what Toni Storm thought about what she thought about what Deonna Purrazzo had to say last week on Dynamite. Storm laughed and then snapped, putting Mariah May into an arm bar and then an ankle lock as she immediately tapped out. Storm said, “No one likes a drama queen, so piss off!”

Darby Promo

A short Darby Allin promo aired with Darby doing a voiceover saying The Young Bucks were going down at Revolution. 

Queen Aminata Feature

A new YouTube show called AEW Close Up with Renee Paquette was promoted with her first guest being Queen Aminata.

Queen Aminata vs. Anna Jay

Next up was the aforementioned Queen Aminata taking on Anna Jay. Excalibur noted that she is a great competitor but was still winless but has the most minutes in-ring of any competitor in AEW. Aminata and Jay had a great match with Aminata showing some great offense. Aminata picked up her first-ever win with a headbutt after reversing the Queenslayer.

After the match, Tony Khan tweeted that Queen Aminata was officially All Elite.

Willow, Stat & Stoke

Willow complained to Stokely that he cheated to help her win last week. They agreed to try it again without cheating next time.

Ruby & Ange

Angelo Parker gave Ruby Soho a Valentine’s Day gift and then Ruby asked Angelo if he wanted to get a drink Wednesday night and he agreed. 

12-Man Tag

The main event of Rampage saw The Bang Bang Scissor Gang taking on Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, Evil Uno, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds. The BBSG picked up the win after Billy & Austin hit the 3:10 to Yuma on Alex Reynolds for the win. 

After the match, Excalibur ran down a ton of match announcements for the next week or so with a standout being Bryan Danielson vs. Jun Akiyama announced for next week’s Collision on February 24th.


AEW Rampage Results:

  • Sammy Guevara over Jeff Hardy in 12:31
  • Dustin Rhodes & The Von Erichs over Romero Crews, Hitt & Shimbashi in 1:47
  • Queen Aminata over Anna Jay in 8:00
  • Bang Bang Scissor Gang over Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett, Satnam Singh, Evil Uno, John Silver, and Alex Reynolds in 10:46
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