RevPro High Stakes Results: Michael Oku submits Will Ospreay

Photo Courtesy: RevPro

Michael Oku scored his elusive win against Will Ospreay to cap off RevPro’s High Stakes event.

Crystal Palace was the scene for the third 1-on-1 match between the rivals and the first match since their epic showdown in January 2022, which was among the best matches of that year.

Since their last meeting, Oku became the Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion last July.

The match could end in a pinfall, submission, or Amira (Oku’s second) throwing in the towel.

The crowd was electric from start to finish for the roller coaster match that featured several callbacks to past matches and Ospreay playing the despicable heel, constantly taunting Oku and Amira.

Both men bled during the match and Oku’s selling encapsulated his struggle and fed the tease of Amira throwing in the towel. When offered the chance to do so, Amira spit in Ospreay’s face and the challenger responded by striking her with a kick and sending her to the floor.

The near-falls had the raucous crowd biting throughout the last ten minutes, including a Styles Clash by Ospreay. This led to a dramatic moment where Ospreay aimed at Oku for the Hidden Blade but Amira moved him out of the way and took the strike herself.

Oku survived a sequence of the Storm Driver ’93, Hidden Blade, and a Storm Breaker with the crowd roaring as Oku kicked out.

After spiking Ospreay on his head during a counter, Oku landed his Frog Splash to the back and chest of Ospreay in succession before applying the single-leg crab and wrenching backward as Ospreay tapped.

The match will be among the very matches in 2024 with the potential of winning this year’s honor.

The post-match saw Oku offer his hand and Ospreay hand the belt to the champion before Ospreay addressed the crowd as he set out on his AEW career.

Among those in attendance was AEW owner Tony Khan, who was referenced by Ospreay and thanked Khan for changing his life.

Below are the results from the High Stakes card on Sunday (Courtesy:
**AEW International Championship:
Orange Cassidy © over Flash Morgan Webster, Shigehiro Irie, Cameron Khai, Spike Trivet, Sha Samuels, and Richard Holliday in 8:03
*Undisputed British Women’s Championship: Dani Luna © over Safire Reed
*Oskar Leube & Yuto Nakashima over Mark Trew & Kieron Lacey in 9:25
*Luke Jacobs over JJ Gale in 17:02
*Mustafa Ali over Robbie X in 13:08
*Shingo Takagi over Trent Seven in 21:58
*Anthony Ogogo over Ricky Knight Jr. in 13:30
*Zack Sabre Jr. over Connor Mills in 21:26
*Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Michael Oku © over Will Ospreay in 47:12

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