Eric Young recounts discussions with AEW, wants to finish career at TNA Wrestling

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

Young feels he’s not Tony Khan’s ‘cup of tea’. 

At IMPACT Slammiversary 2023, Eric Young made his return to the company. Young has history with the TNA brand that dates back to 2004 and he’s captured the company’s World Heavyweight, X Division and Tag Team Titles. 

As Young was doing a virtual signing for K & S WrestleFest, he was asked if he’d be interested in working for AEW. He stated that he’s not interested. Young said he had discussions with those at the company ‘months ago’ when he was a free agent. 

He went on to state that he will finish his career with TNA. Young said AEW President Tony Khan has always been polite to him but he thinks he’s not Khan’s ‘cup of tea’. 

No, I don’t think so (I would work for AEW if they asked me to). No, I’m not interested. We definitely had a bit of a discussion last time when I was a free agent there a couple months ago. Just not for me. I’m glad that it exists. I’ve got tons of really good friends that are there and there’s tons of die-hard fans that love it. The more wrestling, the better, the more jobs, the better and I wish them all the luck. It’s just not for me. I will wrestle and finish my career at TNA Wrestling and then I’ll disappear and then move into the woods… I don’t think Tony (Khan) thinks of me that way (to back up the Brink’s truck), so he’s not gonna do that. He’s always been polite to me. I don’t have anything bad to say about him but I don’t think I’m his cup of tea. I’m not an internet guy, I’ve never been an internet guy. I’m just not one of those guys. I don’t post my matches, I don’t care about how many stars the internet gave me. So, I’m not concerned with that world. I’m worried about my employees and how many stars my employees give me and the people that pay me. That’s what I’m worried about. That’s it.

There was a shake-up within TNA as Scott D’Amore was let go from the company. Members of the TNA talent roster sent a letter to Anthem Sports & Entertainment in support of D’Amore.

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