Kevin Owens addresses Vince McMahon allegations: “Everything that has come out is awful”

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Owens and Becky Lynch address the allegations against McMahon. 

As WWE was in Australia for Elimination Chamber, Daily Mail Online caught up with Kevin Owens and winner of the women’s Elimination Chamber, Becky Lynch. 

Both talents were asked about the sex trafficking lawsuit that was filed against Vince McMahon and WWE by former company employee Janel Grant. Owens said everything that has surfaced is terrible. He called it ‘shameful’ and added that it can never happen again. 

Owens: Everything that has come out is awful. Just terrible. There’s really no words to describe how sad this makes me feel. If the people spoke out went through what they went through, that’s terrible. It’s shameful and it can’t ever happen again. That’s what it comes down to.

Following up on that, Becky Lynch answered the question of does WWE still feel like a safe place for her. She responded with the following: 

Lynch: I have been fortunate in my career that I have always felt supported by the company. These allegations are horrible and it’s hard to reconcile as a talent and as a woman. But, my experience in WWE has only ever been amazing. Yes, in the beginning there was some restrictions on some things; we couldn’t punch, grabbing hair – there was some weird stuff there – but I was able to push us forward, push women forward and I’m very grateful for that. So this company… [right now] some of these things are hard to reconcile.

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