Lilian Garcia loves Samantha Irvin’s passion for ring announcing, recounts meeting her

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Garcia has high praise for Irvin. 

For nearly two decades, Lilian Garcia was a ring announcer for WWE. Garcia was the focus of a K & S WrestleFest virtual signing and along the way, she recounted meeting current WWE ring announcer Samantha Irvin. 

Garcia spoke highly of Irvin and said she can tell how passionate she is about announcing. 

Samantha (Irvin), yeah, I love her. She’s cool. I met her. She’s super sweet, oh my gosh, and she loves her job. That’s what I love. I can tell how passionate she is… Yeah, yeah (she was a fan before she got into the business). She’s been very complimentary of me, like thanking me for trailblazing and whatever and that’s just really special. But like I said, more than anything, I can tell she’s passionate about the job, which is great. 

I like her and I love that she has so much passion for what she’s doing. So she’s got a lot of respect for the job and that’s, I think, important because it is an amazing, amazing job to have. To be able to set the tone for a match is so cool and she’s just a sweetheart so it was really cool to meet her…

A chat user asked Garcia to come back to WWE. She appreciated the comment but said one has to know when it is time to move on. She added that sometimes she cannot believe she was with WWE for as long as she was. 

Aw, thanks guys (Garcia responded to a chat user who asked her to come back to WWE). But, sometimes you gotta move on to your next chapter. 15 years was a long time… I sometimes can’t even believe that I was there for that long. So wild. What a ride.

Present day, Garcia is the announcer for PFL MMA. She started with the organization in 2019. 

Samantha Irvin is currently doing the introductions for Monday Night Raw and Premium Live Events. 

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