REPORT: Numerous CMLL wrestlers facing potential visa issues

Photo Courtesy: CMLL

A recent development out of Texas could reportedly put a massive roadblock on CMLL talent appearing on U.S. shows.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider is reporting that 19 different talents from Mexico’s CMLL promotion are losing work visas that were in the process of being obtained.

PWInsider lists 18 wrestlers and one referee — Sagaz —- who will no longer receive visas that a U.S. promotion was working to sponsor for them. Among the list are Volador Jr., Hechicero, and Mascara Dorada, who have been booked in AEW storylines early this year.

The report states that visa complications between CMLL and Full Blown Pro Wrestling — a Texas-based promotion that was working to provide visas for the wrestlers — have put the U.S. presence of many Mexican wrestlers in jeopardy.

PWInsider says that Full Blown Pro Wrestling was recently warned by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that they could be accused of fraud if the visas they would sponsor get flagged by the government. The report didn’t specify why Full Blown Pro Wrestling was warned about this possibility.

Full Blown Pro Wrestling promoter Jerry Cadena then got in contact with CMLL regarding the visas, voicing concern regarding the situation. CMLL stated that they would try to iron out the process with the U.S. embassy. After reportedly not receiving enough communication back from the promotion, Cadena informed the U.S. government that he would terminate agreements to work with CMLL or their talent.

Among other names expected to receive U.S. visas through the deal was Soberano Jr., Templario, Blue Panther, Dulce Gardenia, El Sagrado, Capitan Suicida, Espiritu Negro, Euforia, Fugaz, Gemelo Diablo 1 and 2, Magico, Robin, and Sangre Imperial.

With the cancellation of sponsored visas, it’s unclear if any of the affected wrestlers will be able to appear for U.S. bookings in the immediate future.

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