POST NEWS UPDATE: Hiroshi Tanahashi’s high hopes for Yota Tsuji, Great-O-Khan & Yuto Nakashima

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** While speaking to Proresu-TODAY, Hiroshi Tanahashi stated that he has high expectations for Great-O-Khan, Yota Tsuji and Yuto Nakashima because he spent a lot of time with them during the Young Lion stage of their respective careers.

I have high expectations for (Great) O-Khan, (Yota) Tsuji and (Yuto) Nakashima, because I have spent more time with them than with the other young players… I was (Keiji) Muto’s attendant… I admired him. I was able to have a singles match with him in the main event of the Tokyo Dome in 2009. I’ve done a singles match with O-Khan, but I haven’t done one with Tsuji yet. With Nakashima, I’m determined to be number one at Ogakishi Ritsuhigashi Junior High School (laughs about him & Nakashima attending the same high school). I hope those three especially will do their best.

** There is a lengthy interview with NJPW President Hiroshi Tanahashi on TOYOKEIZAI ONLINE. He touched on the revamped NJPW World. He’s still getting feedback about it and said renovations are underway to further improve the service.

I am still receiving a variety of feedback about the renewal (of NJPW World). Renovations are currently underway…

Elsewhere in the conversation, Tanahashi spoke about past NJPW Presidents that were active wrestlers such as Antonio Inoki, Tatsumi Fujinami and Seiji Sakaguchi. He gave his assessment of them in that dual role.

Mr. Inoki, the founder and the first president, had overwhelming leadership power, and his close aides, including Hisashi Shinma and Mr. Tetsuo Baisho, managed New Japan well… even though the number of shows was much larger than now.

I hear that Mr. Sakaguchi had the highest level of trust, both inside and outside the organization, out of all the presidents who were former wrestlers. The Tokyo Dome show started during Mr. Sakaguchi’s time, and because it was a large-scale event, it required bank financing. I also heard that Mr. Sakaguchi’s good character was one of the reasons why he was able to establish a relationship with the bank.

I respect (Tatsumi) Fujinami as a wrestler. But it was a difficult time when pro wrestling was going through a transitional period due to the rise of mixed martial arts and other factors…

** Peter Rosenberg welcomed WWE commentator, backstage interviewer and host, Byron Saxton, onto Cheap Heat. Saxton touched on the idea of wrestling again and said sometimes he’ll think about it. He is not yearning for it but there are moments when he wonders. Saxton has not wrestled since 2012.

I don’t know (if I’d want to get back in the ring). I always tell people that having been a competitor inside the ring, you never necessarily lose that. So, I don’t think about it often but there are times, especially on live events when I’m sitting ringside and you’re right there in the midst of the action. You go, ‘Man, what would it be like to be back in that ring?’ Not saying that I have this overwhelming desire to get back in the ring, because it’s a rough lifestyle. But, there are moments when you miss it. As I look ahead to the future, I don’t know. I think I’m at a point right now where I’ve been able to do so many things as you said. I’ve been able to call the WrestleManias, I’ve been able to work Madison Square Garden, I’ve been able to travel the world. So I’ve been able to check off all these things on my bucket list and then, exceed those things so I think the coolest thing for me is just not knowing what’s next… Getting stunned by Stone Cold Steve Austin, that wasn’t on my list of things to happen to my life. So I think that’s the fun part for me is going, what’s next? What else is gonna happen? What else am I gonna experience that’s gonna blow my mind? Who knows?

** Guest appearing on the Dynamite Download podcast was Lance Archer and he dove into forming a trio with The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch) in AEW/ROH: 

You have the sadistic and crazy and chaos all mixed into one little group there (with me & The Righteous). It was kind of spearheaded by Jake (Roberts). I had that match with Darby Allin and then Jake had a plan, so The Righteous who are integral parts of Ring of Honor and obviously, Ring of Honor and AEW have that existence together. So it’s one of those things, again, kind of like Forbidden Door, you have guys and girls coming from all over different companies and different places that can help make the shows whether it’s Dynamite, Rampage, Collision. It doesn’t matter if it’s on New Japan STRONG because a lot of us get to go work the New Japan STRONG shows in the U.S. or going over to New Japan and competing over there so again, you’re just having all these different talents go together so The Righteous and myself came together and it’s a fun, powerful team. We haven’t had the greatest success just yet but, that doesn’t matter. We’re still filling each other out, we’re kind of in and out and it happens… It’s one of those things. Things take time to kind of come together and people are like, okay, this is kind of cool, I’m digging what they’re saying. The longer it goes and the more matches we have together and the more continuity we have as a team, they’re gonna do more than dig. They’re gonna absolutely understand that we are one of the toughest trios in all of professional wrestling.

** Come June 22nd, Josh Barnett is going to be running a Bloodsport event in Japan from Ryōgoku Sumo Hall. He was interviewed by Tokyo Sports and stated that he’ll always leave a spot open on a Bloodsport card for Kota Ibushi. He wants Ibushi to return to Bloodsport once he’s healed from his injuries.

I’ll always keep a spot open (on Bloodsport) for Ibushi-san. He has something special… enthusiasm and fighting spirit, so I’d like him to come back once his injury is healed.

Barnett went on to add that he’s interested in AJPW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion Katsuhiko Nakajima being a part of the show.

Of course, I’m interested (in Katsuhiko Nakajima being a part of Bloodsport). He has been involved in pro wrestling for a long time and is one of the wrestlers who ignited the Japanese pro wrestling scene during its slump. It’s up to him if he wants to fight in Bloodsport. If you are ready and willing to fight, I want you to come. It is an open place, but it also comes with risks.

** CyberFight President Sanshiro Takagi spoke to Proresu-TODAY and shared his thoughts about Ganbare Pro opting to leave from under the CyberFight umbrella and go independent. Takagi wishes them the best.

It is just as you said, but I just want to say that I wish them (Ganbare Pro) the best. I think we are in a very difficult time, and even though Coronavirus has passed, there are still some places where things have not fully recovered yet. I think it’s amazing that they were able to make a decision like this.

** Kenny Omega co-hosted the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth countdown to launch stream.

** To promote AEW Revolution, Daniel Garcia made the media rounds and spoke to 3NT Wrestling. 

** While in Australia, Pinfall Productions caught up with WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.

** Daily Star pushed out their chat with Anna Jay.

** The latest from an interview series that NJPW is doing with SANADA.

** Edition #129 of WWE – Die Woche was a chat with Pretty Deadly (Elton Prince & Kit Wilson).

** There’s an interview with Chad Gable via The Babyfaces Podcast.

** Will Washington and Aubrey Edwards welcomed Bryan Danielson, Daniel Garcia and AEW World Champion Samoa Joe onto the AEW Unrestricted podcast.

** Joining Busted Open Radio was Sami Callihan.

** CW39 Houston did a profile on Sharmell Huffman.

If any of the quotes from the following podcasts or video interviews are used, please credit those sources and provide an H/T and link back to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

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