AEW Rampage Results: Zak Zodiac Appears, Takes Out Angelo Parker

Photo Courtesy: AEW

March 1, 2024
Von Braun Center – Huntsville, AL

By: John Kleinchester


CMLL’s Rugido vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Rampage kicked off with Claudio Castagnoli taking on CMLL’s Rugido. The pair had a twelve-minute back-and-forth affair with Claudio victorious after his patented Gotch-style piledriver. After the match, the two shook hands before Claudio hit Rugido with a low blow. This brought out Magnus (Rugido’s partner) who chased Claudio off with a chair. 

Lance Archer & The Righteous

The next match saw Lance Archer and The Righteous taking on three local competitors in Luke Langley, Anaya & Vaught and defeating them in just over two and a half minutes. The announce team hyped up that Lance Archer would be in the All-Star Scramble this Sunday at Revolution. 

Riho vs. Trish Adora

Next up was Riho taking on The Infantry’s Trish Adora. During this match, Tony Khan announced a Women’s tag team match for the Revolution Preshow. Meanwhile, Riho defeated Adora in eight minutes. 

Ruby Soho & Angelo Parker

Ruby & Ange were about to go on their date with cameras in tow when Saraya and Harley Cameron interrupted, distracting the new couple and allowing Saraya’s brother Zak Zodiac to sneak up from behind and attack Parker. 

Mark Henry and the Main Event

Mark Henry made his first Rampage appearance in quite some time to announce the night’s main event of Matt Sydal taking on CMLL’s Magnus. Sydal attempted to shake Magnus’ hand before the match began but Magnus kicked it away as Nigel McGuinness noted on commentary that the CMLL crew was unhappy with the “Americans” to which Matt Menard exclaimed, “Claudio isn’t even American!”

Magnus won to qualify for a spot in the All-Star Scramble this Sunday at Revolution.


AEW Rampage Results:

  • Claudio Castagnoli over Rugido in 11:56
  • Lance Archer & The Righteous over Luke Langley, Anaya & Vaught in 2:37
  • Riho over Trish Adora in 8:01
  • All-Star 8-Man Scramble Qualifier: Magnus over Matt Sydal in 11:47
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