Project GCW Results: Mance Warner prevails in St. Louis Street Fight

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW: Project GCW
March 1, 2024
Sauget, Illinois
Pop’s Nightclub

Singles Match: Killer Kelly vs. Billie Starkz

Kelly wanted a handshake, but Billie refused. Eventually, Billie agreed but quickly grabbed a wrist lock. Kelly managed to break free with a rope break. They locked up again, and Billie picked Kelly’s leg. Kelly delivered some kicks, but Billie countered and took Kelly down with a headlock takeover. Kelly backed Billie into the corner, where they broke the hold once more and locked up again. Billie endured repeated knee strikes to the skull, and they traded standing switches. Kelly kicked Billie, bringing them to a seated position. Then, Kelly kicked Starkz in the chest. Billie went to the floor to recover, and Kelly attempted another kick on the apron, but Billie caught her boot and pulled her down to the brick floor. However, Kelly managed to recover and slammed Billie’s head into the ring post before sliding her back into the ring. Billie blocked a fisherman suplex attempt and dropped Kelly on her knee for a quick near fall. Kelly attempted to put Billie up on her shoulders, but Billie slipped behind and hit her with a spin kick to the head, followed by a series of boots in the corner for another near fall. Heel Billie showcased her skills. Billie choked Kelly across the bottom rope, but Kelly avoided a lariat and hit Billie with a fisherman suplex for a close near fall. They traded forearms in a seated position in the center of the ring, with neither gaining a clear advantage until Kelly trapped Billie’s arms and delivered repeated headbutts into a butterfly suplex, sending Billie crashing into the corner. Kelly followed up with a big running dropkick for another close near fall on Starkz. Then, Starkz was hit with a Japanese Cyclone suplex for another two-count. Billie was placed on the top rope, where they fought for the advantage. Billie knocked Kelly off the top rope and hit her with a Swanton for another near fall. Billie sealed the deal with the Sugoi Driver for the victory.

Billie Starkz Defeated Killer Kelly

Three-Way Match: Joey Janela vs. Aerial Van Go vs. Dante Leon

Joey booted Go in the stomach and grabbed head locks on both Go and Leon. They took him off his feet with a shoulder tackle and then took each other out with a pair of arm drags. Go faked them out and hit them with a hesitation dropkick, then laid into Leon with a series of chops. Leon responded with a superkick, and Joey hit Go with a German suplex. Leon was taken out with a running back elbow from Joey, who was then sent into Go. They both moved out of the way, but Joey took them out with a moonsault press. Janela followed up with a double suplex, and Go hit Joey with a big boot, but Janela stayed on his feet. Finally, Janela was sent to the floor with a head scissors.

Van Go used Janela as a pommel horse and launched himself onto Leon, who was on the floor. Joey met Go with a palm strike followed by a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Leon sent Joey back into the ring and hit him with a Swanton, but it was only good for a two-count. Janela responded by snapping Leon down with a DDT, but the pin attempt was broken up by Go, who hit them with a springboard leg drop. Van Go was turned inside out by Leon with a straight jacket side suplex. Joey hit Leon with a series of forearms, and Van Go took Joey off his feet with a head kick. However, Joey quickly got back up and turned Van Go inside out again with a half-and-half suplex.

Dante and Janela were left inside the ring. Leon sent Joey to the floor and took out both competitors with a tope suicida. Leon brought Van Go into the crowd, where Van Go pulled up on a bar and performed a moonsault press on Joey and Dante. Leon went for the End Seeker, but Joey blocked it and hit Leon with a superkick. Van Go then hit Leon with a second rope 630 but landed right in the arms of Joey, who hit him with a package piledriver for the victory.

Joey did what he does best and made others shine, providing a great showcase for both Van Go and Leon. He is easily one of the most selfless and consistent workers today. It doesn’t matter how young or old or how many years in the business, if you’re in there with Janela, you’re going to look amazing. People may think it’s “fun” to criticize Joey just because some has-been cuck in Kentucky can rattle off quippy phrases, but if you actually watch his work, you’ll understand how good he is. To that point, since Ibushi came back, Joey had his best match, and it’s not even debatable.

Joey Janela Defeated Aerial Van Go and Dante Leon 

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Gahbage Daddies and Jack Cartwheel vs. THRUNT

Price and EFFY started the match off. Price grabbed a waistlock and tried to take EFFY over with a suplex, but he wasn’t able to, so he made the blind tag to Cole. Cole took EFFY off his feet with a head scissors. Cole and Price hit EFFY with an assisted crossbody as Cartwheel made his way into the match, as did Allie Katch. Jack avoided Allie with a series of cartwheels. Allie got sick of it and booted him in the face, then hit him with repeated hip attacks. Cartwheel dropkicked Katch into her corner, where Sawyer made the tag and ran wild on all three of her opponents. Price and Radrick avoided a double chokeslam and sent THRUNT to the floor, where they hit them with double topes and a Sasuke Special from Cartwheel. Gahbage Daddies and Jack all hit the five-knuckle shuffle on THRUNT, but they kicked out. They hit a triple cartwheel kick on Sawyer Wreck, but she was able to get her shoulder up. Cole went for a stunner, but Sawyer caught him and sent him into Price, who hit Cole with a lariat. Cartwheel hit a Cartwheel slam on Sawyer but was hit with an atomic drop from EFFY followed by a big boot into the Under the Rainbow. Price and Cole tried to make the save, but they were hit with a double blockbuster, which gave Allie an opening to hit her running hip attack cannonball combination on Price and Cole. BUSSY hit a Super Sack Ryder on Cartwheel, but Price and Cole made the save and hit Katch with a kick German combination. Sawyer was sent into the post by Cartwheel, and EFFY’s Sack Ryder was blocked by the Gahbage Daddies. Parrow appeared at ringside and took out Cole and Price. Sawyer hit Jack Cartwheel with a chokeslam to secure the victory.

THRUNT Defeated Gahbage Daddies and Jack Cartwheel

Singles Match: Myron Reed vs. Oni El Bendito

Reed, no relation, hit Oni with a series of forearms. Oni was able to flip out of Reed’s other attempts as the two men faced off in a stalemate. They kept evading each other’s offense until Oni hit Reed with a dropkick, sending him to the apron. Reed moved out of the way and caught Oni with a leg drop through the ropes. He followed it up with a kick to Oni’s head. Oni rolled to the floor, where Reed attempted a tope, but Oni caught him. Still, Oni was driven face-first into the ring post. Reed went for a head scissors, but Oni caught him again and powerbombed him on the apron, resulting in a two-count. Reed hit Oni with a stundog into a recoil double knee. Oni rolled to the floor again as Reed cleared the top rope with a plancha onto Oni. Reed rolled Oni back into the ring and leveled him with a superkick for another near fall. Reed avoided a superkick and popped back up, hitting Oni with a cutter. Oni rolled to the floor again, giving Myron the opening to dive over the post with a Swanton Bomb onto Oni. Back inside the ring, Reed went for a springboard 450, but Oni moved out of the way and smoked him with a superkick for a near fall. He hoisted Reed up and dropped him across his knee for the victory.

Oni El Bendito Defeated Myron Reed 

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Alex Zayne

They evaded each other’s offense with a series of leapfrogs, flipping back up to their feet, leaving them in a stalemate. They engaged in a somewhat uninteresting “will they, won’t they” handshake gimmick. Finally, they started getting more aggressive as Bailey kicked Zayne across the chest. In response, Zayne executed a headscissors followed by a standing twisting splash for a close near fall. Bailey went to the floor and dragged Zayne with him. Zayne made it back inside and tripped Bailey up, hitting him with a knee strike followed by a flipping leg drop on the floor. Zayne placed Bailey in the front row and delivered some heavy chops, but Bailey shifted momentum and hit Zayne with a triangle moonsault. He draped Zayne across the top rope and landed a top rope knee drop for a close near fall. Bailey ran in and connected with a vicious knee to Zayne’s jaw, followed by a one-inch punch. Bailey attempted a suplex, but Zayne blocked it, only to be hit with Speedball kicks followed by a kick to the midsection. Bailey went for a standing shooting star press, but Zayne moved out of the way and countered with a lariat. Zayne followed up with a forearm-elbow combination into a flipping leg drop, but Bailey kicked out again. Zayne placed Speedball on the top rope and hit Bailey with a big knee. Each wrestler stayed one step ahead of the other until Zayne won the battle with a big lariat. Bailey went to the floor and tried to fake Zayne out with a moonsault of his own but crashed and burned, eating a superkick for good measure. Bailey was placed on the top rope again and Zayne executed a flipping ‘rana followed by a big running knee strike for a near fall. They continued to avoid each other’s kicks, but Bailey caught Zayne with the moonsault double knee, only for Zayne to counter with the taco driver for the victory.

Alex Zayne Defeated Mike Bailey 

Tag Team Match: Dan the Dad, KLD, and Shazza McKenzie vs. Deathmatch Royalty

Jimmy tried to cut a promo that he had written himself, but Cardona tore up the piece of paper. Jimmy exclaimed, “I can’t talk without my script.” The crowd kept throwing the promo back into the ring, which only angered Cardona and SDL even more. Cardona and SDL whispered various lines for Jimmy to repeat. Cardona was wearing a purple flannel that said Foley Fears Cardona. He took the mic and ran down his opponents and St. Louis, drawing massive heat. Cardona ended his promo by proclaiming that whoever he beats tonight has to kick his ass.

Shazza and Cardona started the match off for their teams. Matt used his strength and height advantage to shove Shazza around the ring. Cardona was dumped on the back of his head with a suplex as SDL made her way into the ring and took Shazza off her feet with a big shoulder block. KLD came to Shazza’s rescue, causing SDL to panic and tag in Cardona, who did the same and tagged in Jimmy Lloyd. Jimmy charged at KLD and hit him with a couple of chops. KLD, who looks like an in-shape DJ Hyde, took Jimmy out with a spinning heel kick, but it still wasn’t enough to put Broski Jimmy away. Dan the Dad entered the match and grabbed a headlock on Jimmy, taking him down with a shoulder tackle. Cardona tagged in and told the crowd to fuck off, but Dad hit him with a ‘you’ve got something on your shirt”. Shazza was kicked in the back by SDL, which gave Cardona the opening to slam her down to the mat and SDL to jump her with a flurry of punches for a near fall. Jimmy hit Shazza with a scoop slam and performed the pushup choke maneuver, which greatly pleased SDL and Cardona. KLD took everyone out with shoulder tackles and a cannonball on Cardona in the corner, but Jimmy was able to make the save. Jimmy hit KLD with a cutter but fell to a stunner from Shazza. KLD took SDL’s head off with a lariat as Cardona gave KLD a low blow. Dad returned to the ring, took a sip of his coffee, and lit him up with a flurry of punches into a DDT. Dad took off his belt and went to whip Cardona, but Jimmy sacrificed himself for Cardona and took the belt shot as Cardona hit the Radio Silence for the victory.

Deathmatch Royalty Defeated KLD, Dan the Dad and Shazza McKenzie

Post Match: Cardona went to take his trunks off, Sawyer jumped SDL and brought her to back as the hometown babyfaces took out Cardona with their finishers. KLD hiked up his trunks as Dan and Shazza shoved his face into his rump. 

JCW World Championship Match: JCW World Champion Masha Slamovich vs. Arik Cannon

Masha leveled Cannon with a spinning kick to his head, followed by a shining wizard, but Cannon was able to kick out. She attempted a sleeper hold, but Cannon escaped. When she went for a suplex, Cannon countered with one of his own, followed by a lariat for a near fall. Cannon then kicked Masha in the back of the head and snapped her neck into the mat. After chopping her a couple of times, Masha caught Cannon in various pin attempts, but he continued to kick out. They engaged in the “fish out of water” spot, and Cannon kicked her in the face for a legitimate cover, but Masha managed to get her shoulder up. Cannon then executed another back suplex and locked her in a submission hold. Masha managed to pry her way free and headbutted Cannon in the chest, but he responded with a key lock in the center of the ring. She reached the ropes, only to be hit with a JC Bailey neckbreaker for another two count. Masha fired up with a series of knees followed by a big spin kick, but Cannon once again managed to get his shoulder up. Cannon then sent Masha crashing into the corner with an overhead suplex and hit her with the Total Anarchy, but Masha kicked out. Cannon attempted a shining wizard, but Masha sidestepped him and locked him in a sleeper hold. Although Cannon was able to get back up to his feet, Masha dumped him on his head with a suplex and a piledriver to retain the JCW World Champion title.

Masha Slamovich Retained the JCW World Championship

GCW World Championship Match: GCW World Champion Blake Christian with Shane Mercer vs. John Wayne Murdoch

Murdoch Sabu’d Blake the moment Emil Jay finished his introductions and sent Christian face-first into the turnbuckle. Murdoch worked over Christian with a series of strikes and kicks. He called for a brainbuster onto a steel chair, but Blake managed to escape. Blake then hit Reed Bentley with a dropkick and launched himself onto Murdoch on the floor. In the front row, Blake choked Murdoch and drove him shoulder-first into the ring post. He caught Murdoch with a kick to the back of his head and followed up with a suplex. Scaling the top rope, Blake hit Murdoch with a big elbow drop onto the Duke’s chest. Christian attempted a superkick, but Murdoch dodged it, causing Christian to connect head-first with the ring post. Christian continued to beat him down inside the ring.

Mercer grabbed a door, and Murdoch tried to wrestle it away. As they fought over the door, Blake attempted a tope, but accidentally hit Mercer instead of Murdoch. Blake was then driven head-first into the ring post as Murdoch set up a door bridge on the stage. Calling for a brainbuster, Murdoch found himself blocked by Blake, who then placed Murdoch on the door. Climbing on top of the speakers, Blake hit Murdoch with an elbow drop through the door on the stage.

Back inside the ring, Murdoch hit Blake with a neckbreaker into a big lariat that turned Blake inside out. Murdoch followed up with a series of jabs and an elbow. Seemingly finding his opening, Murdoch called for the brainbuster again, but Blake kicked him in the back of the head and hit him with a 450. Murdoch transitioned into the Koji Clutch, but Mercer grabbed Blake’s foot and pulled him to the floor, only for all of them to be hit with a plancha from Murdoch.

Murdoch sent Blake back into the ring, where Reed and Murdoch hit him with a spike piledriver, but Blake managed to get his shoulder up again. Mercer and Reed brawled to the back as Murdoch hit Blake with a sitout piledriver, but once more, Blake barely managed to get his shoulder up at the last second. Murdoch grabbed a bundle of tubes and threatened to hit Blake with them, but he was hit with a low blow, setting up for a tube-assisted curb stomp to retain the World Championship.

Blake Christian Retained the GCW World Championship

Tag Team Match: Los Macizos vs. Maki Death Kill

Miedo slapped Maki across the face, causing her to start crying. She then slapped Ciclope but ate a superkick from Miedo. Los Macizos teamed up on Gage with a superkick-dropkick combination. Maki was able to break up the pin attempt, but Los Macizos started to work over her pigtails. They hit her with a double elbow followed by the “wassup” to Maki. Los Macizos isolated Maki in the ring and targeted her arm. Ciclope mocked her by imitating her poses as they continued to beat her down in the corner. Maki ducked a double clothesline and hit Miedo with a DDT before making the tag to the King.

Gage ran wild on Los Macizos, sending them both to the floor, where Maki hit them with a big crossbody. Maki sent Ciclope back inside the ring, where they hit him with some tag team offense. Miedo made the save, but Gage took him over with a snap suplex, giving Maki the opening to attempt a headbutt. Ciclope held her before she fell, and all four of them brawled in the center of the ring. Maki dropped Ciclope, who was then hit with double headbutts from Maki and Gage. Gage hit Miedo with a face wash as he set up a bunch of chairs inside the ring. Gage and Maki drew their pizza cutters, but Los Macizos blocked them with forks. However, they were quickly reversed as MDK started to carve up Los Macizos. Maki and Gage set up a door bridge in the center of the ring, but Los Macizos fired up and sent Maki to the floor before sending Gage through the door. Maki broke up the pin attempt with chair shots, and Gage and Maki hit double DDTs. Gage set up Ciclope in the corner as Maki held a chair across his chest, and Gage came off the top with a reverse back elbow. Gage set up another door bridge in the corner and took Ciclope off the top rope with a piledriver through the door for the victory.

Maki Death Kill Defeated Los Macizos 

St. Louis Street Fight: Mance Warner vs. 1 Called Manders

Manders jumped Warner with a series of clubbing blows. Mance attempted to stab Manders in the head with a screwdriver, but Manders blocked it and threw it to the floor. Retrieving a pair of spurs from his boot, Manders started grinding them into Mance Warner’s head, busting him open further. Manders continued working over the cut with the spur, causing Warner to bleed profusely.

Warner tried to create some distance by going to the floor, but Manders followed him and lit him up with a series of chops. He then sent Warner through several rows of chairs and struck him across the back with a steel chair. In retaliation, Mance fired up and began chopping Manders, eventually stabbing him in the head with the screwdriver. Warner unleashed on Manders’ back with a steel chair and grabbed the spur, digging it into Manders’ forehead.

Manders retaliated by grabbing a piece of the broken door and beating Mance across the back with it. He then tossed chairs, doors, and a barricade into the ring. Manders swung wildly with a steel chair, accidentally hitting the ring post, which allowed Warner to stab him in the head with a broken piece of door. Warner continued his assault, spearing Manders through a door set up in the corner, but Manders managed to kick out.

Mance set up the barricade in the corner and began choking Manders with a steel chair. He then hit Manders over the back with a door, placed it over Manders’ back, and struck him with a steel chair. Despite struggling to get back to his feet, Manders set up a door bridge in the center of the ring. They battled on the top rope, and Manders executed a superplex through the door, causing it to explode on impact.

After trading hard shots in the center of the ring, Manders ate two brutal chair shots but managed to kick out at the last second. Setting up the guardrail in the corner, Manders hit Mance with a low blow followed by a flurry of chest chops. Mance then chokeslammed Manders through the barricade but Manders kicked out again.

Mance propped Manders up on the guardrail, but Manders moved out of the way and hit Warner with a piledriver on the barricade, yet Mance still managed to get his shoulder up. Manders then set up the barricade across the ropes and sent Mance face-first into it followed by a big lariat, but Mance kicked out.

Bringing another door into the ring, Manders set up a double-door bridge and placed a bundle of tubes on top. Despite Mance stabbing him in the head with the screwdriver, Manders still managed to powerslam Mance through the tube and door contraption for a close near fall.

Continuing his assault with repeated chair shots, Manders attempted a lariat, but Mance pulled the referee in his path. Taking advantage of the distraction, Mance hit Manders with a low blow followed by a running knee strike for the victory.

Mance Warner Defeated Manders

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