GCW Keep in Touch 2024: Celebrating 25 years of Nate Webb

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW Keep in Touch 2024: Celebrating 25 years of Nate Webb
March 3, 2024
Indianapolis, Indiana
Marriott East

Ten Bell Salute to Virgil 

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Violence is Forever (Champions) vs. Gahbage Daddies

Ku and Radrick started the match by fighting for advantage. Ku backed Cole into the ropes and attempted a chop, but Cole ducked, and they both reset. The Daddies took Ku down with tandem offense. Dom entered the match but was quickly caught with a kick from Price, who also dropkicked Ku. Price then ate a boot from Dom, who chopped him relentlessly. Dom tagged in Ku, who continued Dom’s assault. Dom kicked Price in the spine, but Price managed to get off Dom’s shoulders, only to be placed on the top rope and hit with a diving knee from Ku for a two count. Price fired up and leaped off Dom’s shoulders, hitting Ku with a dropkick and one for Dom as well. Cole received the hot tag and unleashed strikes on the champs, securing a quick near fall on Dom after a side slam. Price attempted a dive but was caught by Ku, who drove him headfirst into the ring apron. Cole followed up with a hidden blade to Dom, then a stunner into a rebound lariat from Price. Price wiped out Ku on the floor with a dive, and the Daddies executed back-to-back Swantons on Dom. However, Ku managed to return to the ring at the last second to break up the pinfall. ViF hit Cole with a back suplex-lariat combo, followed by a double stomp from Ku. Price returned just in time to break up the pin with a springboard leg lariat, taking down Ku with a leaping uppercut and attempting a surprise kick, only to be intercepted by Dom’s knee. Finally, Cole fell victim to the Chasing the Dragon, allowing the champions to retain their titles.

Violence is Forever retained the GCW World Tag Team Championships

Singles Match: Brayden Lee vs. Joshua Bishop

Good to see Brayden Lee back in GCW after a couple of years. Bishop dominated Lee early on with various power moves. Lee briefly got a headlock, but he was quickly taken off his feet with a big shoulder block. In response, Lee executed a rana, sending Bishop to the floor, where he tossed himself to the outside with a plancha. Lee attempted a crossbody off the apron, but Bishop caught him and drove him back-first into the ring post. Bishop then easily elevated and dropped Lee onto the steel ring frame before tossing him back inside the ring with a suplex for a quick near fall. Lee attempted to mount some offense against Bishop but was stopped after one headbutt to his chest. Undeterred, Lee fired up with a DDT and a standing moonsault, earning a near fall of his own. Lee then went for a tornado DDT, but he was tossed across the ring and hit with a big chokeslam followed by a Black Hole Slam for a surprising near fall. Bishop was hit with an F5, followed by an attempted Shooting Star Press, but Lee rolled out of it and ate a boot from Bishop, who then followed up with a powerbomb for the victory.

Joshua Bishop Defeated Brayden Lee 

Singles Match: Myron Reed vs. Jack Cartwheel

They started with a collar and elbow tie-up. Cartwheel backed Reed into the corner for a clean break and added a cartwheel for good measure. They went to the floor, where Reed managed to evade Cartwheel’s offense before returning to the ring. Cartwheel scored a quick near fall on Reed before they once again wrestled to a stalemate. Reed caught Jack with a leg drop on the apron, followed by a matrix kick to the back of Cartwheel’s head, knocking him off his feet. Cartwheel countered with a cartwheel powerslam for a near fall. Reed fought his way out of a rear chinlock and attempted a lariat, but Jack cartwheeled out of it and locked in an armbar. They battled for position on the mat, with Jack going for a back suplex, but Reed flipped out of it, leading to a double crossbody collision in the center of the ring. Reed followed up with a rope-assisted powerbomb and a superkick, but Jack still managed to kick out. Reed then leveled Jack with a superkick into a flatliner, yet Jack still found a way to kick out. Jack rolled to the apron, and Reed signaled for a cutter, but Jack intercepted with a headkick, attempting a Moonsault, which Reed evaded. Jack then executed a crucifix driver for a two count. He followed it up with a cartwheel Cannonball in the corner and a twisting senton, but Reed got his shoulder up at the last moment. Reed moved to the floor, but Jack caught him with a beautiful Sasuke Special. Jack attempted a cartwheel senton, but Reed dodged it. Reed countered a neckbreaker attempt and hit Jack with a stundog followed by a matrix stundog into a Captain Crunch for the victory. It was a tremendous match between Jack and Reed.

Myron Reed Defeated Jack Cartwheel

Singles Match: Billy Roc vs. Billie Starkz

The Billy(ies) began with some chain wrestling. Starkz took Roc over with an arm drag, leading to a stalemate. Roc then picked Starkz’s leg, and ducked a clothesline, but was rolled up with a sunset flip followed by a kick to the back of his head. Roc retaliated with a double stomp to the back of Billie’s head for a quick near fall. He then locked in an ankle lock in the center of the ring, and although Billie reached the ropes, Roc quickly transitioned into an armbar. Billie powered out, dropping Roc on his face and executing a bridging German suplex for a near fall of her own. She stomped on Roc and attempted a Swanton, but Roc evaded on the apron. Undeterred, Billie still went for the Swanton and landed brutally on her tailbone. Roc pulled her back into the ring, applying the Boston Crab and using the bottom rope for extra leverage. After breaking the hold, Roc dropped an elbow on Billie’s already injured back, taunting her about her past loss to Athena. Starkz struggled to her feet and endured the Pure Dynamite move but managed to kick out. She retaliated with a flurry of forearms and chops in the corner, then nailed Roc with a piledriver, yet Roc kicked out. Starkz ascended to the top rope, hitting the Swanton, but Roc kicked out at one, leaving Starkz bewildered. She unleashed a series of kicks followed by the Gory Bomb, ultimately forcing Roc to tap out.

Billie Starkz Defeated Billy Roc

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Los Macizos and Oni El Bendito vs. Young Dragons (Josh Crane, Ace Perry, Tripp Cassidy)

Perry and Oni started the match off, with Oni easily taking Perry off his feet with a shoulder tackle. They engaged in some lucha spots, but neither gained a real advantage as they wrestled to a stalemate. It was a great showing for Ace Perry. Miedo and Tripp were next in, picking up where Oni and Perry left off, evading the other as they wrestled to a stalemate. Ciclope and Crane entered the match and unleashed on each other a series of hard chops to their chests. Ciclope was dropped with a slap across the face followed by a double clothesline. Tripp made his way back into the ring and isolated Ciclope in the corner, as all three members of the Young Dragons took turns beating him down and attempting near falls. Josh Crane is in incredible shape. Cassidy was hit with a spinebuster from Ciclope and then took Crane and Perry over with a double suplex. Miedo received the tag and tossed Cassidy across the ring with a belly-to-belly, following it up with a superkick for good measure. Perry was sent to the floor, as was Crane, while Miedo teased a dive, only for Oni to launch himself over the top to the floor, wiping out the Young Dragons. All three luchadors ran wild on Crane, but Perry was able to break up the pin attempt at the last second with a senton. Cassidy caught Miedo with a kick and attempted a twisting dive, but no one was home as Oni smoked him with a superkick. Crane hit Oni with an elbow followed by a lariat. Crane then lit up Miedo with a back fist, but Miedo was able to roll through and hit a Chaos Theory. However, he wasn’t able to go for the pin as Perry caught him with a cutter. Ciclope hit Perry with a Pepsi Twist, but he wasn’t able to make the cover as Tripp made the save and sent them to the floor. Perry hit a dive to the floor, as Oni and Cassidy traded shots in the center of the ring. Oni took on all three Dragons, receiving a jawbreaker-superkick-elbow combination. Cassidy hit a shining wizard, but Los Macizos dove in and broke up the pin attempt. Oni took out Josh Crane with a big dive to the floor, while Ciclope went to the top rope and hit Perry with a Doomsday Destroyer for the victory.

Los Macizos and Oni El Bendito Defeated The Young Dragons 

Singles Match: Steph De Lander vs. Sawyer Wreck

SDL jumped Sawyer before the bell rang, taking her out with a clothesline and dumping her on the floor. SDL lit Sawyer up with chops, but when she went for one more, she connected with the ring post, giving Sawyer the opening to retaliate with a series of chops. Sawyer then tossed SDL through a couple of rows of chairs and retrieved a chair from underneath the ring along with a door. Back inside the ring, Sawyer found herself isolated with a couple of suplexes and a rear chin lock as SDL attempted to wear her down. SDL continued with a series of chops, a running boot in the corner, and a Broski Boot for good measure. The crowd chanted for one more, and SDL obliged, but Sawyer caught the boot and countered with a flurry of forearm strikes, eventually taking SDL off her feet with a big boot. However, SDL managed to get her shoulder up. Sawyer set up the door in the corner, giving SDL the chance to recover and hit Sawyer with a boot of her own for a close near fall. SDL attempted a chair shot but hit the top rope instead. Sawyer capitalized by chokeslamming SDL through the door for the victory.

Sawyer Wreck Defeated Steph De Lander 

Singles Match: Calvin Tankman vs. Alex Zayne

Zayne ducked a lariat and managed to get a side headlock on Tankman, who shrugged him off and countered some of Zayne’s quickness with some of his own. They traded shoulder tackles, which Tankman easily won. Zayne tripped Tankman up and followed with a twisting standing senton. Tankman retreated to the corner where Zayne hit him with an elbow, followed by a hesitation cannonball. Tankman responded with a cartwheel into a crossbody that flattened Zayne, but somehow Zayne managed to get his shoulder up at the last second. Tankman charged into the corner and repeatedly drove his shoulders into Zayne’s back, then dropped him with a back suplex for another near fall. Zayne was sent back-first into the turnbuckle, tumbling to the mat after the collision. Tankman unleashed a series of uppercuts, but Zayne fired up and countered with a quick roll-up followed by a barrage of forearms and chops, which didn’t seem to faze Tankman much. Tankman fired back with a bodyslam followed by a big splash for another near fall. Tankman threw Zayne across the ring, but Tankman missed with a forearm, allowing Zayne to connect. Zayne continued to nail Tankman with strikes and a flipping leg drop, finally dropping Tankman. Zayne charged across the ring and delivered an elbow in the corner, then elevated Tankman to the top rope and attempted a rana, but Tankman pushed him off, only for Zayne to hit him with a flipping Dragon Rana into a knee strike in the corner. Zayne attempted his flipping facebuster, but Tankman fought out of it, only to be dropped with a big back suplex for a near fall of his own. Zayne was caught with a big forearm shot followed by a series of snap suplexes into a delayed vertical suplex, but Zayne managed to escape and took Tankman down with a flipping neck breaker. Zayne went for a pin, but Tankman managed to leverage out of it and hit Zayne with a jackhammer for a pinfall attempt of his own. Zayne flipped out of a pump handle driver and attempted a moonsault press, but Tankman caught him and dropped him midsection-first on the top rope. Tankman ascended the ropes, Zayne tried to counter, but Tankman hit him with a poisonrana into a pump handle, yet Zayne was still able to kick out. Zayne stunned Tankman with a dropkick and attempted the Taco Driver, but Tankman muscled him up and finished him off with the Tankman Driver for the victory.

Calvin Tankman Defeated Alex Zayne

GCW World Championship Match: GCW World Champion Blake Christian with Shane Mercer vs. Arik Cannon

Cannon initiated a waist and wrist lock, but Blake managed to break free and taunted Cannon to “suck it.” Blake then took Cannon off his feet with a big shoulder tackle. Cannon responded with a side headlock, but Blake backed him into the corner, forcing him to release the hold. Blake reversed the whip and performed some flips to further annoy Cannon. Cannon fired up with a series of chops but fell victim to a DDT out of the corner. Despite Christian’s repeated taunts, he continued to unload on Cannon with kicks and strikes. Mercer choked Cannon on the ropes while the ref was distracted by Blake Christian. Blake then turned his attention back to Cannon and hit him with a beautiful dropkick. He teased a dive, but Cannon pulled him to the floor and turned him inside out with a lariat. Cannon then sent Blake into the corner with an exploder suplex followed by a brainbuster, but Blake managed to kick out. Cannon caught a kick but was turned inside out with a suplex. Blake climbed to the top rope and delivered a big elbow drop for a close near fall. Cannon moved to the apron, and Blake attempted a half-and-half suplex, but Cannon fought out of it and grabbed Christian’s leg, only to be sent face-first into the ring post and speared to the floor. Blake then hit Cannon with a tope and a springboard 450, but Cannon kicked out. The two men traded punches and chops in the center of the ring, with neither able to drop the other. Blake fired up and connected with a superkick for another near fall. He then called for the curb stomp, but Cannon moved out of the way and retaliated with a JC Bailey neckbreaker and a clothesline. However, Christian kicked out. Cannon attempted to wear down Christian with a series of forearm strikes and another superkick, followed by the Total Anarchy. Mercer jumped on the apron before the ref could make the count. Cannon got back up to his feet, and went for a roll-up and a superkick, but Blake managed to roll up Cannon with his feet on the ropes to retain the GCW World Championship.

Blake Christian retained the GCW World Championship 

Tag Team Match: The Rejects vs. Maki Death Kill

Itoh and Murdoch started the match off for their respective teams, with Maki being again super over with the GCW crowd. Maki backed Murdoch up into the corner and allowed him to get the clean break, but Murdoch teased doing the same to Maki, only to chop her instead, which made Maki cry out and retaliate with two DDTs. Maki then tripped Reed and Murdoch and hit them with a kokeshi before tagging in Nick Gage, who ran wild on Reed and Murdoch with forearm shots. Gage and Reed exchanged forearm shots in the center of the ring, with Gage eventually sending Reed to the floor, where Maki hit The Rejects with a crossbody from the top rope. Maki then grabbed a staple gun and stapled Murdoch’s arms and chest, as well as Reed’s face and head. MDK then retrieved their pizza cutters and began to carve away at The Rejects’ heads, causing them both to start bleeding. MDK went underneath the ring and retrieved a trash can and gusset plates. Gage hit Reed over the head with the garbage can as Maki showed off the gussets to the crowd. Maki then hammered a gusset into Murdoch’s head, while Gage did the same to Reed. MDK then executed stereo DDTs on The Rejects, but Murdoch was able to get his shoulder up at the last second. Gage called for the double Kokeshi, but Murdoch threw a chair at Gage’s face, catching him right in the mouth. Murdoch then rolled Gage into the corner and turned his attention to Maki, hitting her with repeated trash can shots. The Rejects taunted Gage and hit him with an elbow and a back senton combination. Murdoch then placed Maki on a chair and put a trash can on top of her, firing away with shots on the can. Reed then hit her on the head with a door and set it up in the corner. He grabbed a staple gun and stapled Maki’s skirt to the door before dumping her onto Gage. The Rejects got some great color during this match. They hit Maki with a Hero’s Welcome, but she was able to get her shoulder up. They attempted a senton, but Maki moved out of the way both times and hit Reed with a DDT. Murdoch booted Maki in the stomach and sent her to the floor, while Gage’s mouth was busted open from the errant chair throw. Gage set up two chairs in the center of the ring as they started to punch each other in the face. Gage won the exchange and took Murdoch out of the chair with a diving forearm. He then hit Reed with a chokebreaker and speared Murdoch through the door. Maki was perched on the top rope and hit Murdoch with a DDT for the victory.

Maki Death Kill Defeated The Rejects

Singles Match: Spyder Nate Webb vs. Mance Warner 

Mance Warner jumped Nate Webb before he could finish his entrance, eliciting major heat from Webb’s hometown crowd. Webb retaliated by sending Mance face-first into the ring post, but Mance responded with a low blow followed by a running knee strike, although Webb managed to kick out. Scotty Vortex was in the crowd for Nate’s 25th-anniversary celebration. Mance brought a bunch of doors and chairs into the ring and beat Nate over the back with a steel chair. He then set up a door in the corner while Webb struggled to his feet. Mance asked for the mic and cut a promo, but Webb fought back with some punches, only to be dropped by a chair shot across the chest. Mance then kicked Webb to the floor, where Webb’s dad spat beer into Mance’s face, giving Webb the opening to beat down on Mance in front of his family and friends. Webb brought Mance back into the ring and hit him with a spinkick across his head, but Mance kicked out. Webb set up a chair in the corner and sent Mance headfirst into it before Sabu-ing him for good measure. Nate Webb grabbed a ladder and a trash can from underneath the ring. Mance was bleeding from the Sabu spot. Mance dumped Nate to the floor and threw the ladder on him, but Webb got back up and threw the ladder at Mancer. Webb then grabbed a door from under the ring and set it up as a bridge on the floor. They battled on the apron, with Mance connecting with repeated headbutts and eventually choke slamming Webb off the apron through the door. Mance started to beat Webb across the back with the broken door, but Webb fired back up and speared Mance through the door set up in the corner. Mance was placed inside the trash can, and Webb went to the top rope with the ladder, hitting a Laddersault onto the prone Mance Warner for a close near fall. The two men exchanged hard shots in the center of the ring, taking turns hitting each other over the head with broken pieces of the door. Mance resorted to an eye poke followed by a lariat. He then retrieved a screwdriver from his mom, but Webb countered with a low blow and stabbed him in the head with the screwdriver for a close near fall. Mance sent Webb into the ref and threw a chair at Nate Webb’s head before hitting him with a piledriver through the door in the corner. Mance then grabbed a pair of pliers from Merl, the ring crew guy, and removed the turnbuckle pad from the corner. Nate turned things around and sent Mance into the exposed buckle before climbing to the top rope with a steel chair for an attempted chairsault. However, Mance pulled him off the top rope and secured the victory with a leverage pin.

Mance Warner Defeated Nate Webb 

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