Natsupoi opens up about neck injury, Giulia’s future & Rossy Ogawa being fired from STARDOM

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She also explains why Sareee is a part of her comeback match. 

For the first time since October 2023, Natsupoi is going to be in action. She’ll be returning to the ring at STARDOM’s March 9th show. She had been sidelined due to a cervical herniation. 

Natuspoi was interviewed by Tokyo Sports and opened up about the neck injury she’s coming back from. She shared that the pain has not completely gone away, but she’s feeling restored. She added that her absence gave her time to reevaluate her fighting style. She wanted to come back to the ring when Tam Nakano did but could not make it. 

The pain in my neck hasn’t gone away, but I’m already feeling completely restored! I will have to deal with my neck injury from now on, so my absence gave me an opportunity to reevaluate my fighting style. I wanted to come back with Tam (Nakano), but I couldn’t make it. I couldn’t wait to get back in the ring as soon as possible.

Natsupoi will be part of a tag match in her return bout. She’ll be teaming with Saori Anou to take on Sareee and Chihiro Hashimoto. 

She wanted to surprise the audience with a special match since they’ve been waiting so long for her to come back. The first person that came to mind was Sareee. In 2019, Natsupoi went down with an injury for four months and when she came back, her first opponent was Sareee. 

I wanted to make a (match) that would definitely surprise the audience since they had been waiting so long. The first person that came to mind was Sareee. I picked Sareee as my opponent in my return match (for TJPW in 2020) when I was sidelined for four months due to injury. We have met almost every day in private. I chose Sareee because I thought she will be there for me when I am going through a hard time and would be able to handle everything.

She went on to share her thoughts about STARDOM co-founder Rossy Ogawa being fired. She stated that she’ll never destroy the STARDOM that Ogawa created. 

I have made up my mind. Mr. Ogawa’s presence was absolutely huge for the wrestlers… But the fact remains that it was Mr. Ogawa who created STARDOM. Keeping that in mind, I will never destroy the STARDOM that Mr. Ogawa created…

Elsewhere in the chat, Natsupoi weighed in on Giulia’s potential departure from the promotion. She feels she can learn from Giulia as an entertainer and does not feel her exit would be a permanent goodbye. She stated that wherever Giulia goes, she will not lose. 

Giulia-chan always does something extraordinary. But I am very excited by that, and as an entertainer, I can learn from her. So I think her decision will lead to entertaining the audience, and I think it is a decision for her to step up as well. But no matter what happens, the ring is still connected, so I don’t think it’s a permanent separation. So now I feel like, no matter where Gulia-chan goes, she won’t lose.

On 3/10, Giulia is going to be defending her NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship against Stephanie Vaquer.

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