Shawn Spears scores win over Uriah Connors (Brogan Finlay) at NXT Roadblock, post-match run-in with Ridge Holland

Holland opts not to hit Spears with a chair. 

Making his WWE in-ring return at NXT Roadblock was Shawn Spears. Spears came back to WWE on the 2/27 NXT on USA Network and took a chair to the back of Ridge Holland. 

Spears went one-on-one with Uriah Connors (Brogan Finlay) and scored the win after controlling majority of the match. Post-match, Spears got on the microphone and put Holland on notice. He stated that when he looks in the mirror, he’s not ashamed of what he sees but that’s not the same for Ridge. 

He then asked Holland to stop with the emotional damage he’s putting himself through. Holland made his way to the ring and went after Spears. After taking the fight to him, Spears slid Holland a chair and encouraged him to use it. 

Referees stepped in front of Ridge but he still had the chance to hit Spears. Holland opted not to and walked away.

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