Bull Nakano joins 2024 WWE Hall of Fame class

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Legendary Japanese wrestler Bull Nakano is joining the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame class.

Nakano, who performed throughout the mid-1980s to the 1990s, had her upcoming induction announced on Wednesday.

Nakano’s prolific wrestling career is best known for her work in All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling, where a large chunk of her career was spent. She held the WWWA World Championship for more than 1,000 days in the early ’90s, defending the belt 12 times over three years. This run included a highly regarded 1991 match against Akira Hokuto, which was rated five stars by Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer at the time. Nakano’s time in AJW also included three different title reigns in the tag division.

WWF was a notable part of Nakano’s career as well. She had a lengthy, multi-year rivalry with Alundra Blayze for the WWF World Women’s Championship. She faced Blayze more than 70 times over two years, almost always in singles matches.

Nakano earned the WWF World Women’s Championship in late 1994 with a win over Blayze on an AJW card. Their title program carried on for months, working U.S. house shows with the belt until March. Blayze recaptured the title with a victory on WWF Monday Night Raw in 1995.

During her career, Nakano also appeared in WCW and CMLL.

The 2024 WWE Hall of Fame class now has two entrants. Just days ago, it was confirmed that Paul Heyman would be inducted as well.

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