Cassie Lee thinks it’d be fun if The IInspiration brought their IMPACT presentation to another stage

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They feel their chemistry is not something that can be contrived. 

The duo of Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay have been a tag team dating back to 2015. They had multiple years together in WWE and had a run in IMPACT Wrestling. Lee and McKay captured Women’s Tag Titles in both companies. 

They have not wrestled as a team since 2022 and Lee last wrestled in the fall of 2023. Both are currently focusing on motherhood. 

Lee and McKay sat down with McKenzie Mitchell to record an episode of her ‘Threads’ show. They spoke highly of their presentation in IMPACT Wrestling. Lee brought up the idea of bringing their IMPACT presentation to another stage and how fun that would be. They then touched on the naturalness of their chemistry. 

Lee: I’m so proud of our IMPACT presentation I guess, just because we had so much control and say it in and I think if we brought that to another stage, that would just be fun for us. 

McKay: Our chemistry is so natural, so when people try to tell us how our chemistry should be, we’re just like, ‘Mm-mm.’ 

Lee: It truly doesn’t work. An example that happened in NXT where they were like, ‘You guys are not gonna be a team so start doing stuff separately’ so we came up with these two completely different characters. Then of course, they put us together as these characters and they have us do a backstage as our individual characters and they’re like, ‘Hmm, it’s just something’s not working here.’ We looked at each other, we’re like, ‘Do you wanna just do us?’ And we were like, ‘Yes’ and we hit and they were like, ‘Oh! Perfect!’ Of course. Just let us be us. 

McKay: Exactly. You can’t force chemistry. It’s either there or it isn’t and the audience aren’t stupid. They’re gonna know right away if it’s authentic.

Lee made her in-ring return for the WSW promotion in her home country of Australia. Along the tour, she tagged with her husband, Shawn Spears. 

Spears is back with WWE following a run in All Elite Wrestling. He picked up a win on the 3/12 edition NXT.

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