Alisha Edwards addresses Scott D’Amore’s firing from TNA, says he was more than a boss

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Edwards states that D’Amore was more than a boss. 

Four weeks into the rebrand from IMPACT to TNA Wrestling, company President Scott D’Amore was fired and replaced by Anthem Sports & Entertainment executive Anthony Cicione. 

D’Amore’s exit has been discussed by members of the TNA roster and the latest was Alisha Edwards. She stated on Eyes Up Here with Francine that she was blindsided by the news and added that the locker room was shocked. 

Edwards said she’s loyal to D’Amore but also loyal to the company. She feels the locker room did as much work as Scott did to make TNA/IMPACT what it is.

I think everyone was shocked (about Scott D’Amore’s exit from TNA), I think the wrestling world was shocked, the locker room was shocked. I think our momentum is probably the highest it’s been in years, even a decade I would say. I’ve been with IMPACT for six, seven years so almost close to a decade I think is — we have the highest momentum we’ve had. So I think the firing of Scott… I was a little blindsided. But I mean, what are you gonna do? I’m loyal to Scott but I’m also loyal to TNA and I think the engine needs to keep running and I think we need to keep the momentum going. That’s all we can really do. Scott was a real puzzle piece in our journey that we had making TNA what it is now but I mean, at the end of the day, the locker room did as much work as Scott did so I think the locker room just needs to come together and stay positive and keep the ball rolling and I mean, that’s all we can really do at this point. 

And I guess the bummer is because the morale in the locker room is very high right now but I mean, maybe that’s a blessing in disguise and I think that’s truly gonna bring all of us together to make sure that — there are gonna be people that are emotionally attached to Scott. Scott wasn’t just our boss. He was our mentor, he was a coach. He inspired us, he pushed us, he yelled at us, you know what I mean? (She laughed) It was all of it so, he was very important to a lot of people on the roster and we built a lot of relationships over the years too so, it was like we had to grieve a little but, at the end of the day, the show doesn’t stop… We gotta keep going and right now, our momentum’s good… 

Outside of TNA, Edwards is trying to add to her repertoire behind the scenes. She shared that she’s been helping the independent promotion Chaotic Wrestling with their production. 

Funny thing that you ask so, I do go back there now (to Chaotic Wrestling). For the past, I would say, three-to-fourth months, I’ve tried to run production for Chaotic Wrestling so, I’ve been trying to get more valuable behind the scenes so, you know, when I’m really done bumping, then I’ll still have a job. Longevity in the business is definitely on my mind so, I’m slowly getting into that so right now on the independents, I help Chaotic with their pretapes or they’re promos and their social media and stuff like that so I actually do that in between IMPACT because it is — not a heavy schedule but we also have our daughter which takes a lot of our time so…

On TNA programming, Edwards is a member of The System along with TNA World Champion Moose and World Tag Team Champions Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards. 

Alisha was last in action at the Hard To Kill pay-per-view in the Knockouts Ultimate X match.

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