SmackDown Results: Jey Uso & Seth Rollins Back Rhodes Up, Dominik Attacks Rey

Photo Courtesy: WWE

March 22, 2024
Fiserv Forum – Milwaukee, WI

By: John Kleinchester


Wrestling Instead of a Talking Segment

In a bit of a change of pace as of late, SmackDown kicked off with Rey Mysterio taking on Santos Escobar. The commentary team noted that the LWO and Legado del Fantasma had been banned from ringside for this match by General Manager Nick Aldis. Escobar yelled at Mysterio throughout the match telling him he shouldn’t have come back and that he’s a “pathetic old man”. Mysterio responded by flying off the ring post to the outside…


…and then running off the announce table and hitting a Seated Senton on Escobar who landed in the timekeeper’s area. 

As the match returned to the ring, a masked man grabbed Rey distracting him. It was revealed to be Dominik Mysterio as Escobar hit a 619 followed by the Fantom Driver for the victory.

Bayley & Naomi

Backstage, Bayley thanked Naomi for helping her out last week. Naomi explained that her anger was focused on IYO after what she did to her. Bianca Belair interrupted and said that everything that Bayley did when she was with Damage CTRL was finally catching up with her. The two started yelling at each other and Naomi calmed her down and walked off with her. 

After the break, Naomi said Belair’s not wrong but the past is the past and neither of them can take out Damage CTRL on their own.

WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match #1

Next up was the first of two qualifying matches for the Wrestlemania Tag Team Championship Six-Pack Ladder Match with Austin Theory and Grayson Waller taking on The OC’s Anderson & Gallows, accompanied by Michin. According to CageMatch, this was The OC’s first televised main roster match since August of 2023. Early on, Michin got involved behind the referee’s back, giving Grayson Waller an arm drag on the outside. Waller & Theory pulled out the win by rolling up Luke Gallows and using the ropes as leverage to pick up the pin. 

Bron Breakker Promo Package

A video package aired highlighting Bron Breakker. 


IYO Sky vs Naomi

Next was WWE Women’s Champion IYO Sky taking on Naomi. IYO Sky’s music played but her three compatriots were left dancing and waiting for her arrival. Suddenly the cameras cut to the back where Sky was beating down on Bayley. Referees broke up the fight and Sky finally made her way down to the ring. 

Sky won after the rest of Damage CTRL distracted Naomi allowing Sky to hit the Over the Moonsault for the victory in just under nine minutes. After the match, the four women started attacking Naomi and Asuka misted Naomi in the face. This brought out Bianca Belair who took out each member of Damage CTRL by herself until the number game caught up with her as well. The crowd chanted for Bayley but having been taken out by IYO before the match, she didn’t make an appearance.

After the break, Tiffany Stratton found Belair trying to flush Naomi’s eyes with water and made fun of them. 


Jade Cargill

A Jade Cargill video was shown where she said she’s taking her talents to Smackdown. It was then promoted that next week would be her first official appearance as a Smackdown superstar.

Owens & Pretty Deadly

Pretty Deadly interrupted a conversation between Nick Aldis and Kevin Owens complaining about not having a match at Wrestlemania. Owens suggested that they face each other next week and Pretty Deadly asked who his partner would be. Randy Orton appeared out of nowhere scaring Pretty Deadly and he agreed to be his partner for next week. Owens then punched both of the heels simultaneously as he had Waller & Theory a few months back.

LA Knight, Impeccable Timing

According to the commentary team, the WWE Digital team went to AJ Styles’ house in Georgia to ask him about how he prepares for Wrestlemania. Suddenly LA Knight arrived and the two started fighting on Styles’ front lawn. Graves explained that their footage ended but they had more thanks to the Gainesville Police Department. LA Knight was put in handcuffs and taken away. 

WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match #2

Next up was the second of two qualifying matches for the Wrestlemania Tag Team Championship Six-Pack Ladder Match with The Street Profits taking on Authors of Pain. Authors of Pain were setting up for the victory when Montez Ford rolled one of the members of AOP into an Inside Cradle for the surprise pin. The Street Profits will go on to face Austin Theory and Grayson Waller next week on Smackdown.


The main event segment of Smackdown was the face-to-face between 1300-day Champion Roman Reigns and Challenger Cody Rhodes. Reigns was out first and said he kept his promise and was without The Bloodline (aside from Paul Heyman). Cody was then shown walking backstage as the show went to commercial.

As we returned, Cody finally came down to the ring and said he also kept his word and was there alone as well. Reigns called Cody an idiot and reminded him that Seth Rollins stabbed him in the back when they were in The Shield together, inferring that Rollins would turn on Cody too. Cody then questioned if Roman could trust The Rock and asked who was really in charge – “The Tribal Chief” or “The Final Boss”?

Cody then admitted that his and Roman’s kids would likely grow up wanting to be “the next Roman Reigns” but he was “the one” who would defeat Roman. Cody offered a handshake and said “Good luck at Wrestlemania” but Roman backed off and mockingly shook Paul Heyman’s hand instead. Reigns then snapped his fingers as Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa appeared from the crowd and flanked Reigns.

Suddenly, Jey Uso and Seth Rollins appeared in the crowd and stared down The Bloodline as the show went off the air.


Announced for Smackdown Next Week in Uncasville, CT:

  • WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match: Street Profits vs. Theory & Waller
  • WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match: New Catch Republic vs Legado Del Fantasma
  • Bianca Belair vs. Dakota Kai
  • Kevin Owens & Randy Orton vs Pretty Deadly
  • Jade Cargill Appears

Friday Night SmackDown Results:

  • Santos Escobar over Rey Mysterio in 12:33
  • WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match: Grayson Waller & Austin Theory over The OC in 6:54
  • IYO Sky over Naomi in 8:56
  • WrestleMania Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match: Street Profits over Authors of Pain in 8:32
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