Drew McIntyre recalls Joe Hendry making him break character in ICW with one of his music videos

McIntyre looks back at a moment when he broke character. 

With WrestleMania 40 inching closer, members of the WWE talent roster are making the media rounds to promote the forthcoming show. 

Drew McIntyre is going to be challenging Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and ahead of the event, he was interviewed by Shakiel Mahjouri. As their conversation rolled on, McIntyre was asked to recount moments in his career when he broke character.

He remembered Joe Hendry creating a song about him while they were in ICW in Scotland and McIntyre began laughing so he used his hair to hide his face.

But there’s been a bunch of times where I’ve legit lost it, WWE and otherwise. I remember Joe Hendry who does the music videos in IMPACT, he’s been doing that for years and he did one in I.C.W. in the U.K. and I didn’t want to see it first. I just wanted to wait and watch it live in the ring and I’m supposed to be obviously upset that he made this video to the tune of ‘I’m Blue’. Da ba dee, da ba da, except it was named ‘I’m Drew’ and I watched it for the first time live and I had to put my hair in my face because I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t control myself so, definitely one.

The segment on Monday Night Raw involving McIntyre, CM Punk and Rollins had a total of 2.2 million viewers tuned in for it. 

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