Tyrus recounts being close to winning WWE US Title, being told him & Matt Bloom would win Tag Team Titles

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Several occasions when Tyrus was going to become champion in WWE. 

For eight years of his pro wrestling career, Tyrus was signed to WWE. Throughout his time there, he was not able to win a title but on the newest episode of Tyrus & The Wise Men, he claimed that there were two occasions when he was close to becoming champion. 

He started off by revealing he was close to winning the company’s United States Title. He added that one day, he came to work with a ‘boo-boo face’ and the powers that be decided he needed to be punished for it. 

I was pretty close to being United States Champ. I think it was a conversation then of, supposedly, I had a ‘boo-boo face’ one day at work and I had to be punished for it but, I was like, ah, whatever. Whatever that sh*t is. It’s f*cking stupid. Like hey, I’m not smiling every day, don’t feel like it. I’m not gonna smile, I’m not gonna tell everybody hello. I’m gonna come in — I have a personal life. At the time, I had babies popping up left and right, you know what I’m saying? I had sh*t going on (he laughed). Three girlfriends, a wife on the side. There was sh*t going on. I was on the phone a lot. Making a lot of deals, a lot of deals. I owed child support unfortunately. But, I had a lot going on so I’m not always gonna come in the arena like, ‘Hey guys! I’m so happy!’ It’s like, check the board, not on, welp, f*ck it. There goes my day, you know? Whatever or, on, okay, who am I working? Let me find my agent.

The other occasion he shared was from the time period when he was tagging with Lord Tensai (Matt Bloom). He stated that they were told they were going to win the WWE Tag Team Titles. 

Me and Tensai (Matt Bloom) got together and we were told, ‘You guys are gonna be tag team champs’. Remember it. We were in Boston of all places. It’s me, Tensai and Kofi (Kingston) against The Shield. I don’t need to tell you how that ended. It was in the Boston Garden. All three Boston boys are in there: Kofi, myself and we came out to Diddy — oh man, now that’s f*cked up. Jesus. We came out to… (he laughed)

Tyrus retired from in-ring competition after his reign as NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion came to an end at NWA’s 75th Anniversary Show. 

He had a 17-year career in the sport.

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