Corey Graves & CM Punk cleared up past issues while at WWE Royal Rumble 2024

The air was cleared between the two. 

It’s been four months since CM Punk’s return to WWE at Survivor Series. Present day, Punk is gearing up to be part of the WrestleMania weekend festivities including co-hosting panels and commentating the World Heavyweight Championship match between Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. 

Punk’s name was brought up by Bill Apter as he was interviewing Corey Graves for Sportskeeda Wrestling. Graves shared that while at the Royal Rumble, him and Punk chatted and cleared up their past issues. It means a lot to Graves to be able to rekindle a friendship that meant so much to him. 

Now that Graves is cleared to wrestle, he would not mind sharing the ring with either Punk or Rollins again. 

I am proud to report that it’s all water under the bridge (with CM Punk). It was actually at the Royal Rumble, I finally had the chance in-person — I bumped into him briefly the night of Survivor Series a bit backstage but it was chaotic, he had just come back, everything was at 11 at the moment. So, the day of the Royal Rumble, it’s at Tropicana Field, I actually got to pull him aside for a few minutes and we cleared the air. Had a nice, long chat, we both apologized for some things over the years and realized this is where we both belong, this is where we both wanna be and yeah, it’s been a really exciting time for me personally to be able to rekindle a friendship that meant so much to me over the years and I am truly as excited to have Punk back here under the WWE banner as just about anybody. 

I would love to step in the ring with Seth (Rollins) again. I mean, Seth was one of my favorite opponents in FCW and in NXT when we were first coming up. I would love to step in the ring with Punk again. It’s been many, many years and as far as my personal favorite these days, I’m a big GUNTHER fan. I’m in no hurry, no hurry! To step inside the ring with The Ring General (he laughed).

Later in the conversation, Graves provided an update on former SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella. 

She (Carmella) is magnificent. She is thriving in her motherhood era. It’s Carmella’s first. Our son Dimitri, he’s just over four months old, he is a giant. He’s got the genes to be the next WWE superstar. But she’s doing fantastic. She’ll actually be around. She has a few appearances scheduled WrestleMania weekend which is the first time she’ll be back in the fold since stepping away to be pregnant. So she’s excited to dip her toe back into the water. It’s a major life adjustment. Motherhood and WWE sometimes can be tricky to juggle both simultaneously…

Carmella is scheduled for an appearance at WWE World in Philadelphia. She has not appeared on WWE programming since March 2023.

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