Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport: Josh Barnett vs. Johnny Bloodsport, Shayna Baszler vs. Masha Slamovich

Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport
Thursday, April 4, 2024
Penn’s Landing

Akira Way vs. Viktor Benjamin

The match started quickly with Benjamin throwing strikes early. They exchanged checks and kicks as Akira executed an overhead suplex. They grappled on the mat and returned to a standing position with Benjamin throwing knees to Akira’s gut. Akira took Benjamin down and trapped him in a knee bar. Benjamin managed to break the hold and countered with an underhook suplex, followed by knees to Akira’s rib cage. Benjamin then landed a strike to the back of Akira’s head and chest. Akira requested more and caught a leg kick, then took Benjamin down with a dragon screw. He maintained control with a fireman’s carry and a rear choke, eventually driving Benjamin’s head into the mat with a sleeper suplex. Benjamin quickly recovered and landed a significant kick to Akira’s jaw. Despite this, Akira managed to stay on his feet and executed an arm lock, prompting Benjamin to retreat to the floor and suplex Akira onto the hardwood. Akira managed to return to the ring but succumbed to a head kick. The referee called off the match.

Viktor Benjamin Defeated Akira Way via ref stoppage

Mike Bailey vs. Nic Nemeth

Nemeth was able to land a leg kick but got his leg caught by Nemeth, who backed him up almost out of the ring. Speedball threw strikes and landed another kick. Bailey managed to land a significant strike but was able to pick Bailey’s leg and took him down with a single leg. Nemeth found his arm trapped in a leg lock by Speedball but again was only able to break the hold by almost dumping Bailey out of the ring. Finally, after an overhead suplex, Nemeth launched Bailey out of the ring. Bailey landed a big leg kick, but Nemeth again took Bailey down with a single leg and dumped him out of the ring. Nemeth rushed in but ate a big knee strike from Bailey. Bailey jumped on Nemeth with a ground and pound followed by a cross-arm breaker. Nemeth was able to leverage his way out of it, but Bailey shifted his weight and locked the hold in further. Bailey went for a moonsault double knee, but Buf moved out of the way and locked in a sleeper hold followed by the zigzag into a submission victory. An incredible match.

Nic Nemeth Defeated Mike Bailey via submission

Opening Round Match: Lady Frost vs. Lindsay Snow

Frost threw a big spin kick to open the match. Snow responded with a series of strikes and managed to take down Frost, if only for a brief moment. Frost then landed a kick to Snow’s face, momentarily rocking her, but she quickly regained her composure and countered by taking Frost down with a toss. She followed up with hammer fists into a leg lock, causing Frost to tap out immediately.

Lindsay Snow Defeated Lady Frost via submission

Opening Round Match: Janai Kai vs. Marina Shafir

Marina took Kai down with an overhead toss, followed by a headlock takeover. Marina then grabbed control of Kai’s arm and attempted to work her way into an armbar, but Kai managed to wrestle her way out of it and briefly got back up to a standing position. Marina once again dropped Kai with a kick. Kai retaliated by catching Marina with a head kick followed by repeated knees in the clinch. Shafir was able to escape but then ate a huge kick to the head. Kai then grabbed a front face lock and landed some punches, but Marina countered with a mule kick. Kai responded by hitting Marina with repeated strikes across the face and kicks to the midsection. Kai went for another kick, but Marina caught her with a judo throw and choked Kai out.

Marina Shafir Defeated Janai Kai via submission

Matt Makowski vs. Charlie Dempsey

They scrambled, exchanging quick strikes back and forth. Charlie grabbed his knee and executed a Northern Lights suplex on him. Dempsey skillfully worked his way out of an armbar with impressive chain wrestling, then grabbed Matt’s ankle before transitioning into an armbar of his own. Matt countered by taking Dempsey over with another cross-arm breaker and landed a leg kick. Dempsey managed to escape and locked in a key lock, but Matt worked his way out of it, and the two reset. Charlie landed a series of knees followed by an underhook suplex, transitioning smoothly into an armbar. Matt escaped with some punches to the head, but Dempsey grabbed his ankle again and locked in an ankle lock. Matt used leverage to transition out of it, but Dempsey landed some forearm shots to Matt’s head. Matt retaliated with a back elbow followed by a kick to the jaw, dropping Dempsey. However, Dempsey blocked the Chaos Theory and countered with a bridging German suplex into an arm lock for the victory.

Charlie Dempsey Defeated Matt Makowski via Submission

Fuminori Abe vs. Takuya Nomura

Abe grabbed a waistlock and took Nomura down with a fireman’s carry. They wrestled back to a stalemate before delivering hard shots across each other’s faces. Abe then grabbed Nomura’s knee, but Nomura broke free only to be taken down with a big dragon screw. Nomura was busted open in the mouth but managed to grab an armbar, breaking free before being hit with a German suplex. He quickly popped back up but ate a big headbutt from Nomura. The crowd went crazy as Nomura and Abe traded fists in the center of the ring. Nomura then endured a brutal head kick followed by a knee strike to his face, but he kept fighting and landed a lariat. Nomura attempted a Boston crab, but Abe escaped and countered with a leg kick. Nomura retaliated with heavy strikes across Abe’s face, causing him to break the hold. Nomura then locked in a sleeper hold and choked out Abe.

Takuya Nomura Defeated Fuminori Abe via submission

Erik Hammer vs. Lou Nixon

Nixon threw some kicks and connected with a big knee strike that rocked Hammer. Hammer was able to recover and landed some strikes of his own, but he looked pretty winded. They traded front headlocks, and Hammer trapped Lou’s leg, but Nixon fired up with a series of strikes which broke the hold. Nixon was then dumped on his head with a suplex and locked in an armbar.

Erik Hammer Defeated Lou Nixon via Ref stoppage

Minoru Suzuki vs. Royce Isaacs 

Isaacs grabbed a waistlock, but Suzuki was able to muscle out of it and briefly took over control. Isaacs shifted his weight, and both men reset. Isaacs advanced, but Suzuki tied up his legs with a leg kick. Isaacs attempted to hammer away on Suzuki’s back, but it didn’t have much effect. Suzuki locked in an armbar from the floor. The referee counted to 7, but Suzuki repeatedly rolled back in to break the count. Back inside the ring, Isaacs tied up Suzuki’s legs and tried to stomp his chest. Suzuki caught his leg as they both entangled each other in a leg hold. The two men went face to face and started trading forearm strikes. Suzuki nailed Isaacs with a brutal forearm. Isaacs fired back and took Suzuki down with a kick to the face, then locked him in an armbar. Isaacs attempted a powerbomb, but Suzuki blocked it and locked in a sleeper hold followed by the Gotch Style Piledriver for the KO.

Minoru Suzuki Defeated Royce Isaacs via KO

Axel Tischer vs. Timothy Thatcher 

The two started with some chain wrestling. Thatcher grabbed hold of Axel’s leg and began working over his knee while also targeting his arm. Axel attempted to break free as they exchanged hard shots across the face, but Thatcher remained in control of Axel’s leg. They scrambled a bit more before eventually returning to a standing position. Axel grabbed Thatcher’s waist and delivered a strike to the bridge of his nose. Axel was dropped with a couple of kicks to the back of his chest but responded with one of his own, followed by a forearm to the back of Thatcher’s head. Thatcher regained a standing position and locked in a deep single leg, but Axel was able to reach the ring frame. Thatcher was hit with a series of big suplexes and an uppercut to the front and back of his head. However, he quickly recovered and locked Axel in a cross-arm breaker for the submission victory.

Timothy Thatcher Defeated Axel Tischer via submission

Shayna Baszler vs. Masha Slamovich

Masha took Shayna down with a single leg. They traded kicks, and Masha connected with a back fist but was then caught and dumped with a back suplex. The WWE crowd cheered loudly for Shayna, creating an electric atmosphere. They battled for position on the mat, and Shayna was taken over with a flying armbar. Masha kicked Shayna in the back of the head. Shayna retaliated by locking Masha in an armbar and then taking her over with an overhead suplex. Masha regained control of Shayna’s arm, but Shayna shifted her weight and locked her in a choke. Masha dumped Shayna on her head with a suplex and applied a sleeper hold. Shayna transitioned out of it and locked in a knee bar of her own, then transitioned into an ankle lock. Masha booted Shayna in the face, which only angered Shayna more, and she stomped on the back of Masha’s head for the victory. Result: Shayna Baszler defeated Masha Slamovich via referee stoppage.

Final Round: Lindsay Snow vs. Marina Shafir

Snow took Marina down, but they were able to reset. Marina gained control and attempted to powerbomb Snow, but Snow slipped out of it at the last second. Snow then grabbed a leg lock and transitioned into a chokehold. Marina managed to muscle out of it. Shafir whipped Snow to the mat, but Snow grabbed hold of Marina’s leg and wrenched away. Marina landed a big knee strike to win the match.

Marina Shafir wins the women’s invitational

Josh Barnett vs. Johnny Bloodsport

They start the match circling each other and testing each other with kicks until Johnny is able to ground Barnett down and mounts him. They start reversing each other for a bit until Barnett is able to put on a heel hook.  Back and forth for a while until they have a standoff and get a good reaction from the crowd. Barnett takes Johnny down and into a Half Crab, but Johnny is able to roll them both to the edge, as it’s broken up.  Johnny knocks down Barnett and starts kicking away at him before putting him arm lock, Barnett quickly turns into a head scissors. They start kicking away at each other before Johnny knocks him down and puts on a sleeper.  Barnett is able to break it up with a suplex followed by a big spinning heel kick followed by another vicious German Suplex smashing Johnny face first as the referee ends the match.

Josh Barnett Defeated Johnny Bloodsport

Barnett got on the mic after and said Johnny is welcome back anytime and he owes him a rematch. Barnett starts plugging all the names for Bloodsport Bushido and hopes we can all make the trip to see it in Japan.

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