WWE 2024 Hall of Fame Notes: Big E Appears with New Day, The Rock Taunts Cody

Photo Courtesy: WWE

April 5, 2024
Wells Fargo Center – Philadelphia, PA

By: John Kleinchester


Host: Jackie Redmond & Corey Graves

Kickoff Show Fun Note:

  • Keith Lee accidentally walked into the background of a live interview with CM Punk



First Inductee: Paul Heyman

Inducted By: Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns came out and said that it’s ridiculous that he’s out there to cut a promo about the greatest to ever cut a promo, a man who’s about to come out and talk exclusively about himself for the first time ever. He said that “The Tribal Chief’ doesn’t happen without the wise man.

Heyman came out to the old WWECW theme and hugged Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, and Bubba Ray Dudley on his way to the ring.

Heyman received a “You deserve it” chant to which he started his speech with “You’re damn f*cking right I deserve it”. Heyman said that he was the beneficiary of mass praise for doing exactly what he wanted to do with his life. He referenced loving “professional wrestling” and said that only one person could drive the car out of chaos like Paul Levesque, whom he credited with leading more wrestlers to the main event than ever before. 

Heyman went on to say that he wished that his mother and father were there to see this. He then pivoted to Cody and said he wished that Dusty was there to see this as well to which Cody mouthed “Thank you, Paul”. Heyman then opened a box revealing a duster jacket, headset, old-school cell phone, and an ECW hat.

He then went full Paul E Dangerously and talked about how the wrestling industry sucked in 1993. He went on to say “If you think the spirit of ECW died in a bankruptcy court in 2001, you can s*ck my d*ck!”.  Heyman finished his speech saying “This is not a lifetime achievement award… YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!”

Second Inductee: Bull Nakano

Inducted By: Alundra Blayze

Bull Nakano said it had been a long time but finally, she was back. She said that even though she couldn’t speak English fully, pro wrestling was a universal language and when she was in the ring she felt alive. Nakano also thanked Luna Vachon for being there for her. Nakano then got emotional thanking the WWE Universe saying we will forever be connected through wrestling.  

Third Inductee: Muhammad Ali (via Lonnie Ali)

Inducted By: The Undertaker 

The Undertaker came out to help induct Muhammad Ali and introduced Lonnie Ali to officially induct Muhammad into the WWE Hall of Fame. 


Lonnie noted that Muhammad was known as the “People’s Champ” and in 1998, The Rock requested to use the monicker to which Muhammad agreed. Lonnie announced that she was pleased to announce a special title belt for The Rock called “The People’s Championship”. The Rock came out and accepted some boos but then graciously accepted. 


Third Inductee: Mike Rotunda & Barry Windham, The U.S. Express

Inducted By: Taylor & Mika Rotunda

Before Taylor and Mika even began, they acknowledged Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt should also be standing with them tonight. 

Mike & Barry talked about their storied history going back to WrestleMania I. At the end, Mike Rotunda, asked everyone to join him in honoring Windham aka Bray Wyatt.

Fourth Inductee: Thunderbolt Patterson

Inducted By: The New Day & Scott Spears

The New Day including Big E came out to introduce Thunderbolt Patterson who was accompanied by Scott Spears. Patterson came out in a wheelchair but rose out of it to hug Gerald Briscoe and JBL. 

Spears noted that Thunderbolt hadn’t been in a wrestling ring or in front of a wrestling audience in 31 years. Thunderbolt said “It’s time to stop killing and it’s time to be treated as you want to be treated”. 

Fifth Inductee: Lia Maivia

Inducted By: The Rock

Inducing his grandmother was “The Final Boss” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

At this point, The Rock mentioned Vince McMahon by name which elicited boos. At this point, The Rock identified Dusty Rhodes as one of his heroes, Dusty Rhodes. He turned around to face Cody who also stood up to face him. Rock said it’s not business, it’s personal and he would see him tomorrow night, eliciting a “Cody” chant from the crowd. 


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