Vince McMahon’s trainer comments on McMahon being ‘unable’ to attend WWE WrestleMania XL

Photo Courtesy: @mkslash1241

A message from Vince McMahon’s personal trainer. 

At the start of WWE WrestleMania XL night one, commentary dubbed the current state of WWE as the ‘Triple H/Paul Levesque’ era.

Levesque has fully taken over the creative aspect of the company. Former CEO Vince McMahon stepped away from his roles at WWE and TKO following Janel Grant filing a sex trafficking lawsuit against him and the company. 

Michael Monteforte, McMahon’s personal trainer, took to Instagram and posted a message about McMahon being ‘unable’ to attend his first WrestleMania. Here’s his post in full: 

Vince McMahon was unable to attend his first WrestleMania. How quickly people forget, that without his vision, there would be no Wrestling or WrestleMania. Sadly, when a person is down, the people who they say love you, turn their backs on you. 

Monteforte added the following in the comment section: 

Don’t judge a Man, without getting all the facts. Things aren’t always as they appear..

Janel Grant’s attorney, Ann Callis, guest appeared on the newest episode of Pollock x Thurston to speak about the lawsuit against McMahon and WWE. 

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