TKO & Endeavor buy over 3 million TKO shares from Vince McMahon

Photo Courtesy: CNBC

Nearly $300 million worth of stock. 

In an S.E.C. filing on 4/8, it was announced that former WWE and TKO executive, Vince McMahon, committed to selling over three million TKO shares to Endeavor and TKO. 

There were two agreements made and in total, the shares that TKO and Endeavor acquired amount to nearly $300 million. 

Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston noted that once the transactions close, McMahon will have 8,021,405 remaining TKO shares and will be down to owning 4.7 percent of TKO. 

McMahon resigned from his roles in January after former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a sex trafficking lawsuit against him and the company.

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