Big E reiterates that he’s a fan of Shingo Takagi, feels WWE is at a place where there could be talent exchange with NJPW

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E has always enjoyed Takagi’s work.

To cap off WWE’s WrestleMania weekend festivities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there was one more day of WWE World and there was a Fanatics Live signing hosted by Tyler Breeze and Big E. 

As their conversation moved along, Big E reiterated that he’s a fan of New Japan’s Shingo Takagi. He added that he thinks WWE is at a place now where there maybe could be a talent exchange with New Japan. 

My thoughts on New Japan? I enjoy New Japan, I always have. I love that wrestling is in a really great spot where people have a lot of different options. There’s a ton to watch, a ton of different styles. I love Shingo Takagi. I think he is very, very talented. There’s a ton of great talent in New Japan and I feel like New Japan has really greatly influenced a lot of the style of just modern U.S. wrestling. At least we all think we can make it in New Japan. A lot of us dream of doing a run in Japan, or doing a G1. But, it takes a toll on you from everything I hear and yeah, so… It’s really cool to see Shayna (Baszler) at Bloodsport. We’ve seen more — Regal’s son. I feel like now, we’re in an atmosphere where you might get to see a talent exchange between New Japan and WWE. That’d be cool.

Shayna Baszler and Charlie Dempsey were in action at GCW/Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport. In early 2024, Dempsey debuted for All Japan Pro Wrestling and challenged for the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship

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