POST PURORESU: In Memory of Akebono, Giulia at NXT, Windy City Riot Preview

Photos Courtesy: WWE, NJPW & AJPW

WH Park & Karen Peterson recap a variety of shows featuring Japanese talent during WrestleMania XL Week in Philadelphia, including the surprise appearance of Giulia at WWE events shortly after entering free agency on April 1st and with the rumored announcement of Rossy Ogawa’s new promotion within the next week.

They discuss the life and legacy of the late Akebono and his impact on the Japanese sports scene as a foreign athlete working in Japan.

Plus: Preview of NJPW’s Windy City Riot and AJPW’s upcoming Champions’ Carnival as well as updates to United Japan Pro-Wrestling’s ALL TOGETHER show in May.



Photos Courtesy: NJPW / AJPW / WWE

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