Sabu returns Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame deposit, GCW donates to a nonprofit

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Sabu has returned his Indie Hall of Fame money, and GCW has decided to put it towards a good cause.

Last weekend, Sabu no-showed his Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame appearance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. GCW’s Brett Lauderdale posted last Sunday that the former ECW talent “decided to keep his deposit” for the event and not appear.

Later in the week, Sabu stated that he “changed his mind” about attending and Lauderdale mentioned that he had “no hard feelings about the scenario.” It seemed as if the Sabu and Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame story had reached its end, but it did not.

Lauderdale posted on Thursday evening, mentioning that Sabu decided to return the $300 deposit that he was given for the event. “I appreciate the gesture & want to thank/reiterate my respect for Sabu.”

GCW’s Lauderdale then announced that he put the money toward the William Way LGBT Community Center, a “resource and hub for the LGBT+ community” in Philadelphia since 1974, per their website.

Sabu, a legendary wrestler, was inducted alongside The Briscoes, Mercedes Martinez, Steve Corino, Trent Acid, and others. You can watch the entire ceremony here.

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