X-Men ‘97 Episode 6 Review | MCU L8R

X-Men ‘97 Episode 6 Review | MCU L8R
Photo Courtesy: Marvel Animation

Rich Fann and WH Park return as a dynamic duo to review Marvel Animation’s X-Men ‘97 Episode 6: “Lifedeath Part 2”.

Rich and WH discuss the spectacular retelling of Storm’s story arc, the ramifications of having the sassiest mutant in the universe as a leader, and the question of what happens now for the X-Men. Additionally, instead of Morph playing in our faces this week, they discussed the cameos in the Shi’ar Showdown (™).

In MCNews, the Marvel Comics debut of an MCU character gives cause for celebration, Kevin Feige’s involvement in “the great Kamala mutant decision” is revisited, “Hellverine”?? and thoughts on Fantastic Four’s rumored “fatigue-friendly” story are discussed. Hellbit!

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