Drew McIntyre confirms he is working through elbow injury

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Drew McIntyre posted a video on social media on Sunday confirming that he is working despite carrying an injury.

McIntyre just wrapped the last date of the WWE spring European tour when he made the clip.

He mostly speaks in character, but confirms a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider that he is carrying an injury. Johnson reported the cause as a hyperextended elbow that occurred during his match with Seth Rollins at WrestleMania XL on Sunday, April 7th.

In the relevant part of his comments, McIntyre stated as he raised his elbow to the camera, “Yeah, the internet is telling the truth. I’ve said it in interviews already, I am hurt, but I keep pushing through.”

He also, in character, addressed why he did not leave the ring at WrestleMania as soon as he won the World Heavyweight Championship to avoid the risk of a Money in the Bank cash-in. His comments in full:

All right, I just finished my last match of this European tour, the most successful European tour ever. The last match is going on in the ring right now, and there’s a question that’s been bothering me since Mania: why didn’t you just leave, Drew?

Why didn’t you just leave? Let me break it down for you. This is everything I’ve ever worked for for over 20 years. This was my moment and I’ve earned it. I’m sorry that I just want to soak in every single second of it at WrestleMania and make the World Title moment last an eternity.

I want to celebrate with my wife who’s been through hell, my family who have sacrificed so much. All my fans have been through so much, 70,000 of them chanting, “You deserve it.”

Sorry for that. And I saw Punk. And I admit I did get carried away, I got a little freaky on the table, but I told him I was gonna rub the title in his stupid face.

And like I’ve said already, but I guess it’s worth repeating for those who hear but don’t listen: I’m a man of my word. I was within striking distance on purpose.

And he didn’t raise one finger till I was distracted and assaulted me like the coward that he is. Some of you support him despite that incident. And the amount of proof over the years proving what kind of selfish monster that idiot is.

So for those who asked why didn’t I just leave, if you ever amount to anything, just remember by your own logic, you’re not allowed to enjoy the moment.

Don’t get carried away now, don’t let that adrenaline consume you. Don’t do what you literally promised you were gonna do prior.

And then you go ahead and do it ‘cause others might just have an issue and ask stupid questions like why didn’t you just walk away?

And yeah, the Internet is telling the truth.

I’ve said it in interviews already, I am hurt, but I keep pushing through ‘cause I’m not a pathetic coward, little bitch like CM Punk.

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