Jey Uso believes WrestleMania 40 match ‘let people down’

Image Courtesy: WWE

Jey Uso doesn’t believe that his Wrestlemania 40 match with brother Jimmy Uso lived up to the expectations.

In a recent interview with Gorilla Position, Uso mentioned that his brother versus brother match in Philadelphia earlier this month didn’t work out the way he had hoped.

Acknowledging that the bout didn’t tap into emotion as much as they wanted and also claiming that the performance had to be shortened due to other matches going long, Uso said that he felt they “let people down.”

“I wanted to go out there and have a straight up banger, too,” Uso said in the interview. “I wanted to do the wrestling part, but let alone make sure the emotion part is there [as well]. It was just a time issue, uce. You know what I’m saying? You just got to play your position on the team. That’s what happened.”

Uso clarified that he was told another match went over their scheduled time, forcing their bout to last shorter than expected. Despite the match not delivering, Uso still believes there were big positives to take away from such a moment with his brother.

“I’m still happy though, uce,” he said. “I got a singles match on Wrestlemania with my brother, that’s the big picture. So I’m going to always have me and him in the faceoff at Wrestlemania. I’m going to frame a picture. It’s marked off our box. I just wish we could have went ham the way I know we can.”

Uso went a total of 11 minutes against Jimmy, earning the win in the end. With the high-profile match in the rearview mirror, he now has his attention set on an upcoming WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Damian Priest. After winning a #1 contender match earlier this month, Uso will meet Priest at WWE Backlash in France.

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