Darby Allin details being struck by bus

Photo Courtesy: Lee South

Over the weekend, Allin revealed he was in an accident. 

As Darby Allin is sidelined with a broken foot, he shared on his Instagram page that while in New York City, he was crossing the street and struck by a bus. Allin posted a photo of himself with artist Raymond Pettibon. 

He guest appeared on a new episode of The Daly Migs Show and opened up about the incident. Allin stated that Pettibon began jaywalking. He added that Pettibon is 66 years of age and not able to walk well.

When he noticed the bus taking a right turn, he assumed that the driver would not be able to see Raymond walking, considering it was dark outside. Allin was trying to move Pettibon along, but stated that the bus made the turn and was moving almost 10 miles per hour. As he was pushing Pettibon out of the way, his face bounced off the side of the bus window. 

Allin added that his nose is ‘definitely’ broken. He suffered his broken foot injury at AEW Big Business in March.

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