Ricochet becomes inaugural WWE Speed Champion

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Ricochet has defeated Johnny Gargano to become the first WWE Speed Champion.

Gargano was defeated with the Recoil, followed by the Lethal Injection.


Ricochet made his way to today’s final after defeating Dragon Lee and JD McDonagh. Gargano had beaten Bronson Reed and Angel to advance.

No sooner had Ricochet held up the title than it was announced that a number-one contender’s tournament would begin on May 8th.

Apollo Crews will face Ivar, and Tyler Bate will go up against Berto. The winners of those matches will face each other for the right to become Ricochet’s first challenger.

WWE Speed is part of an exclusive deal with social media company X, formerly Twitter. The preliminary matches had a three-minute time limit, with today’s final given five minutes. The matches are taped before episodes of Raw and SmackDown go to air.

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