WWE & AEW Business Metrics for March & April 2024

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Over the past two months, WWE has continued riding its hot streak between the lead-up and fallout from WrestleMania 40.

The company was riding a consecutive sellout streak for its televised events, which did come to a halt but has not displayed a slowdown in business. It had an exceptional four-show tour of Europe, which was highlighted by selling over 16,000 tickets to the O2 Arena and generated a gate of over $1.1 million.

AEW kicked off March with one of its strongest pay-per-views ever with Revolution. The card featured Sting’s retirement with Wrestlenomics revealing that the show grossed over $1 million in ticket sales with the pay-per-view buys estimated at approximately 180,000 – its third-highest total.

However, AEW has been affected by its live event performance over the past two months as the brand has cooled off in that sector despite Dynamite’s television audience remaining healthy and consistently near the top of Wednesday’s cable rankings.

Both sides are combating the increased sports competition from the NBA & NHL playoffs, which will intensify over the next month as they approach the finals.

We have tabulated the results for March & April with analysis of television viewership in the U.S. and Canada, and live attendance estimates through data extracted from Wrestlenomics, WrestleTix, Wrestling Observer, and POST Wrestling.


Average viewership
April: 1,841,000
Canadian viewership: 303,000 (excluding one episode on OLN)

March: 1,704,000
Canadian viewership: 314,000 

Average 18-49 viewership

April: 797,000
March: 735,000

April: 12,670
March: 13,800


Average viewership
April: 2,395,000
Canada: 251,000 (excluding one episode on OLN)

March: 2,317,000
Canada: 265,000

Average 18-49 viewership
April: 902,000
March: 852,000

April: 14,700
March: 11,400


Average viewership
April: 628,000
Canada: 80,000

March: 601,000
Canada: 79,000

Average 18-49 viewership
April: 237,000
March: 221,000

AEW Dynamite

Average viewership
April: 755,000
Canada: 111,000

March: 782,000
Canada: 131,000

Average 18-49 viewership
April: 338,000
March 343,000

April: 3,100
March: 4,700

AEW Collision

Average viewership
April: 503,000 (464,000 without the April 28 episode)
March: 433,000

Average 18-49 viewership
April: 208,000 (183,000 without the April 28 episode)
March: 163,000

April: 2,800
March: 3,300

The April 28 episode of Collision aired immediately after the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat playoff game and provided a gigantic lead-in, which had a big impact on the opening minutes of the broadcast.

AEW Rampage

Average viewership
April: 313,000
March: 385,000 (347,000 without March 20 episode)

Average 18-49 viewership
April: 123,000
March: 166,000 (149,000 without March 20 episode)

In March, there was one episode of Rampage that aired on Wednesday immediately after Dynamite. This skewed the average and we have included both for comparison.  

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