Ricky Starks provides update: ‘I’m not injured’

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

After more than a month off television, many have wondered about the status of AEW’s Ricky Starks.

The last on-air appearance from Starks saw him and Big Bill get eliminated from the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament by Top Flight. The finish to the match raised some concern, as it seemed like Starks might have suffered a legitimate injury during the finishing sequence.

It hasn’t helped that Bill, the tag partner of Starks, has seemingly moved onto a singles program as a trainee under Chris Jericho and his time as a tag wrestler has largely been ignored as of late.

So, what’s up with Starks? According to the experienced AEW talent, he’s not hurt.

On Monday, PWInsider reported that Starks was backstage at an AEW taping last week for a medical evaluation. Starks elaborated on this in a social media post, claiming that the evaluation had nothing to do with a potential injury. “Yeah because everyone had to do their annual physical,” he replied.

If the first post didn’t make it clear what Starks was insinuating, he spelled things out with his next message.

“To ease anyone’s mind, I’m not injured,” he said on X. “Never was. Pick another narrative pleaseeeee.”

April was the first time since mid-2021 that Starks went more than a month without an in-ring appearance. He had a tag title reign earlier this year alongside Bill, holding the titles until a February loss to Darby Allin and Sting on Dynamite.

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