Tony Khan says he doesn’t plan to wrestle for AEW

Photo Courtesy: AEW

It was an unusual sight two weeks ago to witness AEW’s Tony Khan on TV and involved in an angle. Even more unseen was him taking part in a wrestling spot, getting struck in the gut by Jack Perry and later piledriven by The Young Bucks.

After taking bumps in the ring, you might wonder if Khan will go all the way in and wrestle a match in AEW. This question was posed to him when speaking with Cincinnati radio program Cincy 360 earlier this week. As of right now, the answer from Khan is a strong no.

“AEW is where the best wrestle and we mean that,” he said to Cincy 360. “And that’s why I want to make sure the fans get the best matches, the best action. And in this case, I’m not the best person to pay those people back. I think there’s a lot of things I’m good at behind the scenes, but somebody else is going to go have to avenge what those guys did not only to me but Kenny Omega.”

Khan hasn’t been afraid to help participate in storylines as of late. The top AEW name made headlines during NFL Draft week, as he was seen in the Jacksonville Jaguars war room wearing a neck brace to sell the moves he sustained during a taping of Dynamite. While he is willing to take moves and be on TV, he won’t go as far as to step into the ring toe-to-toe with a wrestler.

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