Billy Corgan would love an NWA/WWE NXT crossover on The CW

Photo Courtesy: WWE

Corgan has nothing but good feelings towards WWE. 

Beginning in October 2024, WWE’s NXT program is moving from USA Network to The CW as part of a five-year deal

NXT is going to be joining The CW’s sports portfolio that currently includes content from the National Wrestling Alliance and a reality series centered around the organization’s owner, Billy Corgan. 

That reality series is up on The CW app and to promote it, Corgan spoke with multiple outlets, one of which is He said he loves the idea of an NXT/NWA crossover on the network. 

I would love that (NWA & NXT crossover on The CW). With NXT coming, we respect that. WWE is a huge, huge company. We’ve seen recently where they are reaching out to some independents. They worked recently, of course, with TNA. I would love to work with the WWE but we (are not) sort of thinking (about) it in the sense like we’re waiting for the phone to ring, but I would love to work with them.

I’ve certainly interacted with them through the years. Both before I was in wrestling and then of course, now being in wrestling. They’ve always treated me great. I have nothing bad to say about them. They’re a class organization through and through as far as how they treat people like myself. My experience has been so positive. I have nothing but good feelings towards them.

Elsewhere on the topic of WWE broadcast rights, SmackDown is returning to USA Network in September. The network will have both Raw and SmackDown until Raw moves to Netflix in January 2025.

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