Yasuo Okamoto appointed as President & Representative Director of CyberFight, wants to ‘strengthen relationship with WWE’

Photo Courtesy: CyberFight

Some changes within CyberFight. 

In 2020, CyberFight, a subsidiary of CyberAgent was established. Under the CyberFight umbrella are the following promotions: Pro Wrestling NOAH, DDT Pro-Wrestling and Tokyo Joshi Pro. 

There was a press conference held on 5/16 and a shake-up was made to the infrastructure. Yasuo Okamoto is replacing Sanshiro Takagi as President and Representative Director of CyberFight. He’ll officially assume his role on June 1st. Okamoto expressed his gratitude to Takagi for his leadership. 

During the press conference, it was stated that one of the target goals is to ‘strengthen relationship with WWE.’

Okamoto has been a part of CyberAgent dating back to the year 2000. Below are the list of positions he’s held within the company since he joined: 

  • General Manager of Internet Advertising (2007)
  • Director (2008)
  • Managing Director (2010)
  • Senior Managing Director (2014)
  • Director & Executive Vice President (October 2020)
  • Executive Vice President (December 2020)

Sanshiro Takagi will continue managing DDT Pro-Wrestling. As for Pro Wrestling NOAH, it’ll continue to be overseen by Narihiro Takeda and Naomichi Marufuji. Keiji Muto is going to be working for NOAH as a Scouting Advisor.

The CyberFight Board of Directors are listed as follows: 

  • President & Representative Director: Yasuo Okamoto
  • Executive Vice President: Sanshiro Takagi
  • Executive Vice President: Naomichi Marufuji
  • Director: Narihiro Takeda
  • Director: Akito Nishigaki
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