Cody Rhodes regrets not having Shawn Spears in the ring for WWE Title win celebration at WrestleMania XL

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Rhodes shared a story from The Undertaker’s surprise appearance. 

It’s been nearly two months since the main event of WrestleMania XL night two took place. Cody Rhodes put an end to Roman Reigns’ run as Undisputed WWE Champion which kicked off in the summer of 2020

After the match, the likes of Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque, Bruce Prichard, Rhodes’ family, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, L.A. Knight, CM Punk, John Cena and Randy Orton joined the ring to celebrate with Rhodes. 

Rhodes told The Babyfaces Podcast that the only person he regrets not having in the ring is Shawn Spears. He feels he would not be where he is without Spears and called him a blessing to the wrestling business. He added that he’s glad to see Spears in NXT. 

You mentioned Shawn Spears. So Shawn Spears, during the Deuce-Domino-Cherry, during this rivalry, I had no fundamental experience. I couldn’t tell you a top wrist lock from a double quarter. I had no fundamentals. But they didn’t mind because they were teaching me from the story perspective first. That’s how Al (Snow) would like to teach and Shawn was there to lead me through it, and he does not get enough credit from me for how special he is. He is the only person that I regret I didn’t have in the ring after WrestleMania because I saw him that day and we just took a picture together and he was just like he always was. He knew what this day was, he knew it was big and the opportunity to go and I could take it all if I wanted to and gosh dude, I wouldn’t be where I’m at without Shawn Spears. He is a blessing to the business and I am so glad to see him in NXT.

Speaking about the match itself, Rhodes shared a moment from when The Undertaker joined the fray. He said Undertaker rolled into the ring at a speed that a Ricochet or Chad Gable would. Before the lights cut out to signal the WWE Hall of Famer’s exit, he winked at Rhodes. Cody called it one of the most special things ever. 

I got a little kind of secret about that spot (at WrestleMania XL) that I’ve never actually shared so here’s a first-time, some breaking news: When the blackout happens on TV, it’s completely dark. When the blackout happens in the arena, your eyes are adjusted to where you actually can see kind of what’s going on in the ring and so, the gong hits, the place loses their mind. Roman (Reigns) has leveled me prior to this. So I’m just kind of laying there almost dead to rights. Hanging on, trying to catch my breath. But I saw, out of the corner of my eye, The Undertaker roll in the ring at a speed that was like a Ricochet would roll in the ring, a Chad Gable would roll in the ring, a speed that if anyone’s wondering, oh, I wonder if it’s still there. Oh my gosh, it was like a lion. Legit like watching a lion who’d been sleeping on the rock all day and then he just went out and did it but, when he chokeslams The Rock, I got to make eye contact with him ever so briefly and I think he maybe wanted to have a moment, maybe not. I could be overestimating my importance to The Undertaker here. But, he winked at me. He winked at me and then the lights went out and it was like legitimate magic had just happened… All the times he struck people with lightning, all the times — he did it. It’s literally just as he gave me a nice (wink), the lights went out and I couldn’t believe it and it’s, to me, one of the most special things ever. He’s told this story before: I didn’t sleep the night after WrestleMania. I left him a rambling, good four-minute voice memo about just what that night meant to me and him showing up to be part of my crew was unbelievable.

Coming up this weekend, Rhodes is going to have his second televised defense of the Undisputed WWE Title. He’ll be defending against United States Champion Logan Paul at the King and Queen of the Ring P.L.E. in Saudi Arabia. 

WWE is looking to expand their deal with Saudi Arabia, as said by TKO and Endeavor President Mark Shapiro. To read more on that, click here

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