GCW The Sunday Night Special: Nick Gage & Ruckus vs. The Mane Event

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GCW The Sunday Night Special
May 19, 2024
The Mecca
Ridgefield Park, New Jersey

Match Recommendations: 

Matt Makowski vs. AKIRA
John Wayne Murdoch vs. Manders 

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Grim Reefer

Tag Team Match: Bang and Matthews vs. Hunter Drake and Brayden Toon 

Drake and Matthews started the match with some chain wrestling. Matthews was able to get the standing switch into the front face lock, but Drake quickly got out of it with a side headlock of his own. Matthews took Drake off his feet with a shoulder tackle, but Drake responded with a dropkick into a second rope rana, sending Matthews crashing into the corner. Drake went to the top and hit him with a missile dropkick, then made the tag to Brayden Toon.

Bang and Toon locked up, with Toon getting the advantage right away with his strength and agility. He sent Bang crashing into the corner with a dropkick of his own and a series of kick combinations, followed by a second rope moonsault onto Bang for the first near fall of the night. Bang broke free and kicked Toon in the back of the head as Matthews returned to the ring. They hit Toon with a combination tag move, and Toon tagged out to Drake, who fell to an assisted Fameasser for another near fall. Matthews hit Drake with a snap suplex into another Fameasser for yet another near fall.

Matthews leveled Drake with a series of chops and uppercuts. Bang and Matthews continued to beat down Drake with repeated tandem offensive moves while Toon was chomping at the bit to get back into the ring to assist his partner. Drake turned Matthews inside out with a neckbreaker as both men made the hot tags to their partners. Toon ran wild on Bang with a neckbreaker followed by a standing shooting star press, but it was only good for a two-count. Drake connected with a big forearm shot on Matthews, but Matthews reversed the whip, resulting in Bang spearing Drake.

Bang and Matthews went for the Quadstomp, but Toon moved out of the way and hit them both with a cutter. Drake came back in and hit a top rope moonsault, wiping out both Bang and Matthews. They rolled to the floor, and Drake used Toon as a launch pad, ending up in the second row of fans. Toon then took to the air himself and hit a bottom rope moonsault. Toon and Drake hit a double underhook piledriver and a Code Red, but it still wasn’t enough to put away Bang and Matthews.

Drake went to the top rope but was knocked off. Bang and Matthews hit dives to the floor and went for the Quadstomp on Drake, connecting with it, followed by the SpearsTower into a 450 for the victory.

Bang and Matthews Defeated Brayden Toon and Hunter Drake

Commentary: Mance Warner and Dave Prazak 

Singles Match: Cole Radrick vs. The MECCA

MECCA backed Radrick up in the corner and talked trash in Radrick’s face. MECCA hit Radrick in the back with an elbow and continued to toy with him. Radrick fired up and responded with a series of punches, followed by ten punches in the corner. Radrick ducked a clothesline and continued to fire away at MECCA with more punches, taking him down with a shoulder tackle. Radrick went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but MECCA hooked the leg, dropped Cole on the back of his head, and lit him up in the corner with a series of chops.

MECCA locked in a Boston Crab, but Cole was able to make it to the bottom rope at the last second. They took each other down with a double clothesline as the match reset. They both got back up to their feet and traded punches. Radrick was able to create some separation and hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle into an attempted springboard stunner, but MECCA caught him and locked him in an abdominal stretch. Cole went for a 619, but MECCA blocked it and locked in the Boston Crab once again. Cole made it to the ropes and hit a springboard stunner into the Lil Sebastian’s Curse for the pin and the win.

Cole Radrick Defeated The MECCA

Post Match: Mance tried to jump Cole Radrick but Cole saw it coming and dropped Mance. Cole went to the floor and grabbed a chair as Mace begged off, Cole went to hit him but Mance hit him with a low blow and stabbed him in the head. Allie Katch ran to the ring to make the save for Cole Radrick. 

Commentary: Grim Reefer and Dave Prazak

Singles Match: AKIRA vs. Matt Makowski

This was the match of the weekend, incredible chain wrestling and hard-hitting action from these two, straight out of Ring of Honor in the early 2000s. 

The two strikers shook hands before taking the fight to the mat, going hold for hold. They tried to tie each other up in various submissions. AKIRA locked in a leg lock, but Makowski managed to get out of it and picked AKIRA’s ankle, only to fall victim to one himself. They got back to a standing position. Matt connected with a leg kick, but AKIRA checked a second kick and took him down with a fireman’s carry, locking in a cravat.

They kept going back and forth with their chain wrestling until Matt rocked AKIRA with a succession of forearm shots and overhand chops. AKIRA fired up and unloaded on Makowski with some chops of his own, then connected with a forearm and back elbow combination, dropping Makowski to a seated position for a hesitation dropkick in the corner. AKIRA hit a bridging Northern Lights Suplex for a two count and transitioned into an attempted cross-arm breaker.

They got back up to a standing position with AKIRA in control of Matt’s arm. AKIRA kicked him a couple of times in the leg, but Makowski dropped down, applied body scissors, and leveraged him into a pinfall attempt. AKIRA was rocked in the side of his head with a kick, followed by a series of kicks to his chest. AKIRA’s chest was bleeding from the chops that Makowski laid into him. AKIRA locked in a leg lock from outside the ring and tossed Matt over his head with a suplex. AKIRA fired up and hit him with a big tope, followed by repeated shots to Matt’s arm.

Matt fired up and leveled AKIRA with a butterfly suplex into a running knee strike, but AKIRA was still able to kick out at the last second. They each hit each other with big suplexes, with AKIRA landing the final strike by sending Matt back first into the turnbuckle. AKIRA went to the top rope, but Matt was able to knock him off the top rope and land a series of strikes. They battled on the top rope, with AKIRA hitting a second rope driver for a close near fall. AKIRA locked in a wrist lock, but Matt scooped him up, slammed him on the back of his head, and leveled him with a kick to the back of his head for the victory.

Matt Makowski Defeated AKIRA 

Singles Match: John Wayne Murdoch vs. 1 Called Manders 

John Wayne Murdoch had his thumb taped up to mock Zilla Fatu. He went for the spike, but Manders no-sold it and started stomping away on Murdoch in the corner. Murdoch went to the floor, where he was hit across the back and midsection with a steel chair. Murdoch tried to beg off, but Manders didn’t care and hit him again with the chair across the back.

Manders grabbed a staple gun, but Murdoch wrestled it away and stapled Manders’ back and armpit before putting a plastic bag over Manders’ head. Murdoch chopped Manders and sent him back into the ring, then put on Manders’ hat and vest to mock him further. Manders fired up but was quickly stopped by a forearm from Murdoch, who stomped on Manders’ hand to add insult to injury.

Murdoch was backdropped onto a pile of chairs, which sent him reeling into the corner. Manders moved in to inflict more punishment, but Murdoch hit him in the groin and across the head with a steel chair. Murdoch attempted a Brainbuster, but Manders muscled out of it and dropped him across the top rope. They traded forearm shots in the center of the ring, and Manders fired up with a big clothesline that was only good for a two-count.

Manders went outside and retrieved a door, then stapled Murdoch’s arm and testicles. He set up a door bridge in the center of the ring and went to powerslam Murdoch through the door, but Murdoch got out of it and locked in a Koji Clutch. Manders bit his way out of the hold as they traded big forearm shots again. Manders set up Murdoch on the top rope for a superplex, but Murdoch fought out of it and hit the Deep South Destroyer through the door for the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch Defeated Manders 

Commentary: Dave Prazak and Brett Lauderdale 

Three-on-two handicap Match: Parrow, Charles Mason, and Richard Holliday vs. Brandon Kirk and Kasey Catal 

All three members of the Rich and Powerful beat Brandon down. Parrow went to choke him with a chain, but Kasey wrestled it out of his hands and hit him with a low bridge, sending him to the floor. Catal took Richard to the floor with a rana and lit Mason up with a series of forearms. Mason turned the tables and worked over Kasey in the corner, tagging in Holliday frequently to further beat her down. Kasey was able to make the tag to Brandon, who ran wild on Richard and Mason. Brandon tried to hook Richard with the Psycho Driver, but Parrow spat in his face and returned to the ring to beat him down. Kirk fired up and mounted some offense against Holliday but was dropped with a back elbow. Each took the other down with a double clothesline. They both crawled to their corners and made the hot tags. Kasey ran wild for a little bit, but they stopped her momentum with some tandem offense before she fired up and attempted a Death Valley Driver on Mason. Kasey hit Parrow with a rana followed by a Death Valley Driver for a close near fall. Kirk took Mason to the floor with a big clothesline. Parrow mistimed a kick and hit Holliday. Kasey kicked Parrow in the balls, and Brandon hit him with a cutter for the victory.

Brandon Kirk and Kasey Catal Defeated Parrow, Charles Mason, and Richard Holliday 

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Broski Jimmy

Oliver hit Lloyd with a big boot to start the match, sending Jimmy to the floor looking for a timeout. Jimmy returned to the ring and choked Oliver on the bottom rope. Lloyd applied a chin lock, but Oliver fought out of it and hit him with a sunset flip for a close near fall. They continued to trade near falls, with Jimmy hitting a Falcon Arrow, but Oliver was able to kick out. Lloyd was caught with a Kleopatra for a near fall, and then Oliver hit Jimmy with a combination of kicks and chops. Oliver tried to hit Jimmy with a suplex, but Lloyd blocked it, only to get hit with a German suplex, which dumped him on the back of his head. Lloyd blocked a Boston Crab. Oliver called for the Cloutcutter, but the ref was pulled in front of him, giving Jimmy the opening to low blow Oliver. Jimmy went for Radio Silence, but it was reversed as Oliver locked him in the Boston Crab. Lloyd tried to make it to the ropes, but Oliver wrenched back before he eventually got to the bottom rope. Oliver hit a big moonsault to the floor, rolled Jimmy back into the ring, and went to the top rope, but Jimmy took away Oliver’s balance and met him up on the top rope. Jimmy went for a second-rope bulldog, but Oliver planted him with a second-rope sit-out powerbomb for another two-count. Lloyd fired up and hit the Radio Silence, but Oliver was again able to kick out. Lloyd grabbed his championship belt and went to hit Oliver with it, but Oliver caught him with the Cloutcutter for the victory.

Jordan Oliver Defeated Broski Jimmy Lloyd 

Main Event: Nick Gage and Ruckus vs. The Mane Event

All four men started brawling on the floor. Gage ran Lyon’s head into the ring post and chopped Black; he held them in position as Ruckus came from the ring with a twisting press. Ruckus and Gage hit a double team suplex on Black, followed by a flapjack to Lyon on Black. Gage and Ruckus went under the ring and brought out some chairs. Lyon and Black caught them with a dropkick and set up the Flyin Lyon on Nick Gage. Ruckus missed with a steel chair shot and was planted on the apron by Lyon, then hit with a top rope double stomp from Black. Lyon got a close near fall on Ruckus as Gage returned to the ring. Black returned to save his partner, and they hit Gage with a head kick, but Gage responded with a series of back elbows. Gage rushed in but was hit with a double drop toe hold into a steel chair, followed by a chair-assisted moonsault. Lyon hit the Lionsault on Ruckus as Black attempted to come off the top rope with a dive, but Gage knocked him off and caught him with an STO. Ruckus hit the Razzle Dazzle on Mane Event as Gage Sabu’d them for good measure. Lyon hit a chair-assisted head kick on Gage but didn’t go for the cover. Mane Event set up a door bridge in the center of the ring. They set Ruckus up on the door, but Black crashed and burned. Gage hit Lyon with the chokebreaker for the victory.

Nick Gage and Ruckus Defeated Mane Event 

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